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Mankato State Student Association 64th Student Senate

01/15/97 Speaker Eric Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:04 pm.        

Any Senators that must leave due to the weather may do so and will be counted present.  Roll Call Senators in attendance: Jennifer Fiedor,  Mike Mellen, Robert Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson,  Matt Chase, Quyntha Miller  Brent Larson, Steve Janssen,  Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Mark Distel (proxy Brian Kass), Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele, Justin Smith, Kerry Weir, Dana Akemann, Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth (proxy Gabe Vye), Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz (Dustin Mayfield), Roosevelt Williams (proxy Kristy Anderson), Shakil Hossain (proxy Pete Wiabel). Senators absent: Yu Sik Cho, Kris Hammes, Joy Islam. Also in attendance: Speaker Eric Bakke, Coordinator Kristy Anderson, Coordinator Christopher Hiller, Coordinator Steven Janssen, Coordinator Peni Blakely, Coordinator Gabe Vye. 

Speaker Bakke Ruling #5 Article V, Section 2 of the MSSA Constitution states, "The Commission on Ethics and Standards shall hear all complaints concerning the ethical behavior and /or fitness of an elected or appointed official of the MSSA. The commission is external to the Senate." Fitness may be defined as "to the appropriate or suitable to." With this in mind and given the use of the word "all" before "complaints", the Commission on Ethics and Stands alone may hear complaints on the fitness of members of the MSSA senate, including questions of their appropriateness to represent given constituencies. No other MSSA body may hear complaints on such matters, including the elections committee. Speaker Bakke will not release the name(s) until after the Commission of Ethics and Standards makes a ruling. 

  • Approval of agenda Senator Auseth (proxy Gabe Vye)/Senator Blakley moved agenda item V [Election - Allied Health & Nursing #2] until 5:00 pm. Passed without objection. Senator Jacobson requests Education Sentor Seat #2 report added as a new item II. Speaker approved.


II.         Senator Report Education Seat #2 - Senator Jim Jacobson The Aviation Club is considering funding a presentor, possibly an American austronaut, to come to MSU. He hopes the Student Events Team will join the effort.

  • Student Forum None 

IV.         Presentations

  • Mini-Mavs - Coordinator Michelle Murzyn When I first came before you this Fall I set forth a series of goals and objectives for the 1996-1997 school year.  If you take a look at the overhead you see the main five objectives and I would now like to explain what progress has been made in all of these areas. Objectives 1996-1997 Objective #1  Advertising in order to Increase Awareness of the Program and Ultimately Attendance Our first goal was an increase in advertising for the program, not in terms of the amount of money expended, but rather in our methods, target audiences, and projected image. In undertaking this we posted -flyers in key areas around campus promoting not only our program but some of the projects we were undertaking such as: The Barnes & Noble Book Fair The First Annual Toy Drive Increased Need for volunteers, etc. -we have also used these new projects to promote our program through campus wide e-mail, news releases, etc. -in addition, in promoting Mini-Mavs we are trying to promote it as the Mini-Mavs Evening Child Care Program, rather than simply Mini-Mavs so people have a better understanding of what our program involves -we also had an article in the Reporter regarding some of the new changes we have implemented in the past few months Our attendance has greatly increased due in part to our significant changes in which we approach our advertising methods. Another key factor in our attendance increase has been the improvements relating to the quality of care we provide. Although we have significantly decreased staffing we now offer a higher standard of care to those who utilize our services. We now offer -Monthly Parent Newsletters which keep parents notified of important policies, changes, etc. -Monthly Themes and Calendars for example this month our themes our Cuddly Teddy Bears, Fun in the Snow, Marvelous Numbers, and Amazing Alligators -Nightly Activities for both preschool and school age groups -Field Trips, bowling, trick or treating, Reporter tour -Staff Newsletters -We are also offering our Staff First Aid Training as well as training in Infant/Child CPR. In addition, we will now be having a Mini-Mavs Staff Orientation. Previously, staff attended the one at the Children's House, which is good, but not as effective as one specifically geared towards our program.  

Objective #2 New Funding Sources In working in this area we have received a donation of 500 complimentary copies and are looking to find other businesses and community organizations to support our program. The Toy Drive was one of my key projects this past quarter. In dealing with these we have formed partnerships with SDP&A, the Panhallenic Council, the Reporter, and the twenty four offices campus wide who agreed to participate as official toy drop locations. On advertising and promotion of this event we spent about $55.00.  In turn, we received over one hundred toys adding up to an approximate value of $700.00.

Objective #3 Increase Efficiency We have now gone to monthly billing, rather than quarterly billing, in order to ensure that payment is made as promptly as possible. We have new registration packets and other various forms have been re-done in order to increase efficiency.

Objective #4 Re-Licensing We are currently in this process and anticipate licenser to be complete by the end of winter quarter.

Objective #5 Better Define Policies and Procedures We have a new parent handbook that provides a more through explanation of our programs, purpose, policies, and procedures. In addition, I am in the process of writing a child care program, and a manual of all of our policies regarding health, safety, discipline, learning methods, etc.   

B. MSUSA - Board Vice Chair Matthew Chase Met with Representative Gene Pelowski and Lyndon Anderson this week. We spoke about increasing campus technology infrastructure, building the faculty and classroom utilization and updating equipment before beginning the "Electronic Academy" and distance degrees. They are skeptical of wiring campuses together before the infrastructure is built. The representatives want to determine the level of technology at all Minnesota State campuses, Representative Pelowski says some still only have 286's, he also said that he doesn't want, "virtual cheerleaders or having students hug their computers at graduation, there must be some interaction."  The Minnesota State system is not accredited and doesn't give degrees so no one knows how an "Electronic Academy" would work.  When the legislature approved increased technologies money last year the term "Electronic Academy" was specifically left out of the legislation.  DOER (Department of Employee Relations) and Minnesota State are drafting policies that would not allow university employees to have electronic communication with elected officials or bargaining units for any other purpose than to further the official stance of Minnesota State. Minnesota State is having discussions to include students. Currently bargaining units are approved to use the university phone system and inter-campus mail system. We spoke about inflation and how the cost of education has not kept up. Minnesota State will be receiving bargaining power/authority from DOER beginning in 1999, but now they want to move that date up. In the past 30 years American students have borrowed $180 - $185 billion, 20% has been borrowed in the last two years. In 1980 the annual average $3 billion. In the 1990's the annual average is $20 - $25 billion. Today the average student that graduates has a debt of $9,000. Students of the Minnesota State Universities have borrowed $30 million in the last two years. Minnesota is the thirty-second state in students that go on two post-secondary education (within five years) after high school. A dramatic drop from our past successes. We are forty-second in state funding. MSUSA supports an increase in the LME (student Living & Miscellaneous Expense allowance). LME is the cost that it takes for a student to live, such as rent and food. Cost of education is figured by adding LME + tuition + state allocation, and financial aid is based on those numbers. The governor vetoed a $1.5 million increase last year. We also support prorating grants for part-time students.  Currently part-time students are penalized and received a unbalanced smaller portion than full-time students.  A student graduating in four years will receive more grant aid than a student graduating in six years. MSUSA continues to support a family income cap on aid, this eliminates the very rich from receiving grants no matter how they figure their financial aid formulas or tax forms. President Clinton's Hope Scholarship reduces dollar for dollar the amount a needy student receives in Pell Grant aid. The Hope Scholarship is given to students that graduate in the top five percent of their high school graduating class. It means a $1500 tax credit or $10,000 tax deduction and the student must keep a B average grade for the first year of college.  Only families with moderate income will make enough money to benefit from either the credit or the deduction. A needy student's family that makes enough money to benefit from the tax credit or deduction will see an exact dollar decrease in the Pell Grant.  Representative Orfield will be holding a press conference on January 24. He intends to have a "tuition buy-down" for the next four years of maybe five percent per year, or buy down tuition so that students only pay 33% of their education (now at 42%). Two years ago Senator Morris wanted students to vote on tuition increases or establish student advisory boards for university presidents. 

VI.         Approval of minutes - 01/08/97 Approved as amended. 

VII.         Officer Reports

A.  President - Tony Hanson

  • Report: Apologized for not sitting at the Senate table today.  Spoke with Men's Intercollegiate Athletic Director Don Amiot about Civic Center "pat-downs" for male students.  Mr. St. Clair, Civic Center manager, said that the student section appeared to violate incoming bottle rules more more than others in attendance.  However, Mr. St. Clair suspended further activity.  He agreed to form a group with us if the activity would be continued at any time in the future.  President Hanson also spoke of schedules for upcoming MSUSA conference and the lobby trip to Washington D.C..  Senate computer use priority;  President, Vice President, Senate work, Academic work, personal.
  • Appointements:  WWW committee (Dustin Mayfield), Elections Committee (Francis Klinkner, Jen Drganc).  5:00 pm 

VIII. Election - Allied Health & Nursing #2 Brent Larson - Described himself as a new student that wants to get involved. Senator Harmon/Chase - move three minute caucus.  Motion passes. Mr. Brent Larson is elected as Senator of Allied Health & Nursing. Speaker Bakke passes gavel to Vice President Klinkner Senator Towns/President Hanson- Move to adjourn. Senator Chase - KRNR is an important pressing issue, the weather is not that bad. Senator Towns/President Hanson- request roll call vote. Senator Towns - request withdrawal of the motion. Speaker Bakke - without objection. Senator Janssen - objection. Roll call vote: Voting in the affirmative: Janssen Voting in the negative: Larson, Fiedor, Miller, Smith, Pavlenko, Chase, Blakley, Distel, Jirele, Weir, Harmon, Arenz, Klinkner, Mellen, Towns, Kocina, Auseth Abstaining: Perowitz, Hanson Not Present: Cho, Hennek, Jacobson, Rafik, Akemann, Hammes, Islam, Hossain, Williams Voting with rights: Senator Chase - Point of Order, Senators Mellen and Miller have not been recongnized by the Speaker and cannot vote.  Chairman Klinkner - they have been marked present on the roster, point overruled. Speaker Bakke retrieves the gavel. Senator Towns/Fiedor - move to recess for 15 mintes. Motion to recess passes. 

VII.         Officer Reports

B. Vice President - Francis Klinkner The Minnesota House of representatives are reviewing H.F.1 (House File one) - it returns planned reductions for K-12 education. Wednesdays lobby trip to St. Paul is "on".  Vice President Klinkner moves to amend something previous adopted, specifically Act #101-97 introduced on 09/09/96 and passed 09/25/97 TitleAmend Act #101-97 Bill #01.15.C Sponsor Vice President Klinkner Cosponsor Senator Weir  Be it enacted that Act #101-97, "Be it enacted that the Student Activity fund grant Mini-Mavs a one time allocation of $1000 supplemental allocation for supplies, and activities." be amended to, "Be it enacted that the Student Activity fund grant Mini-Mavs a one time allocation of $1000 supplemental allocation for supplies, activities, and other things related to liscensing." Senator Auseth (proxy Vye) - move to amend by addidition, "snacks".  Speaker - that falls under supplies. Senator Auseth (proxy Vye) - withdrawn.  Main motion passes, bill #01.15.C is approved as Act #  Vice President Klinkner moves bill 01.15.D Title Petition for Dismissal         Bill         #01.15.D Sponsor Vice President Klinkner         Cosponsor         Senator Harmon Whereas: On December 7, 1996 MSUSA Treasurer Eric Mitchell conducted himself in a manner inappropriate of a representative of the students of the Minnesota State Universities, and Whereas:         Mr. Mitchell has never even publicly apologized for his actions of that night, therefore be it Resolved: That the Mankato State Student Association requests that the Presidential Board of Directors address the issue of Eric Mitchell's behavior on December 7, 1996. Senator Towns - personal behavior outside of official capacity should be personal.  Senator Weir - I support this, but he did apologize to me personally. Senator Harmon - assult should have consequences. President Hanson - personal life is personal. Senator Janssen/Distel (proxy Kass) - move to amend by substitution, change the words "address the issue" to "request the resignation due to". Senator Harmon - Point of Order, is this admissable, is it similiar in content? Speaker Bakke - point accepted, amendment rejected. Senator Cho (proxy Hiller) - we have all acted inappropriate, does this motion reflect the will of the students? We don't know. I appose.  Senator Weir - this is a sensative issue, it is deeper than the resolution states, I hope this will encourage change. Mr. Mitchell may be expecting this motion. Senator Fiedor/Janssen - move to end debate. Motion to end debate fails. Senator Auseth (proxy Vye) - I prefer to have President Hanson deal with this informally.  President Hanson - I feel we are passing a dangerous line. Senator Towns/Fiedor - move to end debate. passes. Senator Janssen/Towns - request roll call vote: Voting in the affirmative: Mellen, Pavlenko, Janssen, Blakley, Distel, Kocina, Jirele, Weir, Harmon, Perowitz, Arenz, Klinkner Voting in the negative:  Larson, Fiedor, Miller, Towns, Williams, Smith, Auseth, Cho Abstaining: Hanson Not voting: Chase Not Present:  Hennek, Jacobson, Rafik, Akemann, Hammes, Islam, Hossain Voting with rights: Hanson - "At least this is good for a horrible example". Main motion passes, bill #01.15.D is approved as Act # Speaker Bakke defines this motion as one that needs university response. Senator Chase/Kocina - Point of Order, I do not believe this Act requires university response. Speaker Bakke -  withdrawals from the meeting to consider the appeal.  Speaker Bakke passes the gavel to Vice President Klinkner. (Speaker Bakke later returned to the meeting prior, to adjournment, and accepted the appeal.  Point of Order sustained, this bill does not require University response.)  Senator Janson/Towns - move to postpone for one week; adenda items VIII, IX, X, and XI.  Motion accepted by unanimous consent.


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  • Old Business 

XII.         New Business

A. Bill 01.15.A Title MSUSA Stance Bill #01.15.A Sponsor Vice President Klinkner Cosponsor Senator Harmon Whereas:     The Minnesota State University Student Association, Incorporated (hereafter referred to as MSUSA) has served students well for thirty years, and Whereas:     The Mankato State Student Association stands firm in its confidence and support of MSUSA and its staff, and Whereas: MSUSA is a versatile organization in a changing educational arena, and Whereas:     Changes need to be made for MSUSA to continue serving students effectively, therefore be it Resolved:     That the Mankato State Student Association Senate calls for the following changes to the internal operations of MSUSA:     

1.         The decision that are made by Delegates' Assembly must be followed in accordance with the Articles of Operation, and         

2.         The seating arrangement of the Presidential Board of Directors should be changed in order that the Presidents sit with the representatives sent by their campuses during the Presidential board of Directors meetings, excluding executives session, and         

3.         The Articles of Operation be revised to reflect constitution writing and MSUSA traditional process, and         

4.         An Operating Procedures document be formed that include minor operations of the organization including rules formally within the Articles of Operation, and         

5.         The Presidential Board of Directors may no longer approve Delegates Assembly changes to the Articles of Operations, but may veto those changes made by Delegates Assembly, and         

6.         The Board Vice Chair be elected by Delegates Assembly, and         

7.         That conference weekends shall utilize all reasonably possible time available for business, and         

8.         That committees be given standing membership and that those memberships are held consistently by knowledgeable persons appointed by their respective campus presidents, and         

9.         That all paid positions be reevaluated. Senator Auseth (proxy Vye)/Senator Cho (proxy Hiller) - move to amend by deletion resolved item #2.  Senator Auseth (proxy Vye) - item #2 reduces presidential power and is unmanageable.  Senator Blakley - this only requires reorganization of the chairs. Motion fails.  (President and Senator Chase abstain.) President Hanson - this is similiar to Bemidji's stance but in better way, Mankato traditionally supports change.  I endorse this.  Senator Harmon - we have asked for change for a long time, but never formally or in this format.  It is time to seriously push change. Main motion passes, bill #01.15.A is approved as Act #

B. Bill 01.15.B Title         KRNR Budget and Future Bill #01.15.B Sponsor Senator Chase Cosponsor VP Klinkner  Whereas:         Student run radio, KRNR has spent its half year SAF allocation, and Whereas: The MSSA Senate and MSU President approved SAC Budget for KRNR required a report on the future of KRNR as a requirement for continued funding, and Whereas:         KRNR has not submitted, or presented a future plan, be it therefore Resolved: That the MSSA Senate requests the Communications Board:          1.         Immediately devise a short-term plan to continue, or discontinue KRNR operations for the remaining of FY 1997, and         

2.         Devise a long term plan for the future of an FM radio station, or the discontinuation of the SAF student radio station program and submit it to SAC by March 7 February 28, 1997 and prior to the FY 1998 budget process. Senator Chase - gave history of the Senate's disire to go to FM, this requires movement.  President Hanson - what is the definition of "immediately"? Chairman Klinkner - rules "immediately" means within the next two meetings. Senator Kocina - this resolution is "good enough", maybe a little lenient. We need action now, before the SAF funding process. Senator Mellen/Auseth (proxy Hiller)- move to amend by deletion the words, "Immediately devise a short-term plan to continue, or". Senator Mellen -  they cannot do both they need the time to form the long-term plan. Senator Auseth (proxy Hiller) - withdraw second. Senator Chase - replace as second.  President Hanson - closing the station this quickly is too abrupt. We need more input.  Senator Chase - soon they will go into the red, does their continued operation violate SAC rules from the FY97 subsidies?  Communicaitons Board Chair Jen Drganc - we already have several volunteers, this short term plan will not take much resources. Let's give it a shot. Senator Distel (proxy Kass) - move to amend by substition, "Immediately devise a short-term plan to continue, or discontinue KRNR operations for the remaining of FY 1997", to "Devise a short-term plan to continue, or discontinue KRNR operations for the remaining of FY 1997 by February 1, 1997." Chairman Klinkner - Out of Order. President Hanson - just because they are rules doesn't mean that they are right. Advertisement plans must be fulfilled. Move to end debate passes. Roll Call vote on the amendment by substitution: Voting in the affirmative: Mellen, Towns Voting in the negative:  Larson, Fiedor, Miller, Williams, Smith, Pavlenko, Chase, Blakley, Distel, Jirele, Weir, Harmon, Perowitz, Arenz, Hanson, Klinkner Abstaining:  Kocina, Auseth Not present: Cho, Hennek, Jacobson, Rafik, Akemann, Hammes, Islam, Hossain, Janssen Motion fails. Senator Towns/Kass - move to amend by substitution, change date March 7, 1997 to February 28, 1997. President Hanson - object to the consideration of the question.  Chairman Klinkner - Out of Order, can only be considered on the main motion (¤26). Senator Towns - the date conflicts with the end of the quarter. Senator Distel (proxy Kass)/Pavlenko - move to end debate.  Motion passes. Vote on the amendment by substitution.  Senator Pavlenko/President Hanson - request a roll call vote Voting in the affirmative: Mellen, Pavlenko, Blakley, Distel, Smith, Towns, Miller, Fiedor, Kocina, Jirele, Perowitz, Arenz Voting in the negative:  Chase, Hanson, Klinkner, Cho Abstaining:  Larson, Williams, Weir, Harmon, Auseth Not voting:  Hennek, Jacobson, Rafik, Akemann, Hammes, Islam, Hossain, Janssen Voting with rights: Hanson - "Due to the fact that six members of this body may be in Washington D.C. at the time of this meeting.  I strongly oppose this amendment, due to a possible lack of constituency representation.". Motion to amend passes. Main motion passes, bill #01.15.B is approved as Act #  Speaker Bakke retrieves the gavel. Speaker Bakke - as to the point of order raised by member Chase on the question of Bill #01.15.D (Act #) requiring university response, the member's point is sustained. Presdient Hanson/Senator Towns - move adjourn. Motion passes. Speaker Bakke adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.