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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association 64th Student Senate


Speaker Eric Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:03 pm. Roll Call Senators in attendance:   Jennifer Fiedor, Mike Mellen, Robert Pavlenko, Matt Chase, Quyntha Miller, Steve Janssen, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Mark Distel (proxy Brian Kass), Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele, Justin Smith, Kerry Weir, Dana Akemann, Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth, Scott Perowitz, and Roosevelt Williams. Senators absent: Yu Sik Cho, Brent Larson, Jim Jacobson, Kris Hammes, Joy Islam, Shakil Hossain, and Amy Arenz. Also in attendance: Speaker Eric Bakke, Coordinator Kristy Anderson, Coordinator Christopher Hiller, Coordinator Steven Janssen, Coordinator Peni Blakely, Coordinator Gabe Vye and special guest - former Student Senator Brad Crep. 

  • Approval of agenda Agenda is approved as amended.


II.         Presentation          Maverick One Alumni Chapter - Rich Wheeler, Gail Bigby MSU's first alumni chapter. There are many traditions. The group has money from donations and payroll deductions. Some money is earmarked for an Alumni Lounge, approximately $1700, in Phase III of the Centennial Student Union. The Wall of Distinction currently is at Hardee's. They want it moved to the Student Union. The Charter document should be framed and placed in a highly visible location. They also have a Legislative Wing. They also have a scholarship fund and will be giving away two $300 awards. They have 80 active members, that is less than 1% (active is defined as dues paying). 

  • Student Forum No students came forward. 
  • Elections None. 
  • Closed Session of the Student Senate. Speaker Bakke ruled that only the President, Vice President, Senators will be allowed in the assembly. All maters are confidential to those in attendance. 
  • Approval of Minutes - 11/20/96  & 01/15/97 The minutes of 11/20/97 were approved as amended. 

VII.         Officer Reports A.  President - Tony Hanson         

i. Report Addressed members on the upcoming MSUSA Conference. Peni Rosenthaul requested the Senate's assistance on Slicing the Student Activity pie for the Basic Stuff Handbook. He spoke to Vice President for Student Affairs Healy about the icy sidewalks. He requests testimonials. 

ii.         Appointments Student Organization Activity Funding Committee (Emily Auseth), Newspaper Committee (Emily Auseth, Kristy Anderson), Public Affairs (Brent Larson), and Commission of the Status of Women (Peni Blakley).  President Hanson/Senator Smith - move to recess for 15 minutes. Motion passes. When the Senate reconvened the gavel was assumed by Vice President Francis Klinkner.

B.         Vice President - Francis Klinkner Spoke of meeting with MSUSA Executive Director Frank Viggiano on issues and aspects of lobbying.  

C.         Speaker - Eric Bakke (instead Chairman Francis Klinkner)         

i.         Report Reported that Act 116 and Act 119 were approved by the University President Rush.         

ii.         Recognition of Student Organizations Initial Recognition - MSU Council for Exceptional Children, Mankato State Athletics Trainers Association, Honors Club, Bowling Club, Lambda Pi Eta - Delta Phi Chapter, Phi Delta Theta, MSU Aikido Club, Black Student Union BSU, Human Resources Management Club, Engineering Club, and St. Thomas More Newman Center. 

    • Treasurer - Deborah Uecker None.


VIII.         Senator Reports

A.         Graduate Seat #2 - Senator Matthew Chase  Spoke briefly about a case of wrongful University termination of a Graduate Assistant. Spoke of parliamentary procedure. Spoke against Flat Rate tuition and certain Homecoming Coronation requirements. 

B.         Social & Behavioral Sciences Seat #1 - Peni Blakley Meet with her Dean.  Next meeting will be February 12, or 13. Anyone interested should speak with her. 

C.         Arts & Humanities #2 - Jennifer Fiedor Looking to build a stronger, more appealing department.  Discussion of MSU Music Department presently and looking ahead. Description of International Association of Jazz Educators International Convention held in Chicago.

D.         Education #1 - Robert Pavlenko Received a tour of the Education advising office from Cheryl Kalakian.  Will be working diligently on the KRNR conversion to FM radio. 

IX.         Presidential Staff

A.         Academic Affairs - Coordinator Steve Janssen Some Semester Conversion materials are done. Expect them soon. 

B.         Campus Enrichment - Coordinator Peni Blakley Parking Advisory Committee next week. Some rates may change. 

X.         Senate Committees & Staff

A.         Student Allocations Committee - Chairman Kocina SAC toured the Student Health Services. Next week they will be receiving presentations from Henry Morris on the Student Union and SDP&A and Intercollegiate Athletics.


  • Old Business None.  


XII.         New Business

A.  Bill 01.22.A Title         Retention & Recruitment                  Bill  #01.22.A Sponsor         Senator Matthew Chase                  Cosponsor         Senator Kerry Weir Act#         120-97 Whereas:         Mankato State University's enrollment continues to decline, and Whereas: Declining enrollment has seriously impacted student services and educational opportunities, and Whereas:         The funding of Student Activity Fees sponsored programs depend on enrollment maintenance, therefore be it Resolved: That the MSSA sponsor a Campus Roundtable discussion inviting all interested groups to participate, and be it further Resolved:         That the MSSA Student Senate Public Affairs Committee develop a proposal and submit it to the Senate in an expedient manner, and be it further Resolved:         That the MSSA President allocate Administrative Assistant time to assist the committee in all administrative manners. President Hanson/Senator Janssen - move to amend by deletion; delete the last resolved. President Hanson - the wording is too encompassing. Senator Chase - we need to put resources behind large and important projects. Motion amend be deletion fails. Senator Janssen/Chase - move to amend by deletion the word "all" from the last resolved.  Motion to amend by deletion passes by unanimous consent. Senator Distel(proxy Brian Kass)/Janssen move previous question. Main motion (Bill#01.22.A)  passes as Act# 120-97. 

B.  Bill 01.22.B Title         Speaker Direct Bill  #01.22.B Sponsor Senator Matthew Chase Cosponsor Senator Kerry Weir Act         121-97 Be it Resolved:         That the MSSA Senate Speaker shall refer all Senators, that do not meet Senator attendance requirements for the entire school year 1996-1997, to the Commission on Ethics and Standards. Senator Chase - this asks for the Speaker to enforce attendance requirements.  Senator Weir - the Speaker must come in line with the Senate's will. Main motion (Bill #01.22.C) passes as Act# 121-97. 

C.  Bill 01.22.C Title         Attendance Policy Bill  #01.22.C Sponsor         Senator Matthew Chase Cosponsor Senator Kocina Act         122-97 Be it Resolved:         That the MSSA Senate Speaker develop a recommendation for Senate consideration on the definition of attendance and how it relates to partial meeting attendance of its members. Senator Chase/Kocina request a roll call vote. Senator Chase - Senators should be held responsible. Voting in the affirmative:  Akemann , Blakley, Chase, Fiedor, Hanson, Harmon, Hennek, Janssen, Jirele, Kocina, Klinkner, Mellen, Pavlenko, Perowitz, Smith, Weir Voting in the negative:  Abstaining:   Distel (proxy Brian Kass) Not voting:  Not Present:         Jacobson, Cho, Larson, Hammes, Islam, Hossain, Arenz, Williams, Towns, Rafik, Auseth, Miller Voting with rights: Main motion (Bill #01.22.97) passes as Act# 122-97.


XIII. Announcement President Hanson - I saw former Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Duane Orr (and recipient of the MSSA Teacher of the Year Award), he is recouping from illness and looks great. Senator Janssen - we hope that First Year Experience Director Walt Wolff will be here next week. Coordinator Anderson - A Cultural Diversity conference will be held at Gustavus Adolphus, the Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee will be doing some programming. Senator Distel (proxy Kass)/Senator Janssen - move to adjourn.  Chairman Klinkner - this is not a privilege motion so it is debatable. Senator Distel (proxy Kass)/Senator Janssen - move to end debate. Motion passes. Division called on the question to adjourn. Motion to adjourn fails.


XIV.         Adjournment Chairman Klinkner adjourned the meeting at 7:03 pm.