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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association

64th MSSA Senate

20 November 1996

Speaker Eric Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:01.

Roll Call Senate:

Present:  Akemann (9-0)  Arenz (7-2) Auseth (5-1) Blakley (8-0) Chase (6-0) Cho (1-0) Distel (8-1) Fiedor (5-0)  Harmon (8-0) Hennek (5-0) Islam (7-2) Jacobson (8-1) Janssen (9-0) Jirele (6-0) Kocina  (9-0) Mellen (9-0) Miller (5-1) Pavlenko (6-0) Perowitz (9-0) Rafik (5-0) Sharma [proxy Aaron Wachholz](4-5) Smith (5-1) Towns (6-0) Weir (9-0) Williams (2-0) Speaker Bakke.

Absent:  A Anderson (7-2) Hammes (9-0) Hossain (5-2)


Present:  President Hanson, Vice President Klinkner, Coordinator Anderson, Blakley, Hiller, Janssen.

Senate Staff: Present:  Uecker.

  • Approval of Agenda Agenda approved as amended.

II.         Student Forum None.

III.          Presentations

A.         Academic Computing Center - Director Wayne Sharp Approached by Senator Islam to ask questions.  He has no presentation. Vice President Klinkner - when will the dial-in servers be available?  Director Sharp - the last should be in today, there was 64 and now their are 128.  There was some difficulty over the weekend, the second terminal server went down over the weekend. This shut down all users after the first 16 users. Senator Janssen - laser card price increase for color prints, why? Sharp - we were loosing about 75¢ per copy, still losing money but not as much. It is still below cost, but not entering in a deficit budget.  Jacobson - How many email accounts, is that enough dial-in. Sharp - 4000-6000, soon for all students. In my opinion, no. As demand increases we hope to keep up with it. No matter how many we have will probably not be enough. Jacobson - I have two classes on the web, is there any long range plan to handle this? Sharp - (actually these do not pertain to his area, but is glad to help), the administration gave $35,000 just for email. Want everyone all on one email system and off vax. We are training now.  Hope to get on line for January. But, we can only do so much with M&E and Computer Fee dollars. In the long run, we hope to have one email system for students, faculty, administrators.  First priority is to get vax users off. Perowitz - many users use vax and krypton for more than email, some non-priority use. How do we deal with this? Sharp - we do not want to stymie creativity, and much of this could be academic. However, some schools have notices that machines for academic are used for more. We may do some of this. Perowitz - will Gage be wired? Sharp -  Some in McElroy & Crawford have been done. Over the summer we opened a Gage lab. It is 90% utilized already. WE are already talking about expanding it. So, we now have fiber to Gage. Rafik - why generate user ids using names. Sharp - it is more efficient and standardized. This is done at other places. When we go to the new email system, everyone will have a user ID, no one will have to come to the lab to get it. Towns - as a security guard, I see people can't understand the hours. He thinks they may be confused by am/pm and open/close. Sharp - we've done this for eight years, but we can try to improve it. Towns - is there any way to give more training on software? Sharp - we brought in 20 of 40 new people. About 12 are from financial aid and may not be computer literate at all. They get homework, four hours of on the job training with someone else. They will not know everything well, and we try to put them out of primary access by students.  We know we have some difficulties and we hope to do better? 

B.         Mn State University Student Association - Vice Chair Matthew Chase I will be leaving to go to the capitol to show student support at Minnesota State. Those interested, I am leaving at 8:30 am and returning at 2:00 pm. Two week ago MSUSA Chair Brent Glass, Treasurer Eric Mitchell, Federal Legislative Coordinator Vanessa Bartram, Executive Director Frank Viggiano and myself lobbied in Washington DC.  We met with staffs from Minnesota Congressmen and Senators, South Dakota Senators, and Senator Ted Kennedy.  We spoke about aid.

C.         Residence Hall Association - Vice Chair Kristy Anderson 15 students went to MACUR in St. Louis, Missouri. We traveled with other schools. Meetings are on Monday at 4:00 at Carkoski Commons. We have committee openings.

D.         Other

IV.         Approval of the Minutes - 11/06/96 postponed from 11/13/96 Approved as amended.  It was noted that Bill #11.06.D was sponsored by Senator Janseen/Harmon, not Senator Harmon/Towns.  Also, some attendance errors were corrected. Approval of the Minutes - 11/13/96


V.         Elections - Allied Health & Nursing Seat #2

Election not held due to lack of candidates.

VI.         Officer Reports

A.         President - Tony Hanson

i.         Report Mentioned some Presidential appearances he made.  He also mentioned several upcoming events.  Cleared up the mis-conceptions made by FYE to new students.  Previously the Senate was described as similar to a High School Student Council and some had the appearance we planned dances and the like.

ii.         Presidential Appointments Student Allocations Committee (Heather Dye, Maruf Rafik), Pubic Affairs Committee (Kristy Anderson), MSUSA Cultural Diversity Assistant (Roosevelt Williams)

B.         Vice President - Francis Klinkner

i.         Report This is the last meeting. Will be working on some projects over Winter Bread. Due to renovation, we will move out of the office for the break. Take home anything you will be needing over the break. All help is welcome. 

C.         Speaker - Eric Bakke

i.         Report Next meeting on January 8, 1997.  New Senators are doing well, some have perfect attendance.  Thanks to them. Speaker Bakke passes the gavel to Vice President Klinkner

ii.         Approval of Recognized Student Organizations Initial Recognition - Anthropology Club (Anthropology Student Association) - To serve as a support and social organization for Anthropology students and others;  Council to Reform MSUSA - to support and reform the Minnesota State University Student Association and return it to its lobbying roots.  The organizations were recognized without objection.

iii.         Questions/Comments Speaker Bakke retrieves the gavel.

VII.         Senator Reports

A.         Graduate Seat #2 - Senator Matt Chase

Every Senator became part of this body for a reason.  Each one of us felt that this university could do something better, and we wanted them to do it. I challenge each one of you to remember what those somethings are, and act upon them. If any of you think that there are no issues out there, you are wrong.  Talk to any student, staff, faculty, or even administrator and they will give you a long list. I joined Senate because I hated the thought of the school going to a "flat-rate" tuition formula. 

I also am very concerned about:  MSU's mission statement (con), Faculty Advisor for the Senate (pro), Health Service budget ballooning (con), Stability of Recognized Student Organizations - including Maverick Assembly (pro), Funding of Recognized Student Organizations (pro), FM Student Radio Station (pro), Elimination of Cable KRNR (pro), Increasing Health Insurance options for international students (pro), Success of the MavCard (pro), MavCard single bank (con), Pre-paid admission revamping (pro), New Admissions Director (pro), New Registrar Director search (con), Rewriting Constitution By-laws (pro), Maintaining current Student Activity Fees (pro), Placing Athletics under Fiscal Affairs (pro), and Fully funding the ACC (pro).

B.         Undeclared Seat #1 - Senator Jason Kocina

Congratulations to Senator Williams.  I am concerned about RSO's and the recognition process and the flat-rate tuition.

C.         Social & Behavioral Seat #1 - Senator Peni Blakley

Talked to some constituents, they had concerns about library hours.

D.         Off Campus Seat #5 - Senator Matt Harmon and Social & Behavioral Seat #2, Senator Towns

We will be working on an easy tip-sheet on parliamentary procedures. Senator Harmon attended the Cultural Diversity Dinner, and received a certificate of recognition as a successful member of the Native American community. Dr. Wayne Allen was denied the ability to teach a class because he was not "Indian" enough.

E.         Off Campus Seat #6 - Senator Emily Auseth

Working on class rings for this year.

F.         Off Campus Seat #8 - Senator Scott Perowitz

As I reported last week I am looking into the ACC situation and the problems students had with voting November 5. I have been talking to my constituents about their concerns with ACC. I am still in the process of sitting up a meeting with ACC. I am still in the process of identifying students who had problems voting on November 5.

G.         Undeclared Seat #2 - Senator Roosevelt Williams

Changed back to Black Student Union back to Black Student Organization.

H.         Education Seat #2 - Senator Jim Jacobson

Meet with Acting Dean of Education, Paula Stone.  Attended Penny Fellowship Dinner with MSUSA. Also attended a workshop on hot topics in the State Legislature, Financial Aid troubleshooting and the merger. MSUSA Cultural Diversity Coordinator Stephanie English did a good workshop called Dare to Care. The MSUSA Board of Directors meeting gave insight on other schools and common problems. He is currently trying to contact all Education RSO's and attend their meetings.  Meet with Dr. Byrant, the Acting Director of the Council for Exceptional Children. She was very pleased we sought her out and found out about their RSO.  Senator Pavlenko and Jacobson plan to attend their meeting.

I.         Off Campus Seat #1 - Senator Kerry Weir

The Attorney General has mandated that all schools have a sexual assault center. MSU doesn't have one. Through Student Affairs Committee, Gabe Vye and Kerry Weir are Chairs of the ad hoc Tenants Association. The Commission on Ethics and Standards now has full membership.

Senator Williams/Auseth - move to recess for 15 minutes.  Motion fails.

J.         Business Seat #2 - Senator Mike Mellen

Attended a Semester Conversion meeting.  Students were received warmly. As a member of the Parking Appeals Board I found out that the free lot will change with the reconstruction of Stadium Road. He also attended the meeting on MSU's Mission Statement. It is vague, and I hope they change it.

K.         Maverick Hall Seat - Senator Amy Arenz

In reviewing my goals from early this quarter I saw I wanted to get brighter lights in the parking lots.  There has since been vandalism. I also wanted to foster a better relationship with the Residence Hall Association, but their advisor said they probably would not be interested in a parli-pro workshop. Heard that permanent Residence Hall parking stickers were given to women first because of safety. Towns - three car window smashers were caught.

L.         Business Seat #1 - Senator Chris Hennek

I am on SAC and hope to keep student fees down. Next quarter I intend to meet with RSO's in an effort to open new avenues of communication with constituents.

M.         Science, Engineering, and Technology Seat #2 - Senator Maruf Rafik He is working with a user ID problem. Some generated ID's create words that are offensive in other languages. He found that those user ID's can be changed.

N.         Social & Behavioral Seat #3 - Senator Mark Distel

Attended the Meet the Dean with Dean Coultrap-McQuinn.  Reviewed current issues.

O.         Gage A Seat - Senator Christine Jirele.

As a representative with RHA she is working on new activities for residents. They are working on getting video rental. They are hoping to replace the closed Tower Shoppe soon.

P.         Arts and Humanities Seat #2 - Jennifer Fiedor

I hope to receive goals from Dr. Larsson for the Undergraduate Planning Committee. Does anyone know why Dave Gjerde can not be the Director? Vice President Klinkner - he was a candidate the first round.  Candidates of the second round can not have been in the first.

Q.         McElroy Seat - Senator Justin Smith

Working on doing an open forum in McElroy Center.

R.         Science, Engineering, and Technology Seat #1 - Senator Steve Janssen

For computer problems please come to the Academic Computing Committee meeting when it meets. I am thinking of ideas for a better school calendar layout.

Senator Jacobson/Towns - move to recess for 15 minutes.  Motion passes.

President Hanson moved Coordinator Vye and Anderson's report to the next item on the agenda. Motion passes.

S.         Social/Cultural Diversity - Coordinator Kristy Anderson Working on getting our name out, including putting pictures in at the ICSC and creating a web page. Also working Eliminate Hate Day, contacting RSO's to open up communication, doing a CD Award Night, and revising Articles of Operation.

T.         Public Affairs - Coordinator Gabe Vye

Adopt a Highway, the Senate has a space of road (on HWY 22, south of Beauford). Our two years is up, we need to decide if want to keep it. The CSU table sign-up sheet is available.

Without objection, Senators will be allowed to give a second report. Objection. Senator Weir - we have all had enough time to fulfill our obligations. Speaker ruled that the Agenda does not allow for second reports at this time. The Speaker places the question before the assembly.

"If on the 20th of November, Senators shall be allowed to give more than one Senator Report." Senator Chase/Towns requests a roll call vote.

¥Voting in the affirmative:  Hennek, Jacobson, Miller, Rafik, Towns, Smith, Perowitz,

¥Voting in the negative:  Mellen, Janssen, Blakley, Distel, Jirele, Weir, Harmon, Islam, Auseth,

¥Abstaining: Fiedor, Pavlenko, Chase, Kocina, Sharma,

¥Not voting: Cho, Anderson, Williams, Hammes, Akemann, Hossain,

Motion on the question to allow two Senator Reports fails.

Senator Blakley/Towns moves to reconsider the question, "If on the 20th of November, Senators shall be allowed to give more than one Senator Report."  Senator Blakley - Because of confusion over procedures, we need to revote.  Senator Town - I had asked to be placed on agenda, and thought I had.  Speaker Bakke - I consider your report with Senator Harmon as your second report of the quarter.  Senator Harmon - Senator Towns can give an extension of that earlier report.  Senator Mellen - time is precious and I choose not to waste the time of the Senate, it was my own responsibility.  Motion to reconsider fails.

Rights - Perowitz, Towns, Hennek, Arenz

VIII.         Senate Committees & Staff Reports

A.         Student Allocations Committee - Chair Jason Kocina Intramural came to the committee for recreation equipment and want to sell old equipment.  The committee authorized them to enter into negotiations.  The committee will review the said equipment.

B.         Academic Affairs Committee - Chair Steven Janssen Attendance:  Blakley, Chase (excused), Distel, Fiedor (excused), Hennek, Janssen, Mellen, Pavlenko, Rafik (excused), Towns Honors meeting tomorrow at 3:00 in the CSU.  The ACC committee members need to get schedules to him.

C.         Student Affairs Committee - Chair Chris Hiller

Attendance:         Akemann, Arenz, Auseth, Harmon, Jirele, Kocina, Perowitz, Smith, Weir, Williams, Turek

Title RSO Recognition Bill         #11.20.A Sponsor Student Affairs Committee

Coordinator Hiller - The committee reviewed this with Mike Seta and he had no problem with it.  Senator Chase - this causes a problem because our Administrative Assistant told me she was informed SDP&A threw all the old forms away.

D.         Student Union Board Board recommendation passes.

IX.          Presidential Staff

A.         Campus Enrichment - Peni Blakley

B.         Other

X.         Old Business

Move to reconsider Bill #11.20.A fails.

XI.         New Business

A.         Bill #11.20.C Senator Blakley - move to create Campus Enrichment Committee.  Motion passes.

XII.         Announcement

President Hanson - Trust your committees.  Vice President Klinkner - we can trust committees and still make amendments and disagree with them.  Coordinator Hiller - Trust your committees.  Senator Janssen - I thank Student Affairs for their job, but I don't know that it solves any problems.  Senator Mellen - taking risks is difficult, let's not be afraid of that.  We must all support the final action of the Senate.  We have the ability to make decisions, let's make them wisely.  Senator Janssen - I will be working on the Web page over Winter Break.

XIII.         Adjournment

The Speaker, without objection adjourns the meeting.  Objection.

Senator Towns/Chase - requested a roll call vote.  (President Hanson opposed the concept).

¥Voting in the affirmative:  Harmon, Weir, Miller, Chase, Rafik, Blakley, Distel, Kocina, Fiedor, Hennek, Mellen, Pavlenko, Islam, Auseth, Arenz, Klinkner

¥Voting in the negative:  Jacobson, Janssen, Towns, Jirele, Smith

¥Abstaining:  Cho, Anderson, Williams, Sharma, Hammes, Akemann, Hossain

¥Not voting:  Perowitz, Hanson

Chase [with rights:  Be it noted what Senators are still present.]  Towns  [with rights:  Because I love you guys.]  Smith [with rights:  I don't want to adjourn because I'm a lonely old man and I need people.  I am not an island.]

Motion to adjourn passes.  The meeting was adjourned at


"There are things in this world worth fighting for." - Jeffrey Lunde, MSSA Vice President 1992-93