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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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October 2, 1996

Meeting called to order at 4:03 pm.


Roll Call: Senators: Amber Anderson (3-0) Michael Mellen (3-0) Jim Jacobson (2-1) Steve Janssen (3-0-1) Peni Blakley 3-0) Mark Distel (3-0) Jason Kocina (3-0) Labu Sharma (1-2) Kris Hammes (2-1) Dana Akemann ((3-0) Kerry Weir ( 3-0) Scott Perowitz (3-0) Matt Harmon (3-0) Shakil Hossain (0-3) Joy Islam (1-2) Amy Arenz (2-1) Staff: President Tony Hanson (3-0) Vice President Francis Klinkner (3-0)

I. Student Forum

A. Jim Polomsky

I am a Graduate student, recruiting for the Judicial Board, we need student representatives. Further information: 2.30 GPA, currently enrolled, no discipline w/in past year. Need student members, talk to Tony for more information.

B. Brent Glass

Chair of MSUSA, meet people and members of the Senate. Update...Voter registration, town meeting: large gathering of over 200 people at Metro State. Asked to talk about sky rocketing cost of tuition! 90% responded. Mainly talking about liberal education and technical education. Tuesday, Higher Ed service, preliminary suggestions, hearing on October 22 at 4-6pm on fifth floor of the world trade center. These people decide the type of state grant program. MSUSA has recommendations, need people to attend the hearing. Pell grant has gone up to 2,700 dollars for people who need the money, work study went up, Perkins went up, SSIT went up, direct loan went up! Will create a surplus of money in the state. Coalition for Voter registration drive, get students registered, create database list, opportunity to empower the students. Campus, congressional district & state district. Debate on Oct. 30, Wellstone, Boschwitz, Barkley specifically on higher Ed issues. Panel of only students asking questions. Write a letter to the editor to get Boschwitz to show up. Questions, Pres. Hanson has information to get in touch with me.

C. Matt Chase

Reminder: looking for students for committees dealing with education. Penny Fellowship Board positions open. Community service scholarship. Raise pots to pay for service. Does own fundraising, and determines qualifications for receipt of award. So far 67 have been given out. One student from MSU has received membership. Thank you.

II. Presentations

A. Ed Twedt

Retired, running for city council. No opposition. You are people who reside in this ward, and I will represent you in this ward. Hope no write in. Would like to meet on a regular basis with leaders after elected.

Vice Pres. Klinkner: I heard from families that live by Wiecking building that they want their on street parking back. Would it be possible to accommodate those citizens and still keep College students out.

Ed Twedt: I live in the area. Provide permit parking for people in the neighborhood. Banned parking on street in the area. Restricted by citizens, worth pursuing. Tend to listen first. Do homework on successfulness on how it's done elsewhere.

III. Approval of agenda and minutes

Speaker Bakke: Any changes to agenda

Senator Harmon: Is it acceptable to add appointments to Presidents reports

Speaker Bakke: No it doesn't mater. No further changes, agenda accepted.

President: Move to accept minutes on 9/18/96

Senator Anderson: Second

Senator Harmon: Typos?

Speaker: Any other non clerical changes on minutes, all in favor of approving minutes as corrected. Minutes passed.

IV. Officer Reports

A. President Hanson

Report In writing

Speaker Bakke: Any questions for the Presidents report?

Senator Jacobson: What about the under grad book only being handed out once, does it make sense?

President Hanson: Makes sense because of costs.

Senator Jacobson: Will it be made available to Freshmen

President Hanson: Yes, at no cost. Make sure not charging people to get bulletins

Speaker: Anymore questions? Seeing none moving on to appointments

President Hanson: APPOINTMENTS

Speaker: No objections, all approved

Proxy Drganc: Appointments mainly being from a small group of people and not getting other people involved

VP Klinkner: No response from the ad in Reporter

Proxy Drganc: Create a Committee with people with friends or other solution by getting more people to get involved.

B. Vice President Klinkner

Voter Registration is going well. So far we have registered 100 students and by the end of next week expect to have 1000. My goal was to have 3000 students registered by Oct. 15, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Speaker: questions for VP Klinkner, seeing none moving on.

C. Speaker Bakke

After thanking the Senate for his position and relating a story from the "Speaker's Treasury of Political Stories, Ancedotes & Humor" by Gerald Tomlinson, Bakke spoke on the need and proper use of Robert's Rules of Order.

RSO's recognized: Accounting Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Christians in Action, Lutheran Campus Ministry, Biology Club, Student Nurses Association, Panhellenic Council, Delta Phi Epsilon, Students for Environmental Awareness, Mankato Area Astronomy Association, Council to Reform MSUSA, Lambda Pi Eta, Delta Sigma Pi, Interior Design Student Association.

VP Klinkner: any questions for Speaker Bakke, seeing none, moving on

V. Senator Reports

Speaker: any reports at this time, none.

VI. Committee & Staff

A. Academic Affairs

We are creating a new committee to serve the interests of the students and their concerns with semester conversion. It is called the Semester conversion student concerns committee. I need people to join this group so we can get it moving. Tell everyone you know, because we need the people and we need to start meeting immediately.

Senator Harmon: Name for committee

Coordinator Janssen: Semester conversion student concerns

B. Student Affairs

Beginning the Senior Salute and we need people. This is a great chance to get out and meet your constituents. Sign up on the sheet going around Senate if you are interested.

Senator Jacobson: What does this involve?

Coordinator Anderson: To help the seniors to graduate in time for graduation.

C. Cultural Diversity

Report in Writing

Speaker: any questions, since none - move on

D. Elections Committee

Campaigning started on Tuesday, but haven't seen any posters yet. List of seats open. All the positions that are open, get people to file, deadline is Friday and elections are on Tuesday.

Speaker: Any questions, none, moving on


First meeting on Monday, openings on RHA body. New people have great ideas, try something new with committee coordinator. If know anyone to get involved with the residential halls, yield to question.

Speaker: any questions, seeing none moving on

F. Any Other


At least one opening on the committee, still recruiting. If know of anyone, get them involved. Last week four senators were reported to committee, two have resigned, two want to keep their seat. Avoid problems that will lead to fitness hearings.

Speaker: any questions, none, any other reports, none, moving on

VII. Old Business

XIII. New Business

Senator Harmon: Move that senate adopt as a standing rule that rules of debate also apply under student forum. Senator Perowitz: seconded

Senator Harmon: good idea to keep personal remarks out of the meeting completely. Don't want open forum to turn into attacks at other members.

President Hanson: like it to be left up to the senator acting on constituency not personal beliefs, left up to discretion of senate

Senator Blakley: Rules of debate, motions can be made out of open forum

Senator. Harmon: without objection I would like to amend motion to that senate adopt rules of de quorum for debate.

President Hanson: where are rules of de quorum found?

Speaker: Without objection I will read where they are found in Robert's Rules of order pg. 42: Debate must be confined to the merits of the pending question. Speakers must address their remarks to the chair, maintain a courteous tone, and -- especially in reference to any divergence of opinion -- should avoid injecting a personal note into debate. To this end, they must never attack or make any allusion to the motives of member. As already noted, speakers should refer to officers only by title, and should avoid the mention of other members' names as much as possible. Any one in the assembly know of what I have left out?

Senator Blakley: Yield

Proxy Drganc: Don't see how necessary, since still in meeting, don't see how it would apply.

Senator Harmon: I believe speaker already explained this

Speaker: pg. 357 Robert's Rules of Order: Good of the order, general good and welfare, or open forum. This heading, included by some types of societies in their order of business, refers to the general welfare of the organization, and may vary in character. Under this heading (in contrast to the general parliamentary rule that allows discussion only with reference to a pending motion), members who obtain the floor commonly are permitted to offer informal observations regarding the work of the organization, the public reputation of the society or its membership, or the like. Certain types of announcements may tend to fall here. Although the good of the order often involves no business or motions, the practice of some organizations would place motions or resolutions relating to formal disciplinary procedures for offenses outside a meeting at this point. In some organizations, the program is looked upon as a part of the good of the order.

Vice President Klinkner: I rise in opposition to motion, much rather hear individuals publicly blast each other than to find out through the Reporter to stop the damage to the senate. I think statements in open forum regardless of how specific they are because everyone knows who likes who and what others thinks of each other. People will do anything within their power... lost track of what I was saying.

Speaker: Anyone to take first term before President Hanson takes his second

Senator Jacobson: Is there just cause, or why?

Senator. Harmon: Last week was mild.

Senator Jacobson: yield

Senator Mellen: The point of open forum is to give your opinion. We should be able to stick to the issue and the cause and to overcome the tendency to criticize each other. Past discord that is generated by people blasting each other in the past. Don't need to make that a standard procedure of the senate. As individuals we should abstain from this action.

Speaker: any further discussion, all in favor, motions fails. Any other new business, seeing none, moving on. Senator Harmon voted in favor of motion.

IX. Open Forum & Announcements

Proxy Drganc: Since committee meetings were canceled today, a quick discussion on homecoming float. Parents are lending convertible for President Hanson and VP Klinkner. Need ideas and resources/connection. Sending around a sheet of paper for volunteer. Ideas

President Hanson: No matter what voting denomination, thank people to get out to Wellstone's little spiel. He seemed to be impressed.

Speaker: close open forum and announcements

X. Adjournment at 5:21