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Mankato State Student Association 64th MSSA Senate

6 November 1996 

Speaker Eric Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:02.          

Roll Call Senate: Present:  Akemann (8-0) Arenz (7-1) Auseth (4-1) Blakley (7-0) Chase (5-0) [proxy Debra Uecker] Distel (7-1) Fiedor (4-0) Hammes (8-0) Harmon (7-0) Islam [proxy Chris Hiller] (6-2) Hossain [proxy Joseph Miller]  (4-2) Jacobson (7-1) Janssen (8-0) Jirele (5-0) Kocina  (8-0) Mellen (8-0) Miller (4-1) Pavlenko (5-0) Perowitz (8-0) Rafik (4-0) Sharma (3-5) Smith (4-1) Towns (5-0) Weir (8-0) Williams (1-0) Speaker Bakke. Absent: A Anderson (6-2) Hennek (4-1) Cabinet Present:  President Hanson, Vice President Klinkner, Coordinator Janssen, Anderson, Blakley, Hiller, Uecker. Absent:  Coordinator Vye. Senate Staff: Present:  Kass. 

  • Approval of Agenda Agenda approved as amended.

II.         Student Forum College Democrats - Vice President Scott Perowitz Scott apologized on behalf of the College Democrats for rules the Wellstone/Reider campaign violated during an October 31 rally in the Student Union. The violations were

1) car flyers,

2) sidewalk chalk,

3) too many signs,

4) not allowing students in rally,

5) parking, and

6) handing out flyers.  They are actively seeking apologies from these campaigns, but are not seeking apologies from the Democratic National Committee or College Democrats of Minnesota.  Senator - Senator Harmon Notified the Senate that the free lot is in bad condition.  He also discussed the possibility of a book exchange at beginning of every quarter. Vice President - Francis Klinkner The free lot is not paved because there is no drainage.  MSU is waiting to pave until the city provides drainage.  It is their responsibility.

III.         Presentation Commission on Ethics and Standards - Chair Kerry Weir The commission held their second Fitness Hearing of the year.  The commission voted to retain Joy Islam (Off-Campus senator).  It voted to retain by 3 to 0 (1 absent).  Because Senator Islam only missed meetings in which he was not informed, he was not reprimanded. The Commission retained the right to review Senator Islam's attendance in the future.

  • Elections Undecided Senator The Senate considered Amanda Turek and Roosevelt Williams.  The Senate elected Senator Roosevelt Williams in a closed ballot.
  • Approval of Minutes - 10/30/96 Minutes for 10/30/96 pass as amended.

VI.         Officer Reports

A.         President - Tony Hanson

i.         Report Thank you to MSUSA representatives and Penny Fellowship attendees. Domecoming is Thursday, Senators interested in going, contact Tony.  MSU received accreditation report back from North Central Accreditation. See President Hanson for copy. MSSA Meet & Confer is Monday, November 18.

ii. Presidential Appointments Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee (Roosevelt Williams, Joseph Miller) and Constitution Commission (Emily Auseth). Appointments approved without objection.

B. Vice President - Francis Klinkner  Report Friendship Night is Saturday, November 9.  We need people for Bookstore Advisory, Student Organization Activity Funding Committee (SOAFC), Urban Affairs.

C.         Speaker - Eric Bakke

i. Report Welcome Senator Roosevelt Williams.  Blue Line Club letter was available to the Senate Friday. The tremendous fund raising efforts of the Blue Line Club for Mankato State University has to come the attention of the Student Senate. The success of your organization has impressed members of the Senate and, as a consequence, Senators Emily Auseth and Matt Chase proposed and the Senate passed the following resolution: Whereas: The Blue Line Club has raised a large amount of money for Division I Hockey and all MSU programs, therefore be it  Resolved:          That the MSSA Senate formally thank the Blue Line Club for its efforts on behalf of Division I Hockey and all MSU programs. Again, on behalf of the students of Mankato State University, the Student Senate thanks the Blue Line Club for its activities. Student Organization Recognition must have been completed by October 31 to have renewal recognition.  The issue has been discussed with SDP&A and there appears to be no problem.

ii.         Approval Recognition of Student Organizations Initial Recognition - Senator Janssen - objection to those student organizations without statement of purpose. Senator Harmon/Hossain (proxy Joseph Miller) - move three minute caucus. Motion passes. Janssen - move to postpone until New Business. Motion passes.

  • Treasurer - Deborah Uecker Will come up with a change of financial forms, so it will be easier to report to Senate.

VII.         Senator Reports

A.         Off Campus Seat #2 - Senator Dana Akemann I attended MSUSA at Metro State. I attended panels and programming sessions that dealt with issues of the next legislative session, lobbying and financial aid. The most interesting parts of the conference were the cultural diversity program and the CD coordinator meeting. For MSU's CD Committee I attended the Women's center staff meeting and have contacted the chairperson of Student Events Team's CD Committee.

B.         Off Campus Seat #4 - Senator Matt Harmon          I have just returned from the MSUSA Fall Conference.  It was a successful one and a good time was had by all who participated. I attended the Penny Fellowship Dinner and Silent Auction on Friday night. On Saturday, I attended many of the workshops, including the one about lobbying, for which I was the moderator. I also attended the Presidential Board of Directors meeting Saturday evening. On Sunday, I attended the remainder of the Board of Directors meeting and attended the Student Services meeting. I also attended the Campus Representatives meeting with Rebecca Kindall Nelson. At this meeting, I voiced some of my concerns about my position as Campus Representative. I expressed that I would like to receive updates via e-mail as to what is taking place within MSUSA whenever events of note do take place, rather than having to wait until next MSUSA meeting. Perhaps the best part of the weekend was the special meeting with all of the Campus Representatives and the Committee Coordinators which was organized by Vice Chair Matt Chase.  I feel that this meeting was extremely productive and was breaking new ground with regard to communication.  I hope that this special meeting will be the beginning of a whole new way of sharing information and opinions because I believe that this will greatly improve the effectiveness of MSUSA. Another project that I would like to work on this year is the list of issues that are addressed in a letter from former Mankato State Vice President for Academic Affairs Lewis Jones to Minnesota State Chancellor Judith Eaton dated September 14 of this year. I just receive a copy of this letter five days ago and I have not yet had a chance to read it in its entirety, but I will as soon as possible and I plan to make it a goal of mine to help rectify the situations described in the letter. I will probably need the assistance of others at Mankato State as well as the MSUSA staff. We were informed this week that the e-mail accounts that we had hoped to purchase will soon be obsolete. Scott Hagebak called and e-mailed the office this week and said that the University will be scrapping the current MS1 system in December and replacing it with a system called Simeon.  E-mail accounts on this new system will cost from 12 to 15 dollars. This is good news from a financial point of view, but this also means that we will have to wait until January to get our new accounts. The Constitution Commission had its first meeting on Friday, October 25. At this meeting, I was elected the chairperson and David Cowan was elected the Recording Secretary. Our next meeting will be this Friday at 2:00 PM in CSU 219A. Speaker Bakke's interpretation about ByLaw initiation that was made last week has been appealed to the Commission. 

C.         Undeclared Seat #1 - Senator Jason Kocina I joined Senate over concerns about how student activity fees are spent. I intend to work to make changes in policy.

D.         Social & Behavioral Seat #2 - Senator Matt Towns Yesterday's meeting with Dean Coultrap-McQuinn was short, brief and to the point.  We discussed the upcoming "Meet the Dean" meeting, in which we had the deans of the various Social and Behavioral Sciences Departments, ask different students to come down and talk with the Dean. We will be talking about different issues, the primary will be Semester Conversion. Another that we will be talking about is how the hiring process works.

VIII.         Senate Committees and Staff Reports

  • Student Allocations Committee - Chair Jason Kocina Title unding of Men's Soccer tournament Bill         #11.06.A Recommendation

Student Allocations Committee Whereas:The Men's Soccer Team has a national tournament on November 20-24 at Phoenix Arizona, therefore be it Enacted:that the SAF release $2475 for ground transportation and lodging. Motion passes. Title                           Funding of RHA                                    Bill         #11.06.B Recommendation         Student Allocations Committee           Whereas:         The Residence Hall Association has MACUR on November 14-15 at St. Louis Missouri, therefore be it Enacted:         that the SAF release $600 to assist with transportation costs. Motion passes.

IX.         Presidential Staff Reports

A.         Academic Affairs - Coordinator Steve Janssen Attendance:         Mike Mellen, Jennifer Fiedor, Bob Favlenko, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Mark Distel

A.         Student Affairs - Coordinator Chris Hiller Attendance: Chris Hiller, Amy Arenz, Amanda Turek, Dana Akemann, Kerry Weir, Jason Kocina, Justin Smith, Christine Jirele, Scott Perowitz, Emily Auseth, Matt Harmon 

¥  Chair Hiller met with Don Amiot and Georgine Brock.  They will give a report on gender equity by 11/22.  If anyone wants Chair Hiller to ask them any questions let him know.  

¥  BW3's asked Don Amiot about a possible rideshare program from BW3's to MSU games.  Don thinks that this is not in his interest to coordinate but encourages someone from Student Affairs to do it. 

¥  Don Amiot wants to look into getting an electronic sign outside of Stompers.  This would post all sporting events on campus.

¥  Chair Hiller also talked with Lauren about the Greek Committee.  She wants to get things rolling.

¥  Chair Hiller met with Dean Trauger about flat-rate tuition.  There is a possible meeting next week.

¥  There has not been an official meeting with the World Wide Web Committee.  Scott Perowitz wants a new site for the homepage (possibly Krypton or the College of Business) as the demand on Vax 1 is too much.

¥  Kerry Weir and Gabe Vye look to revise the constitution and get members for the Tenants'' Association.  Gabe wants to put tables up in the CSU to gain recruitment.  He also looks to use the Reporter as means of recruitment.

¥  Kerry Weir is waiting for Kristie Mase to get copies made of the mandate .  She can then bring it to the Committee to look at.

¥  Hiller wants everyone to get involved with something.  He asks that everyone let him know of three interests so that he can get us involved.

X.           Old Business

A.         Postponed from 10/30/96 Recommendation - Constitution Commission  By-Law Amendment  Subdivision 1 - "At least nine students, including (3) International students, three (3) minority students, and three (3) Senate representatives.  All students will be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate." Subdivision 2 - "The Associate Vice-President of Cultural Diversity (ex-officio, non-voting.) Senator Islam (proxy Joseph Miller) - moves to amend by addition, amount of members not exceed twelve.  Motion to amend passes. Move to amend, word member to student. Passes. By-Law Amendment Subdivision 1 - "At least nine students, including (3) International students, three (3) minority students, and three (3) Senate representatives.  All students will be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate."  Membership shall not exceed twelve (12) students. Subdivision 2 - "The Associate Vice-President of Cultural Diversity (ex-officio, non-voting.) The Senate initiated the By-Law Amendment by a majority vote.

XI.          New Business

A.         Bill #11.06.C Title RSO application completion                  Bill         #11.06.C Sponsor Senator Islam (proxy Chris Hiller) Be it hereby enacted: that RSO applications will not be reviewed by the Senate unless application is completed in full. Motion seconded by Senator Towns.  Moved to postpone until next week. Senator Janssen move to previous question, passes. Motion to postpone fails.  Motion to amend to November 14. Bill #11.06.C fails. 

B.         Bill #11.06.D Title RSO acceptance Bill #11.06.D Sponsor Senator Harmon Be it hereby enacted: that the Senate accepts RSO's on condition they are notified of the stipulations and required to turn in a statement of purpose within one week of notification by SDP&A.  Motion seconded by Senator Towns.  Moved to postpone until next week.  Motion to postpone fails.   Move to refer to Student Affairs - motion passes. Bill #11.06.B referred to Student Affairs.

C.         Student Organization Recognition Initial Recognition - MSU Women's Rugby, MSU's Shotokan, American Indian Student Association, Inter fraternity Council, Social Work Club, Food & Nutrition Club, Lambda Delta Honor Society, The Philosophy Club, Ethnic Graduate Organization.  MSU Aviation Club is an organized student organization.

D.         Bill #11.06.E Title Recognition of College Democrats         Bill         #11.06.E Sponsor Senator Auseth         Co-sponsor Hammes Whereas:         The College Democrats have accepted partial responsibility for the actions taken at the Wellstone/Reider rally, and Whereas: The College Democrats are not a Recognized Student Organization as of now, therefore be it Enacted:         That the MSSA Senate withhold recognition of the College Democrats as a student organization until such a time as a written apology is received by the MSSA Senate from Wellstone/Reider Campaigns, the Democratic National Committee, College Democrats of America, and College Democrats of Minnesota, be it further Enacted:         That the Campus Enrichment Coordinator be responsible for obtaining these apologies.. Bill #11.06.E fails.

  • Announcements President Hanson - Attended Round Table Meeting, November 12 - Senate Recognition at Hockey Game. Vice President Klinkner-Introduced former senator Jennifer Filkins. Senator Janssen-Sorry to go against RSO

XIII. Adjournment  Speaker Bakke adjourned the meeting at 6:59.