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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association 64th Student Senate

19 February 1997 

Speaker Eric Bakke called the meeting to order.  Roll Call Senators in attendance:  Yu Sik Cho (proxy Nathan Nelson), Brent Larson, Adam Heaton, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson,Quyntha Miller, Matt Chase, Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Mark Distel (proxy Brian Kass), Jason Kocina, Roosevelt Williams, Shalako D'Silva, Chritine Jirele (proxy Holly Zwige), Justin Smith, Kerry Weir, Dana Akemann, Mike Mellen, Joy Islam (proxy Vicki Edwards-Merton), Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth (Steven Tkach), Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz (proxy Dustin Mayfield). Also in attendance:  Speaker Eric Bakke, President Tony Hanson, Vice President Francis Klinkner, Treasurer Ddeborah Uecker, Coordinator Peni Blakley, Coordinator Kristy Anderson, Coordinator Gabe Vye, Coordinator Christopher Hiller Also Present:  Malcolm O'Sullivan, Acting Assistnat Vice President ofr Student Affairs.


  • Approval of Agenda Approved.


  • Student Forum No students came forward.  Speaker Bakke passed the gavel to Vice President Klinkner.


  • Presentations  Eric Bakke gave advise on operations of the MSSA governing bodies. 

IV.         Presidential Staff

A.     Cultural Diversity - Coordinator Anderson

B.     Public Affairs - Coordinator Vye We are beginning to recruit new members for Public Affairs.

C.     Student Affairs - Coordinator Hiller Establishing Student Affairs goals and interests.


  • Approval of minutes of 2/12/97 Vice President Klinkner/Hennek  - move to table for one week.  Vice President Klinkner - completion took longer this week.  Motion passes. 

VI.         Old Business

A.     Bylaw Initiatives/Ratification's. (See Attachment for new language) Amendment #2 Passed by 2/3. Bylaws Amended  Amendment #7 Passed by 2/3 Bylaws Amended

B.     Other Senator Mellen/Weir - move to remove from the table the minutes of 01/15/97.  Motion passes. President Hanson - request rights be stricken on the second roll call vote.  Speaker Bakke - so ordered. Minutes of 01/15/97 approved as amended. 

VII.     New Business

A.     Bill # 02.19.A Sponsor:  Senator Chase               Cosponsor:  Senator Blakley Bill# 2.19.97A                    Aviation Club Activity Funding       Resolved:  That the MSU Aviation Club be granted up to $3000 for bringing Fred Haise to campus for a lecture.  After the event the Aviation Club shall meet with SAC to receive the allocation and repay any funds unused. Senator Chase - yield to student Jim Jacobson.  Jacobson - this will fund an astronaut to come to campus.  It will extend invitations to the community.  This allocation will be a safety net.  They hope to recover money and return it to the Student Activity  Fund.  Senator Weir - this request is a little late, but I support it because of the complexity of the planning.  Senator Smith - how good of a speaker is he?  Jacobson - we have been assured that he is competent by his agent.  His has been doing this since 1970.  President Hanson - is $3000 to much?  It is a lot of money.  Jacobson - our goal is to not use any of it.  I intend to make as much money up as possible.  Vice President Klinkner - I agree that the club needs to plan for zero attendance. Senator Heaton/Weir - move to end debate.  Motion passes. Bill #02.19.A passes as Act #   Sponsor:  Senator Chase Cosponsor: Senator Blakley Bill # 2.19.97A Aviation Club Activity Funding Resolved: That the MSU Aviation Club be granted up to $3000 for bringing Fred Haise to campus for a lecture.  After the event the Aviation Club willl meet with SAC to receive the allocation and repay any funds unused. (Senator Jacobson abstained, President Hanson, Senator Chase voted in the affirmative). 

B.     Bill # 02.19.B Sponsor:     Senator Kocina Cosponsor: Senator Towns Bill# 2.19.B Senate Operations: Seating privileges Resolved:  That only voting members of the Senate and the Speaker may be seated at the Senate table and be it further, Resolved:  That other staff and committee chairs may be seated at a table located between the gallery and the Senate table. Senator Kocina - this alleviates confusion.  Senator Towns - it is time to make it clear who is voting and who is not.  Coordinator Vye - we have been asked to sit here.  President Hanson - if their is a problem it should be addressed to the individual.  Coordinator Anderson - how could Mr. Vye run the meeting from the gallery? It is irritating enough to be here and not be able to talk. If you have a problem with someone talk to them later about it. President Hanson - the coordinators are here to be a liaison and this makes that ineffective.  Senator Heaton - as a new member this will help clear up confusion on how we operate. Senator Smith - the mistake is ours, now we must correct it.  Senator Miller - I have no problem with them sitting at the table, they report vital information to the senate.  This is inclusionary. Senator Harmon/Blakley - move to amend by substitution - substitute "Speaker" with "presiding officer".  President Hanson - so now when the Vice President is presiding he has to move to the front table?  Senator Blakley - the President and Vice President are including in the "members of Senate", thus will sit at the table.  Senator Kocina - this is logical and clear!  Senator Perowitz - this amendment makes the bill acceptable. Senator Chase/President Hanson - move to amend by addition the words "and Senate staff". Senator Chase - this allows the "third" in command of presiding officers to sit next to the Speaker. Senator Kocina - this makes a clear motion less clear.  Motion to amend the amendment fails. Senator Auseth (proxy Steven Tkach) - as a former Coordinator I found it useful to sit at the front. Speaker Bakke - Out of Order. Motion to amend be substitution passes. President Hanson - this is a waste of time. If there is a personnel problem, talk to me or the Speaker. Senator Kocina - since Coordinators have valuable information, we should also then invite all committee chairs to sit with us.  They have valuable information too. Senator Chase - this is consistent with all other voting members of all governing bodies.  Senator Perowitz - I have never been one to follow tradition.  I am not interested now. Coordinator Vye - let's separate in areas of academics too, just as the House of Representatives separates into parties. Senator Mellen - the placards help differentiate among body roles. The coordinators have earned the right to be there based upon their performance. Senator Oelberg/Williams- move to amend by addition; add "that other staff and committee chair may be seated at a table behind the head table." Senator Kocina - I oppose. The intention was to differentiate, not elevate them. Senator Heaton/Kocina - move to end debate. Motion to end debate passes. The amendment fails. Vice President Klinkner - the intentions of having the staff sit at the front was to make a distinct line between executive and legislative.  Does the staff overshadow the members of the Senate.  Senator Harmon - Senator Distel(proxy Kass)/Fiedor - move to end debate. Motion passes. Bill# 2.19.B fails as amended. Roll Call #1 Senators voting yes Adam Heaton, Chris Hennek, Matt Chase, Matt Towns, Mark Distel (proxy Brian Kass), Jason Kocina, Shalako D'Silva, Justin Smith, Kerry Weir, Joy Islam (proxy Vicki Edwards-Merton) Senators voting no Brent Larson, Jennifer Fiedor, Jim Jacobson, Quyntha Miller, Maruf Rafik, Dana Akemann, Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth (proxy Steven Tkach), Sylvia Oelberg, Amy Arenz (proxy Dustin Mayfield) Senators abstaining Yu Sik Cho (proxy Nathan Nelson), Robert Pavlenko, Peni Blakley, Christine Jirele (proxy Holly Zwige) Senators Present Not Voting Roosevelt Williams Scott Perowitz Officers voting yes Vice President Francis Klinkner Officers voting no President Tony Hanson  Senator Harmon/Towns - move to reconsider Bill #2.19.B. Senator Harmon this was a good motion.  It should have passed. Senator Auseth (Steven Tkach) - if the problem is distinction, there are other ways. If is personnel, the speaker should ask them to leave. Senator Miller - we have made a decision it is time to move along. Senator Mellen - we have learned some lessons on this, but let's move on.  Senator Jacobson/Weir - move to postpone until next week. Senator Jacobson - there have been good points, let's take some time to consider options. Senator Weir - this is not time sensitive, let's not deal with this issue in a formal session. President Hanson - this motion is a trojan horse. Motion to end debate passes. Motion to postpone until next week fails. Senator Distel (proxy Kass)/Arenz (proxy Mayfield) - move to end debate. Motion to end debate passes. Motion to reconsider #Bill 02.19.B fails.  Bill #02.19.B is reconsidered.  

VIII.     Senate Committee & Staff

A.  Student Allocations Committee - Chair Jason Kocina Recommendation: Student Allocations Committee Bill# 2.19.C Funding of the Senate Federal Lobby Trip  Resolved: That the Student Senate be allocated $1796 for their lobby trip to Washington D.C. Senator Kocina - this is consistent with last year President Hanson - Move to amend be deletion, "$100 per person".  Motion fails for lack of a second. President Hanson - I have never heard an organization, such as athletics that had to pay to play football. Senator Towns - that is why there are booster clubs. Senator Weir - when we put our names in the hat, who gets MSUSA's $80?  President Hanson - everyone will have to pay $100 now. Chair Kocina - SAC indicates an $800 gab and states it must be made up.  SAC doesn't care who pays for it. Senator Chase/Fiedor - move to recess for ten minutes.  Motion passes. Senator Pavlenko/Quyntha - move to end debate. Motion passes. Bill # 02.19.C passes as Act#      . 

IX.     Senator Reports

A.       Undeclared Seat #1 - Senator Jason Kocina Thank you to the Senate for amending Bylaws to allow Undeclared major senators to be in the Academic Affairs Committee. I think it will allow me to better serve my constitiuents. Glad to be staffing Budget Process this Spring on April 1. Will be meeting on Mondays & Tuesdays 4-6PM. Would like to ask fellow senators to keep the volume of debate low.  If must have a debate use the Speaker's Office, Attorney's, President & Vice President's. Also the Coordinators Office is available.  

B.     Arts and Humanities Seat #2 - Senator Jennifer Fiedor Return thanks for Thank You Letter to Piano Company. Performing Arts renovation completed, check it out. Music Department students interested in creating a student lounge, plan to meet with Dean Early. Concerned Music students designing a meeting to facilitate discussion between students and staff.  Members of Academic Affairs committee will be meeting with Cheryl Kalakian next Friday to continue discussion on student advising.

C.     Off Campus #8 - Senator Scott Perowitz (Did not submit in writing, gave an oral report) D.     Social and Behavioral Sciences #3 - Senator Mark Distel(proxy Kass)  How do we get students involved?  I will soon beginning dealing with this issue.  When I no longer proxy for Mark, I will remain involved and want to be active. 

X.     Officer Reports

A.     President - Tony Hanson Report Passed out the Senate Resolution Status list as given by Student Affairs. Freshman will now moved to register last instead of sophomores.  Senator Chase - why does the President have review over the MSSA's roundtable?  President Hanson - I think they just received it, and haven't had time to look at it. Senator Pavlenko - can the Resolution Status list be posted in the office? President Hanson - yes. Appointments SOAFC (Charlie Bain), Elections (Paul Cook). 

B.     Vice President - Francis Klinkner Announced that Minnesota State has University's roundtable's on technology. We need students. Lobbying at the capitol went well. Some Representatives appeared to not like faculty. 

  • Announcements Coordinator Anderson - Chinese New Year 5:00 this Saturday. 

XII.     Adjournment Senator Kocina/Chase - move to adjourn, roll call. Roll Call Senators Present Brent Larson, Adam Heaton, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Quyntha Miller, Matt Chase, Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Mark Distel (proxy), Jason Kocina, Shalako D'Silva, Christine Jirele (proxy), Kerry Weir, Dana Akemann, Mike Mellen, Joy Islam (proxy), Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth (proxy) Senators Absent Matt Towns, Justin Smith, Amy Arenz (proxy) Senators Absent Yu Sik Cho, Jim Jacobson, Roosevelt Williams, Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz Senaotrs votin with Rights Robert Pavlenko Officers Present President Tony Hanson Vice President Francis Klinkner  Chair Vye adjourned the meeting at  7.05 p.m.