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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association 64th MSSA Senate

8 January 1997   Meeting called to order at 4:24 pm

I.         Approval of Agenda   Francis moved to add open forum to agenda ____ seconded. Passed. President Hanson would like Student Affairs to be under Presidential Staff. 

II.         Presentation Dr. Healy-- Semester conversion on students minds. Leases are impacted by conversion, retailers and employers also affected. In December made contact with city chambers about semester conversion and impacts. City is providing a list of landlords so we can mail a calendar to landlords so they can adjust their leases. Providing sufficient information to students about the conversion process. Health Service renovation continues quickly. It's moving more quickly because it doesn't need to go to the board office for approval. Phase 3 is continuing by the board's combining two processes to speed it up. Athletics received approval to manage construction of a new baseball / softball complex to be south of Gage to be available by fall. Division 1 is having success as accepted. Record attendance at hockey game versus Notre Dame. NCAA conference is beginning this week. Students concerned about enrollment for revenues generated.  Recruitment results from marketing firm is back. Firm suggested that they find out how satisfied the students are at MSU. Graduation this spring will be at the civic center. Senior salute adds one stop shopping to students graduating. Evening service center is experimental for evening students and should be up and running by the end of the month. Financial Aid disbursement on first day of classes. Will allow funds to be deposited into your personal account by next fall. Increasing student accessibility on the internet is on hold for the onine phonebook. Leadership, career, and academic skill development to create a better campus environment. A strong student association raises the quality of life on campus and helps. Senator Townes: concern with graduating at the civic center, haven't heard one positive thing about the ceremony at the civic center. Healy: I need to talk to you about this and find out specifics. Start working to make sure students are happy. Senator Jacobson: Enrollment and retention, how to keep students once they are here.  Healy: Following up by mail and phone call with students who aren't registered why they aren't.  Looking at how students actually move through the university. Students declared and admitted to a program usually succeed. Do the student satisfaction survey to reach a large group of students. Senator Jacobson:  Complaints mainly in academic advising. Students don't know where to go. Healy: Semester conversion creates a unique opportunity to make sure students have good information. Senator Fiedor: Is it possible to have professors go through a training session? Healy: We need to provide resources to faculty and students.  Senator Fiedor: Sophomore registration, changing how they can register. Healy: Absolutely, everything is possible. Proxy Vye: Help out transfer students who come here. Transfer students have a chance to register early? The survey sending out, questions about university life or town life? Healy: Primarily focused on the university life. Senator Weir: Management's decision to search students as they entered the civic canter last night because of tendency for bottles and cans left in student section of stands. Healy: I need to check what kinds of rights we have in dictating the rights that management has at the civic center.  Senator Blakley: Actual hands on body search. Senator Mellen: How many students are after hours students.  Healy: Can't tell you the exact number. Senator Townes:  They can pat you down at the civic center at their discretion. But not the way they treated me. President Hanson: will be setting up appointments with you soon.  Healy: Try and do this once a quarter.   

III. Student Forum Kerry Weir: Proxying on behalf of  Steven Yunginger approached me about the civic center last night. This town has a history of discriminating against students. Same issue as them discriminating against blacks. There wouldn't be a civic center if there wasn't students and no civic center if there was no Division 1 hockey. 

IV.         Elections Coordinator Vye objects to the elections for Allied Health and Nursing because there hasn't been proper advertising. 

V.         Approval of Minutes - 11/20/96 

VI.         Officer Reports

A. President - Tony Hanson Happy New Year...Total packet is gone when moved out of office. Hopes everyone picks up a copy of the new monitor. Concern about my article because picture looks like a police mug.  Submitting article to reporter about frisking at the civic center. Address D.C. trip Feb. 28 to Mar. 5.  Each school has 6 positions open. 4 spots are subsidized for $80 and 2 are not. Need it by Jan. 18.  Next MSUSA conference at Metro State University the weekend of January 17. Worked on executive order for equipment for intramurals. Seemed very satisfied.  Office will be done by next Monday. Working on phone lines. Put in right carpet, painted wrong color. Big counter top replaced by a new cabinet. New couches, and cabinets. Senator Townes: I don't know why I didn't receive the letter for the special session.  Coordinator Vye: How will you pick the 4 subsidized D.C. trips. President Hanson:  First Four drawn  Appointments: Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Board--Kristy Anderson, Roosevelt Williams. 

B. Vice President - Francis Klinkner Leg. Affairs group: every Tuesday at 1:00 pm, Bill #:1-7-97A Prepaid Admission Advertising Sponsor: Francis Klinkner Co-Sponsor: Tony Hanson Whereas: Athletics and SDP&A receive prepaid admission dollars, and Whereas: Not all students are informed that they have prepaid admission to events, therefore be it Resolved:         That beginning Spring 1997, and continuing every term after, a complete list of all home Athletic events, and all SDP&A events that relate to Prepaid Admission, shall be printed and inserted into that terms' tuition billing.  Their flyer should include dates, times, locations, a statement that student admission had been prepaid through Student Activity Fees, and should explain the process of obtaining entry. (ex. Must be currently enrolled, bring I.D. and in some cases should specify entry location if different from others.) The list of events for each department should be compiled by someone in the respective department and forwarded to Printing Services for final compilation and printing.  All expenses should be jointly paid by Athletics and SDP&A. V.P. Klinkner: Know that students don't know and know that events aren't advertised properly. No advertising about baseball, or very little for volleyball. Get tuition statement with entire schedule for the quarter. Give information to students to inform them. Administration will probably veto because we are saying SDP&A and athletics are supposed to pay for the advertising. President Hanson: Currently SDP&A and athletics have sheets of paper that they lay out with schedule for every sport. Anything that simple could be added to the tuition billing. It's the only thing that I read from MSU. Senator Harmon: I think it's obvious it's a good idea. First hand experience that printing copies is not something that they have a hard time doing. These two departments are the ones that receive the stolen money that Pres. Rush took from us. Senator Kocina: Would this affect the mailing weight?  V.P. Klinkner: I don't think so. Motion carries. Bill #:1-7-97B Gate Policy Sponsor: Francis Klinkner Co-Sponsor:  Proxy for Matt Chase Whereas: The Student Association has a vested interest in maximizing gate receipts at Athletic events, therefore be it Resolved: That the Athletic Dept. enforce a policy that student I.D.'s must be shown in order for someone to enter at the Student Rate. V.P. Klinkner: My civic center manager says if they say they are a student then sell them the ticket. Can't force I.D's to be shown, and this will help. The civic center isn't getting as much money as they could be. P. Hanson: We're looking out for the civic center's best interest. Senator Jirele: If they are students they why don't they get in free. V.P. Klinkner: They don't know or don't have the proper I.D.  Senator Harmon: Don't understand why they can't ask to see an I.D. V.P. Klinkner: I just can't do it when manager says no. I want MSU to tell the civic center that I.D.'s are required for student admission. I don't know what it's like at any other events. Proxy Kass: Call the question. Senator Mellen: Curious if Bethany students get in free to hockey games. V.P. Klinkner:  No they don't. Senator Janssen: Move previous question.  Senator Perowitz seconds. Motion fails. Senator Townes:  Students walking in without their cards getting scanned. Why leave home without your cards. V.P. Klinkner: Another problem is the people that work the gates would just let them in because less hassle. P. Hanson: Baseball has the contract with the civic center until spring training to man the gates.  Bill passes. 

C. Speaker - Eric Bakke Wish all had a splendid vacation. R.S.O's recognized: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Campus Bible Fellowship, Core, Hmong Student Assoc. Hong Kong Student Association, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, National Residentce Hall Honorary 

D. Treasurer - Deborah Uecker No Report.  

VII.         Senator Reports

A.         Other        


VIII.         Presidential Staff Reports

A. Coordinator Hiller: Gender equity for athletics, distributed information to committee.  Talk to committee for concerns.  Touched on MS1 which is an Alumni group. Briefly discussed Hockey game and Tenants association. Senator Mellen: Cover highlights of athletic gender equity. Coordinator Hiller: Brief timeline of what had happened, history from 1991 projected through 1998, funding recruiting, numbers, members of teams. We are making progress. Senator Townes: Questioned Renters Association..  Coordinator Hiller: In constitution there must have a Tenant's Association, for renters.   

B. Coordinator Anderson: At MSUSA conference, talked about letter writing to Minnesota State.  One opening on committee, international student.  Senator Islam working on web page.   

C. Coordinator Vye: Recall from last quarter I brought up adopt a highway program. Need to know today.  Take it into consideration. Table in CSU next Wednesday. Senator Fiedor: Do you have list of what times people wrote down. Coordinator Vye: Will post in office. 

IX.         Senate Committees and Staff Reports

A. Student Allocations Committee - Chair Jason Kocina-no report

B. Academic Affairs Committee - Chair Steve Janssen Give me schedule for Academic Computing Committee so I can find a proper meeting time.  Any semester conversion questions let me know immediately. 

X.           Old Business


XI.          New Business

  • Bill #:1-7-97C Adopt-A-Highway Sponsor: Senator Weir Co-Sponsor: President Hanson  Move that we renew our Adopt-A-Highway contract.  Senator Weir:  Good idea to do this.  Senator Townes:  What has turnout been in the past for this event?  P. Hanson:  Initially it was great turnout, but the contract is up.  Coordinator Hiller:  recommend that we amend it to state time changes.  Coordinator Vye:  Supposed to be done three times a year.  P. Hanson:  Nice to get it done now.  Coordinator Vye:  I'm not going to be the only one going to pick up trash.  V.P. Klinkner:  Let's fail this.  I was on senate two years ago, only thing public affairs coordinator did, scheduled a cleanup once, but I don't know how many people showed up.  Imagine yourself picking up trash.  Proxy Kass:  Realistically when senate tried to plan a party for one night and that didn't work.  Shouldn't bind the hands of future senates.  P. Hanson:  Move the question  Senator Townes: Seconds.  Senator Kocina:  Roll-Call vote.  10-10 motion fails.           
    • Open Forum  V.P. Klinkner: Going to tell you what my X-mas break was like. For years we have been complaining to the admin. about information not getting to us. This summer the admin. said we need $51,000 for athletics, $61,000 to SDP&A and rest to Health Services. Tony and I went to admin. and asked what about Blue-Line money sitting there for a rainy day.  Investigated Blue-Line members, they know what money is being spent for. $100,000 one time membership to WCHA, $150,000 donated to second sheet of ice at All Seasons Arena, no problem with that either. Why didn't I know about it when I asked. Why didn't we know about the WCHA thing, does the admin. think that we would have been opposed to it. People in the admin. say reason we have gender equity problems because senate voted to keep Men's Tennis. Nobody told us at that time we might have to get rid of some sports to make up for it. Had we known the future outcomes, the decision might not have been the same. I've been told that it's this body's fault. The glass case by entrance to admin. building shows a road. Very little costs are incurred by us. Somebody decided they are going to communicate the information to us, wonderful. Never seen drawings for Phase 3 in CSU. Had to beg to finally see drawings for Health Services. Should I have had to ask for it to be displayed.  Problem with major miscommunication and question whether it is deliberate attempt to misinform students. Senator Townes: People don't like to get harassed at civic center. Some people need to be frisked, pointless to have someone pat you down for two seconds. It is their right, they can frisk you.  Not a big deal or problem. Senator Mellen: 10-10 vote on Adopt-A-Highway issue shows how important it is to be here. P. Hanson: They are also reserving another $200,000 for when we go into WCHA and get our buts kicked we can pay to get out of it. No one was frisking at other entrance. Weren't frisking women, no women there to frisk women. Has to be a total uniformity. V.P. Klinkner: Another thing that wasn't communicated to us. Asking for money to renovate highland arena, fieldhouse, Otto arena, outdoor track, and others.  Why find out from somebody other than the administration.  Especially when discussion is going on where new equipment for intramurals is going to go.   

XII.           Announcements 

XIII.         Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:36 pm Quote of the week:         Be interested and stay interested-from start to finish.