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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association
64th MSSA Senate
30 October 1996

Speaker Eric Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:00.

Roll Call
Present: Akemann (6-0) A Anderson (5-1) Arenz (5-1) Auseth (2-1) Blakley (6-0) Chase (3-0) Distel (5-1) Fiedor (2-0) Hammes (6-0) Harmon (6-0) Hennek (3-0) Islam [proxy Chris Hiller] (4-2) Hossain [proxy Joseph Miller] (2-2) Jacobson (5-1) Janssen (6-0) Jirele (3-0) Kocina (6-0) Mellen (6-0) Miller (2-1) Pavlenko (3-0) Perowitz (6-0) Rafik (3-0) Sharma (2-4) Smith (2-1) Towns (3-0) Weir (6-0) Speaker Bakke.
Present: President Hanson, Vice President Klinkner, Coordinator Janssen, Anderson, Blakley, Hiller and Vye.
Senate Staff:
Present: Kass.

I. Approval of Agenda
Agenda approved.

II. Student Forum
A. Student - Kristy Anderson

III. Recommendations
A. Constitution Commission - Chair Matt Harmon

IV. Presentations
A. Residents Hall Association - Vice Chair Kristy Anderson

V. Approval of Minutes - 10/23/96
Minutes for 10/23/96 passed.

VI. Officer Reports
A. President - Tony Hanson
i. Report

ii. Presidential Appointments
Budget Committee (Emily Auseth, Peni Blakley, Deborah Ucker), Communications Board (Gabe Vye) Treasurer (Deborah Ucker)

iii. Questions/Comments

B. Vice President - Francis Klinkner
i. Report

ii. Questions/Comments

C. Speaker - Eric Bakke
i. Report
Robert's Rules of Order (page 491) state that motions to close or limit debate are not allowed in committees.

ii. Approval Recognition of Student Organizations
Renewal Recognition - Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority; Maranatha Christian Fellowship; Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services Club; S.A.D.E. (Students for Alcohol & Drug Education; Women's Lacrosse.
ii. Rulings
Speaker Ruling #4
Whereas Article I, Section 1 makes the grants the Senate all the legislative and administrative authority of MSSA, the Speaker recognizes that the MSSA Senate has the power to name honorary non-voting members to MSSA. The Speaker recognizes that Vic Swenson and Former Vice President for Student Affairs Dick Fischer as honorary non-voting members of the MSSA.
Speaker Bakke passes the gavel to Vice President Klinkner.
iii. Speaker Appointments
Speaker Bakke appoints Matthew Chase as Recording Secretary.

Speaker Bakke appoints Gab Vye as Senate Spokesperson.
iv. Approval Recognition of Student Organizations
Speaker Bakke retrieves the gavel.
D. Treasurer

VII. Senator Reports
A. Other

VIII. Senate Committees and Staff Reports
A. Student Allocations Committee - Chair Jason Kocina
Chair Kocina elected. Vice Chair election next week. Will be reviewing Student Organization Allocation Funding Committee (S.O.A.F.C.).
B. Other

Student Affairs - Chair Chris Hiller
Present: Akemann, K. Anderson, Arenz, Auseth, Hammes, Harmon, Hossain, Islam, Jirele, Kocina, Perowitz, Sharma, Smith, Weir.

Academic Affairs - Chair Steven Janssen
Present: A. Anderson, Blakley, Chase, Distel, Fiedor, Hennek, Jacobson, Janssen, Mellen, Pavlenko, Miller, Rafik, Towns.

IX. Presidential Staff Reports
A. Other

X. Old Business
A. Bill #10.23.A - postponed from 10/23/96
Title Senate Office Hours Bill #10.23.A
Sponsor Senator Chase Cosponsor Senator Harmon

Whereas: The MSSA Senators are responsible to their constituents, and
Whereas: The MSSA Senate Speaker is responsible to the Senate, therefore be it
Enacted: That the MSSA Senators and Speaker are required to complete two office hours per week in the Senate office, and be it further
Enacted: That the MSSA Senators and Speaker are required to have their weekly office hours posted at the Senate office visible from outside the Senate office and in the CSU main floor Senate showcase.

XI. New Business
A. Bill #10.30.A
Title Blue Line Club Thank- You Bill #10.30.A
Sponsor Senator Auseth Cosponsor Senator Chase

Whereas: The Blue Line Club has rasied a large amount of money for Division I Hockey and all MSU Athletics, therefore be it
Resolved: That the MSSA Senate formally thanks the Blue Line Club for its efforts on behalf of Division I Hockey and all MSU Athletics.
XII. Announcements
XIII. Adjournment

Quote of the week: "Doing what is right is not always doing what is popluar" - Matthew Chase, 1995-96 MSSA Vice President.