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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association

64th MSSA Senate

13 November 1996

Speaker Eric Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:02.

Roll Call


Present:  Akemann (9-0) A Anderson (7-2) Auseth (5-1) Blakley (8-0) Chase (6-0) Cho (1-0) Distel (8-1) Fiedor (5-0) Hammes [proxy Jen Drganc] (9-0) Harmon (8-0) Hennek (5-0) Islam [proxy Sanjan Rahman] (7-2) Hossain (5-2) Jacobson (8-1) Janssen (9-0) Jirele (6-0) Kocina  (9-0) Mellen (9-0) Miller (5-1) Pavlenko (6-0) Perowitz (9-0) Rafik (5-0) Sharma (4-5) Smith (5-1) Towns (6-0) Weir (9-0) Williams [proxy Kristy Andrson] (2-0) Speaker Bakke.

Absent:  Arenz (7-2)


Present:  President Hanson, Vice President Klinkner, Coordinator Janssen, Anderson, Blakley, Uecker.

Absent:  Coordinator Hiller

Senate Staff:

Present:  Kass.

I.         Approval of Agenda

Agenda approved as amended.

Senator Auseth - move to place agenda item X.A. to before Student Forum.  President Hanson - Student Forum should always come before business.  Senator Janssen - Senators know their job is a time commitment.  Motion fails.

  • Student Forum

III.          Presentations

  • Other

IV.         Approval of the Minutes - 11/06/96

V.         Elections - Allied Health & Nursing Seat #1 and #2

Election not held due to lack of candidates.

VI.         Officer Reports

A.         President - Tony Hanson

i.         Report President Hanson, Senator Weir, and Senator Hiller went to St. Paul.  The President attended the MSU Foundation meeting.    MSU stated that everything is great on campus.  Last year the foundation received $3.9 million in private gifts. Korvas has tried to increase the gift amount by $500,000 each year. Last year's goal was $3 million.  Next year's goal is $3.5 million. Walt Wolff reported on First Year Experience. He reported that a survey of students showed that after academics, personal fitness are the students' top priority (46% said this).  He said this was the reason MSU needs a $10 million recreation facility.

ii.         Presidential Appointments Legislative Affairs Committee (Emily Auseth), Academic Affairs Committee (Joel Knode), Bookstore Advisory Committee (Mike Mellen, Mark Distel, Krystal Wittus). Passed without objection. MSSA office Subcommittee (all voting Senators) objection.  Speaker ruled out-of-order.President Hanson/Vice President Klinkner moves to rescind Act #10.23.A.  Motion to rescind fails.

B.         Vice President - Francis Klinkner

Stated that he had nothing intelligent to say and yielded his time to the Senate.

C.         Speaker - Eric Bakke

i.         Report The Speaker spoke about Robert's Rules of Order.

ii.         Approval of Recognized Student Organizations Initial Recognition - Lady Mavs Hockey Association (to allow persons of the female gender an opportunity to learn the fundamentals, and competitive aspects of hockey.  This group offers persons of male gender an opportunity to develop coaching skills under the advisement of the head coach.), Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority (Social Service Sorority), Alpha Mu Gamma (To recognize achievement in foreign language study, nurture an interest in the study of foreign languages, literature, and civilizations, stimulate a desire for linguistic attainment and to foster sympathetic understanding of other peoples through the medium of languages), American Marketing Association (To promote the profession of marketing).

    • Treasurer - Debra Uecker No report.

VII.         Senator Reports

A. Gage A Seat - Senator Christine Jirele

Had meetings with Jostens Jewelry.  Three class rings have been selected.

B.         Arts & Humanities Seat #2 - Senator Jennifer Fiedor Spoke about Undergraduate Planning Committee.  The committee is speaking about goals and the retention problem. In the past four weeks I have been attending and participating in the Undergraduate Sub-Meet and Confer discussions. These meeting are held in the CSU at 10:00 A.M. every Tuesday. I'm currently the only student representative attending the meetings.  In the past we have mainly shared our concerns about the Undergraduate Program.  Most recently the committee has decided to draw up a set of goals.  One main focus will be on second year or Sophomore dilemmas.

C.         Social & Behavioral Sciences Seat #3 - Senator Mark Distel

Spoke about the Meet the Dean event.  He is meeting with the Dean.

D.         Science, Engineering & Technology Seat #1 - Senator Steven Janssen

Will be meeting with Angie Bomier on academic advising, all are welcome.  Has been attending the General Education Subcommittee, Semester Conversation Committee, Planning Sub-meet and Confer, Student Life Component.

E.         Off Campus Seat #4 - Senator Scott Perowitz

Will be working with off campus voting problems.  Plans to begin opening dialogue of auditing ACC.

There are two issues which I will be addressing this quarter, the first, which I believe to be of utmost importance, are the problems some off-campus students had with voting on Nov. 5th. A large number of students were turned away on voting day and I believe it important that the situation be looked into.  At this time I have no reason to believe election rules were violated, but this is something I wish to verify.  Most importantly I wish to determine the reasons why students were turned away and what can be done to prevent it in the future.  May it be better education for voters or addressing the election rules. I will be reporting my findings to senate in hopes the information can be used in future elections in order to prevent such problems from reoccurring.  Secondly, I plan to open a dialog with the ACC in hopes of gaining an understanding of their situation.  I believe this to be an important issue for both on and off campus students.  Hopefully, I will be able to draw some conclusions as to what students and senate can do to improve on the problems ACC is facing.

F.         Business Seat #1 - Senator Chris Hennek

His intention on SAC is to keep fees as low as possible.

G.         McElroy Seat - Senator Justin Smith

Plans to seek out constituents in addition to them seeking him at the office.

VIII.         Senate Committees & Staff Reports

A.         Student Allocations Committee - Chairperson Jason Kocina

New Vice Chair elected, Nathan Prouty.

B.         Academic Affairs Committee - Coordinator Steven Janssen

Attendance:         Janssen, Distel, Fiedor, Blakley, Anderson, Mellen, Pavlenko, Towns, Chase (excused late) and Jacobson.

Honors General Education meeting on November 20 between 3:00-4:30.  If on ACC, he needs schedules.

C.         Student Affairs Committee -

Attendance:         Hiller, Arenz, Akemann, Weir, Smith, Auseth, Jirele, and Kocina.

IX.          Presidential Staff

A.         Public Affairs - Coordinator Gabe Vye

Read Presidential recommendation concerning a Senate table in the CSU. Senator Pavlenko/Hammes (proxy Jen Drganc) - move to suspend the rules for the purpose of conducting an election for Allied Health & Nursing.

Senator Towns/President Hanson - move to vote by roll call. Speaker asks for candidates for Allied Health & Nursing Seat #1 to present themselves. Yu Sik Cho - is studying Human Biology. Interested in Senate to make friends and learn about MSU. Pavlenko - endorses the candidate.  Speaker rules comments out of order.  Hammes [proxy Jen Drganc] - what is your time commitment?  Cho - Has much time, involved in little other activities.  President Hanson - what year are you?  Cho - first year.  Senator Jacobson - do you have any other experience. Cho - was President of home school in Korea. Senator Chase/Hammes [proxy Drganc] - move to suspend the rules concerning the ballots. 

Cho - (Closing statement) speaks Korean and Japanese and will be a help to international students.

Senator Yu Sik Cho was elected by secret ballot.

X.         Old Business

A.         Initiated Bylaw Amendment - By-Law Amendment

Subdivision 1 - "At least nine students, including (3) International students, three (3)

minority students, and three (3) Senate representatives.  All students will be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate."  Membership shall not exceed twelve (12) students." Subdivision 2 - "The Associate Vice-President of Cultural Diversity (ex-officio, non-voting.)" Senator Blakley/Anderson - move to postpone for one week.  Senator Blakley - interested parties are not in attendance.  President Hanson - "if you snooze, you lose".  Senator Kocina - let's not push this to the last meeting of the quarter.  Motion to postpone fails. Main motion (by roll call) fails.  Senator Chase votes no with rights.

Chase rights:  I voted in the negative because I believe establishing quotas are an incorrect manner in which to solve this problem.

XI.         New Business

A.         Bill #11.13.A Title Social Recommendation         Bill #11.13.A Sponsor Senator Jacobson Cosponsor President Hanson Whereas: To enable the members of the MSSA to work together more closely, they should be involved in events socially as well as professionally, and

Whereas:         Jim Jacobson has been self appointed, acting Coordinator for Ensuring Recreational Diversity, therefore be it Recommended: That all MSSA Senators and Coordinators are strongly encouraged to attend the MSSA Curling Night, which will be held at the beginning of Winter Quarter. Senator Jacobson - this is informational. Senator Hammes (proxy Jen Drganc) - this is not appropriate for this forum, however I do support the intent.  Main motion (Bill #11.13.A) passes. 

B.         Bill #10.23.A

Vice President Klinkner/President Hanson - move to refer a non pending matter (Act 10.23.A) to the Public Affairs Committee. President Hanson - we have only three obvious choices to enact 10.23.A, these are using expensive tag board or an eraser board, and non visible books. Senator Chase - enacting this measure is not a difficult task, just do it. Senator Hammes [proxy Jen Drganc] - the said display case should be utilized better and the Public Affairs Committee may have some creative ideas.  Senator Mellen - the main issue is giving schedules, and revamping them. He fails to see the credibility with the argument for establishing an agenda. Senator Janssen - shall we send all actions to committees? Senator Distel/Pavlenko - move to end debate. Motion to end debate fails. Main motion to refer a non pending matter (Act 10.23.A) to the Public Affairs Committee passes with a majority vote.  Act 10.23.A. is referred to the Public Affairs Committee but remains as a standing rule of the Senate

XII.         Announcement

President Hanson - welcomes new and old Senators to seek out their constituencies.  Rules are set to be followed and we should not deviate from them.

Senator Chase - Robert's Rules of Order are for the purpose of protecting the minority and giving freedom to the majority.  When Robert's Rules do not work, the chair can get us out of it.  Nothing is out of order unless there is an objection.  Also, the College Democrats should not be chastised for the violations during the October 31 Wellstone rally.  They should be held responsible and make preparations to ensure it doesn't happen again.  I think this has happened and I welcome them to submit their recognition forms.

Senator Mellen - let's not pass the buck to committee, let's be responsible. Speaker Bakke - releases authority to the Senate Spokesperson for the purpose of dealing with Act 10.23.A.

XIII.         Adjournment