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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association
64th Student Senate
9 October 1996

Speaker Bakke called the meeting to at order 4:05.

I. Election Returns and Seating of Newly Elected Senators
Vice President announced elections results. Committee report in writing.

II. Student Forum None.

III. Presentations

A. MSU Shotokan Karate Club - President Debra Farnsworth
President Farnsworth requested funding to compete at a national tournament, competing against such schools as UCLA and Penn State. The club has competed nationally for five years and brought home third place last year. They have had two first place winners in the last five years. That funding came from the Sports Club Council. Last year's single contestant sponsored herself. The request is for travel using a state vehicle. It is 1250 miles to Purdue at a cost of $337. The club also requests half of the four night stays at a cost of $114. Total request is $587.50. The club has community sponsors and has done fundraising. They are under a time deadline, the trip is October 24. Mike Hodapp advised the club to come to the Senate. Three people will be attending. The total cost of the trip is $1367.50. Personal contribution is $350. Fundraising is $200. Corporate sponsors' donations are $300.

Senator Janssen moves to suspend rules to allow a main motion. Motion passes.
Senator Janssen moves to Bill #10.9.A.

Title Funding of MSU Shotokan Karate Club
Bill# 10.9.A
Author Janssen

Be it resolved that the Student Activity fund the MSU Shotokan Karate Club $587.50 (Kocina friendly) for lodging and transportation only.

Main Motion passes.

B. IFO President - Dr. Dwain Petersen
Glad to see students at the Chancellor's Town Meeting last Friday. President Petersen has taught for 41 years. Has a clear desire to work with the students. He says that in working with the Chancellor we must proceed carefully. It appears difficult, however. He is a member of a Minnesota State Strategic Planning Advisory Committee, but it hasn't met, even though the chancellor has given a tentative strategic planning proposal during her Town Meetings. Solidarity in suggestions to Minnesota State is vital. Eighty percent of Faculty Association are full members of the Faculty Association (20% are fair share).

IV. Roll Call
Senators: Anderson (3-1) Hennek (1-0) Mellen (3-0) Pavlenko (1-0) Jacobson (3-1) Miller (1-0) Chase (1-0) Janssen (4-0) Rafik (1-0) Blakley (4-0) Towns (1-0) Distel (3-1) Kocina (4-0) Anderson (1-0)
Sharma (1-3) Jierele (1-0) Smith (0-1) Weir (4-0) Akemann (4-0) Hammes (4-0) Islam (2-2) Harmon (4-0) Auseth (1-0) Hossain (1-2) Perowitz (4-0) Arenz (3-1) Speaker Bakke. Staff: President Hanson, Vice President Klinkner, Coordinator Janssen, Anderson, Blakley, and Hiller.

V. Approval of Agenda and Minutes
Minutes for October 2 were tabled. Agenda approved.

VI. Officer Reports

A. President Hanson
Interested Senators for MSUSA Conference speak to him. Would like one Senator at Meet and Confer. University committee reports on Weapons Policy, School Closing policy, and the Crime Representation reports are available. Those interested in attending the Penny Fellowship Dinner please contact him.

Appointments: Commission on Ethics and Standards (Chad Hopkins), Student Allocations Committee (Shakil Hossain), and Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee (Shakil Hossain and Joy Islam).

B. Vice President Klinkner
Meet and Confer with President Rush was Friday. Phase III plans are still at the Higher Education Services Office (HESO). Klinkner explained that the old buildings now must come to code on fire sprinklers at a cost of $400,000 for the Administration Building. Discussion is occurring on who pays that bill. The Student Health Service renovation collection from student fees has amassed $100,000 (of total $750,000) so far . The registrar student mailing list is currently for sale to external organization, that policy is being reviewed . Senators wanting free Gold Permits for Wednesday beginning at 2:00, in lot 11, must give Klinkner their license plate number.

C. Speaker - Eric Bakke
Welcome new Senators. Speaker requests pronunciation errors of names be addressed to him immediately. Declared that Graduate Seat #2 is now currently legitimately held, sighting Article 2.1.c. Requested office hours from all Senators and Coordinators. Time commitment may be one meeting or more depending on reaction to the initial document.

VII. Senator Reports
Senator Kristy Anderson in writing.

VIII. Committee and Staff

A. Academic Affairs - Coordinator Steven Janssen
No one has yet volunteered for the Semester Conversion Brochure Creation. It will count for committee requirements. Talk to Coordinator Janssen.

B. Student Affairs - Coordinator Chris Hiller
Meetings are Wednesday at 3:00. The committee is working on the Senior Salute. Will be electing a Vice Chair and Secretary next week.

C. Cultural Diversity - Coordinator Kristy Anderson.
Met with ECHO and will be working with the Intercultural Student Center. October 20 is Pakistan Night. October 25 is an Egyptian Luncheon.

D. Campus Enrichment - Coordinator Peni Blakley
Need people for Parking Appeals Committee and the Select Committee on Residence Hall Appeals. Also needs an off campus student for the Parking Policy Committee. Blakley met with Operations manager this week. Job description includes working with University Operations and Fiscal Affairs. Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) will be having an event on the environment on October 22, speak with Senator Distol.

E. Student Union Board - Chair Kris Hammes
Election results for the Board are Chair Hammes and Vice Chair Mark Cheley. Repairs have begun in the building. This includes first floor wall painting, courtyard repair, replacement of Garden Deli ceiling tiles, removal of planters, addition of North Side accessible doors, replacement of restroom hardware, addition of electrical receptacles, addition of lounge trees. Asbestos removal will begin in December, as well as remodeling of room 219A.

IX. Old Business None.

X. New Business
Klinkner moves bill #10.9.B.


Title Student Affairs Commendation
Bill #10.9.B
Author Klinkner

Be it resolved that the MSSA commend President Rush and Student Affairs for their decision to seek input from a marketing agency, to review the University's current marketing techniques and to get fresh professional ideas.

Main Motion passes with little discussion.

Klinkner moves bill #10.9.C.

Title Appointment Objection
Bill #10.9.C
Author Klinkner

Whereas: Henry Morris is the head of the Student Union, and
Whereas: Henry Morris is the Supervisor of Record for the Minnesota River Review, Reporter, and KRNR, and
Whereas: It is the roll of the Communications Board to establish policy for those media groups, and
Whereas: It is a direct conflict of interest for someone to be able to establish policy, enforce policy, sign off on all budget items, and be in charge of the office space for any Student Activity Funded program, therefore be it
Resolved: That the Mankato State Student Association stand in opposition to President Rush's appointment of Henry Morris to the Communications Board.

Hammes moves to Postpone. Hammes - we must speak with students and review. Auseth (proxy Jen Drganc) - first Communication Board meeting is October 18. Chase - this is clearly a conflict of interest and time will not change that. This is not about Mr. Morris, but his position, please remember that. Hammes - We must be certain that this is not a personal attack upon Mr. Morris. Hanson - supports postponement, official confirmation is less than one week old. He has not spoken with President Rush about this. Motion to Postpone fails.
Janssen moves to Postpone Indefinitely. Klinkner - does the Senate truly wish to never address this issue again? I think not. Motion to Postpone Indefinitely fails.
Main Motion Passes. (Hammes and Janssen voted in the negative)

Auseth (proxy Jen Drganc) moves bill #10.9.D.

Title Faculty Association Meet and Discuss
Bill # 10.9.D
Author Hossain (proxy Jen Drganc)

Move that two Academic Senators be appointed to a Meet and Discuss forum with Faculty Association representatives.

Weir - let's be proactive. Janssen - we need to first ask the Faculty Association.
Hammes moves to Postpone for one week. Hammes - this gives time to work out technicalities with the Faculty Association and Coordinator Janssen. Hossain (Proxy Stephen Yunginger) - wants it to come to Senate next week, a refer to committee would take much longer. Janssen - assures the Senate that a full motion will come from the Academic Affairs Committee. Motion to Postpone for one week fails.
Hossain - fail this main motion, we want more feedback and a clearer motion. He trusts that President Hanson and Coordinator Janssen will deal with it.
Main Motion fails.

XI. Open Forum & Announcements
Klinkner - October 15 we need volunteers for Voter Registration tables.
Hammes - Disturbed by the removal of Mr. Morris to the Communications Board. He believes that a better process could have been used. He believes that Mr. Morris would step down if this was asked of him by President Hanson.
Auseth (proxy) - We have a Homecoming float, sign up with Jen Drganc.
Hanson - feels we need to give better names for the Communications Board. He has spoken to Mr. Morris, but nothing was resolved.
Harmon - says we dealt with the Communications Board appointment properly. It shows our concerns.
Hammes - says that informal methods are better.
Harmon - says he hopes the Reporter reports this abuse by the University.
Klinkner - sign up for a committee. We have many. Senators are required to be members of two committees.
Anderson - Pancake Breakfast is 8:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m. on Saturday at the InterCultural Student Center.

XII. Adjournment
Speaker Bakke adjourned the meeting at 6:07.