MANKATO STATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION 64TH STUDENT SENATE 26 February 1997  Speaker Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m. Roll Call Senators in attendance: Yu Sik Cho (proxy Nathan Nelson), Brent Larson, Adam Heaton, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson (proxy Michelle Murzyn), Matt Chase, Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Mark Distel (proxy Brian Kass), Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele, Justin Smith, Kerry Weir, Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth, Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz (proxy Dustin Mayfield) Senators absent: Quyntha Miller, Roosevelt Williams, Shalako D'Silva, Dana Akemann, Joy Islam Also in attendance:  Speaker Eric Bakke, President Tony Hanson, Vice President Francis Klinkner, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Kristy Anderson, Public Affairs Coordinator Gave Vye, Student Affairs Coordinator Christopher Hiller Also Present:  Malcolm O'Sullivan, Acting Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs  Approval of Agenda Presentations added.  Senator D, addition of minutes after Presidential Staff, no senate report from Auseth, A. under senate report- Senator Mellen, A2- Matt Harmon.  Agenda approved   Student Forum Jen Drganc has proposal for Eliminate Hate Day.  It will be removed from the table during Old Business.  Presentations A.  Cheer Team- requested money from SAC, but it was tabled.  They have a deadline and need the money by February 28.  This would be second year to qualify for this competition.  There are 14 members  going to the competition.  Senator Kocina- could you explain the numbers, as they are different than the ones shown to SAC yesterday?  The numbers are different because they were told to be more specific today.  President Hanson- Total revenue to be subtracted from $8659?  Yes.  Transportation is air travel.  Senator Jacobson- How did you figure your personal contribution?  Took about half of  the total and that is what the cheer team will need to come up with.  Senator Jacobson- Is $2250 just an estimated fundraising goal? Yes, we have not raised that as of yet.  Senate Committee and Staff    A.  Communication Board- KRNR Proposal Number 2 is brought forth by Chair Jen Drganc.  This is final  recommendation of Comm. Board.  Comm. Board feels that KRNR should remain as a Cable FM station at this time.  Senator Towns- Res. Life will give cable converter for a price.  Why hasn't this already gone through?  Chair Drganc- to make it more known to people who live there, it is the responsibility of KRNR to make it known.  Senator Towns- what will happen to KRNR in your opinion?  This is a start at a marketing plan.  Anyone can pick up KRNR.  It is the duty of KRNR to get that word out.  They have to have a firm sales plan in place. Senator Mellen- of top six proposals, have any been followed in the past, and if they have, what was the result?  Chair Drganc- the proposals aren't all that creative.  They may have done these things in the past, but they've gone through numerous managers.  Senator Melllen- worried about continuity of changing managers if format is left up to each manager.  Fred Vette- as advisor, I've tried to encourage students to have a string of people to groom into that job, so that a current manager will bring someone in who knows the ropes and knows what is going on.  Same as the success of Reporter, the don't have to reinvent the wheel every year.  Senator Blakley- Discussion on year round staff paid position- are you still looking into that?  According to state laws-to hold broadcasting license, we need to have two 70% professionals.  KRNR may need a business manager, but fiscal reality may not allow that.  Senator Blakely-  Is KRNR on the air right now?  Vette- yes.  Piece of equipment failed them.  They are in violation of Federal law which Chair Drganc will explain later.  Vice President Klinkner- this should not be a proposal for the Senate to vote on.  We should wait for SAC's reaction.   	Comm. Board Recommends  Bill # 02.26.A Sponsor:  Communications Board Bill #2.26.A						KRNR Exciter Purchase  	Whereas:  Federal Law is being violated by KRNR equipment deficiency			      	Therefore:  Be it resolved that MSSA provide KRNR with funds for new FM radio exciter and   	           installation costs. Senator Kocina- Why hasn't it been brought to SAC? Are you telling me this is the first time we've heard about this Federal Law violation in two weeks?  Chair Drganc- obviously, yes this is the first time you've heard about it.  What is the approximate resale  of an exciter?  Fred Vette- no depreciation on it, unless the technology changes greatly.  $1700 for exciter and $300 for the installation.  President Hanson- Point of information- deal is quite a deal.  Move to postpone indefinitely.  Second by Senator Smith.  Chair Drganc- we are in violation of Federal Law, anyone could call us on this.  President Hanson- Don't want anyone to rush into this.  Senator Kocina- I would be opposed to postponing this- vote this down send to SAC.  Vice President Klinkner- hard to make decision on this today, their future is in jeopardy as we speak.  Resale is recoverable.  Spend money on new exciter, then decide to cut KRNR during budget, such a decision is not going to cost us this much, so let's put it to a vote.  Senator Jacobson- If this deal isn't acted on right now, will we lose this deal?  Chair Drganc- could be sold to someone else, but doesn't know if it will be sold if we don't take it by a specific time.  Senator Blakley- not comfortable passing a motion to break Federal Law!  Vote on it now and vote it down.   Senator Oelberg- In violation, the fine is what?  Fred Vette-$25,000-$50,000.  Senator Distel (proxy Kass)- call the question Senator Heaton seconds.  Roll call #1 vote called by Senator Towns, second by Senator Distel (proxy Kass).   Roll Call Vote #1 Senators voting yes Brent Larson, Jim Jacobson, Maruf Rafik, Justin Smith, Mike Mellen Senators Voting No Yu Sik Cho, Adam Heaton,  Adam Heaton, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko, Quyntha Miller, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, proxy Brian Kass, Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele,  Emily Auseth, Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz, Senators abstaining Matt Harmon Executive Staff voting no President Tony Hanson, Vice President Francis Klinkner  Motion fails.  Back to discussion on the main motion. Move to caucus for ten minutes President Hanson, Senator Pavlenko seconds.  Motion passes. Order called.  President Hanson move to recess for 15 minutes.  Objection- Senator Kocina- How many motions does the president get in a speaking turn?  Motion called out of order as there is one more person on the original speaking list.  Senator Hennek- yields time to Senator Kocina.  Kocina- this issue needs to be dealt with immediately.  In favor of $2,000 recommendation.  Senator Heaton calls question, Distel(proxy Kass) seconds.  Motion passes.  Roll call #2 moved by Senator Pavlenko, seconded by President Hanson. Roll Call Vote #2 Senators voting yes Yu Sik Cho, Adam Heaton, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko, Maruf Rafik Peni Blakley, Mark Distel, Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele, Emily Auseth, Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz  Senators voting no Brent Larson, Jim Jacobson, Matt Towns, Justin Smith, Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon Senators abstaining:  Quyntha Miller Executive Staff Voting Yes President Hanson, Vice President Klinkner Votes with rights: Kocina - I supported passage of the Comm. Board recommendation because I can not openly 	advocate violation of federal law.  However, I am strongly opposed to the manner in 	which KRNR and the Comm. Board intentionally violated federal law for over two 	weeks time. Mellen - Because there is no amount stated in the motion to limit the dollars approved.  Vote on Main motion passes.    Chair Drganc- With that I resign my Seat because of personal reasons, having nothing to do with any membership.  Senator Pavlenko now becomes chair.  B.  Elections Committee 	First reading of the rules to answer  any questions you may have.  We are not interested in an actual vote.  President Hanson- did you ask if there was an objection to reading this whole document to us?  Vice President Klinkner- no.  President Hanson- would you like to ask that then?  Senators Towns objects to the reading of the whole document.  Senator Towns- Not trying to belittle the committee's work.  Senator Heaton- touch major changes.  Senate spokesperson Vye rules to touch on major changes.  Campaign starts first day of Spring quarter, but posters are allowed only two weeks before election.  Art. 3 Sec 3 sub-section g- important, and would not like to have amended.  Previously it was mandated that candidates must attend rules meeting, not this year.  Section B- support groups do not have to be pre-existing, and can start with candidacy Spring quarter.  Only need one financial report.   	Elections committee went through apportionment of academic seats- Arts-1 Health-2 Education-1 Senator Blakley- how are those seats apportioned?  Vice President Klinkner- by population in each college. 0-1000 get 1 seat, 1001-1500- receive 2 seats, 1501- 2000- receive 3 seats.    C.  Students Allocations Committee President Hanson - what was reason for the debt of ISO.  Senator Kocina- I'm not sure of that. Senator Harmon- what was reason for not allocating lobbying money.  Senator Kocina- should have budgeted that into Senate budget.  Bill # 02.26.B Sponsor:  SAC Bill# 2.26.B						Funding for Senate Positions  	Resolved:  That $1050 be allocated to the MSSA Senate to assist in covering the costs of stipends for coordinators. Motion passes  D.  Academic Affairs Committee Bill # 02.26.C Sponsor:  Academic Affairs Bill# 2.26.C						Software Policy  	Whereas:  There are multiple office, word processing, and other software programs available in the Academic Computing Center of which only but a few are used, and  	Whereas:  It is no longer feasible for the students to pay for every software package of which only a few are used, be it therefore 	Resolved:  That the MSSA will only support Student Activity Fee funding for a maximum of two office and/or write packages deemed necessary by the Academic Computing Committee and be it further 	Resolved:  That other software will be approved by senate as recommended by the Academic Computing Committee's budget pertaining to the Academic Computing Center. Motion passes unanimously.  Moved by Senator Kocina to suspend the rules in order to deal with the cheer team.  Distel(proxy Kass) seconds.  Senator Heaton- moves to allocate $3585 to the MSU cheer team to attend the National Cheer leading Association's Cheer Competition in Daytona Florida.  Senator Jacobson(Proxy Murzyn) seconds.   Senator Kocina- move to amend by addition to cover cost of  transportation.  President Hanson- Move to amend by substitution that MSSA recommend MSU Cheer Team receive $4660.  Senator Larson seconds.  President Hanson- didn't understand a thing about the original motion.  I see no reason why they shouldn't receive the money, they have done fundraising.  Senator Heaton-  The first motion eliminates food money and feels that $300 is more than enough for transportation purposes.  Vice President Klinkner- should not fund meals.  Senator Towns- Agree with Vice President.  We did not fund meals to Washington, and this is a bucket of change.  Yield to cheer team to justify cost of food money.  Senator  Perowitz-personal contributions is what?  That's out of cheerleaders pockets.  Perowitz- aren't they already paying for food out of their own pockets?  Senator Mellen- yield.  Kocina-Perowitz is right.  Senator Hennek- support motion as it stands.  Senator Heaton- includes registration as well as transportation.  Kocina- states transportation is covered on last motion.  Senator Heaton- question  to cheer team- personal contribution is this just for this one event?  Yes.  Heaton- is this divided equally?  Women pay more.   Question has been called Senator Pavlenko, Senator Heaton seconds.  Motion passes.  Roll Call vote #3.   Roll Call Vote #3 Senators voting yes Brent Larson, Robert Pavlenko, Proxy Kass, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz (Proxy Mayfield), Senators voting no Yu Sik Cho, Adam Heaton, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Jim Jacobson, Quyntha Miller, Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele, Justin Smith, Matt Harmon, Mike Mellen, Emily Auseth, Sylvia Oelberg Executive Staff voting yes President Tony Hanson Executive Staff voting no Vice President Francis Klinkner  Amendment fails.  Senator Kocina moves previous question.  Senator Towns seconds.  Motion fails.  Senator Perowitz- amend by substitution to allocate $4640.  Senator Towns seconds.  President Hanson- calls the question.  Senator Pavlenko seconds.  Motion fails.  Senator Kocina- motion can only cover cost of transportation.  Senator Larson- National publicity will be good for MSU and is money well spent.   Vice President Klinkner- yield to SAC Chair Kocina.  Kocina- if recommendation had come out of committee, the specific costs would have been clarified so as not to create any confusion.  Senator Hennek- we only cover transportation, historically, and lodging, so I see no reason to make any exception here.  Senator Harmon- Motion is not a good idea.  Mistakes were made in figuring out the actual cost of this trip.  There is no reason why we should pay for food.  No reason to give this much money.  Move to amend by addition lodging by proxy Murzyn.  Seconded by President Hanson.  Senator Kocina- wish of body would like to specify lodging.  Makes sense to specify exactly how you want the money spent.  President Hanson- want them to go, let's give them the money to go.  Apologize for my math incompetence.   Senator Perowitz- support 2nd degree addition.  Senator Harmon- this is secondary amendment.  This may be all for nothing.  VP Klinkner calls question.  President Hanson seconds.  Motion passes.  Discussion on Main motion.  Senator Hennek- Can only spend money on transportation and lodging.  Senator Distel (Proxy Kass) calls the question, Senator Heaton seconds.  Amendment passes.  Vice President Klinkner moves question, Senator Heaton seconds.  Roll Call vote #4 by President Hanson, seconded by Senator Heaton.  Motion  Roll Call Vote #4 Senators voting yes Brent Larson, Adam Heaton, Jennifer Fiedor, Robert Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson, Quyntha Miller, Matt Chase, Proxy Kass, Christine Jirele, Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz (Proxy Mayfield)  Senators voting no Chris Hennek, Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Justin Smith, Matt Harmon Senators abstaining Matt Towns, Jason Kocina, Mike Mellen, Emily Auseth Executive Staff voting yes President Hanson, Vice President Francis Klinkner  Voting with rights Senator Heaton- In favor of amended motion over original motion due to a reconsideration 	of the figures submitted by the cheer team. Senator Smith- I think Cheerleading is silly and pointless so I will do nothing to support it.  Senator Chase - can I vote? Chair Vye- no Move to appeal the decision of the chair by Senator Harmon, Senator Towns seconds.  Vye- Chase was recorded absent, and has not been formally introduced as being present.  Senator Chase- I did vote in the amendment vote.  Appeal of the decision of the chair has been removed.  Back to the Roll call vote.   Main motion #02.26.D as amended passes. Sponsor:  Senator Heaton				Cosponsor:  Senator Jacobson (Murzyn) Bill#2.26D						Funding for Cheer Team  	Resolved:  That SAF fund the Cheer Team $4640, to be used for transportation and lodging at their competition in Florida. Senator Heaton/President Hanson - move to recess for 15 minutes.  Old Business A.  Approval of Minutes  B.  Eliminate Hate Day Bill  01.29.n Vice President Klinkner moves to take Bill 01.29.n off the table, Senator Heaton seconds.  Vice President Klinkner- yields to Jen Drganc.  Drganc- Eliminate Hate Day was started to eliminate hate crimes.  There are racial, ethnic and gender prejudices along with gay, lesbian and bisexual   In male bathroom across from Senate office there are writings on the wall bashing gay men.    President Hanson calls the question.  Senator Fiedor seconds.  Motion fails.  Senator Distel (Proxy Kass)- I oppose Eliminate Hate Day.  Sincerely request that we bring this up, and shoot it down.  Senator Blakley- move to refer to SAC.  Vice President Klinkner seconds.  Senator Blakley- Not a time sensitive issue.  SAC deals with monetary issues, let them do their job.  Senator Kocina- Who will be receiving this money directly?  Drganc-  Several sponsors, one of whom is Student Events Team, and also, Lesbian, Gay , Bisexual Center.  Senator Kocina- should send this to SOAFC.  Drganc- $500 for the speaker at the event. the rest of the money requested would be used for other events.  Kocina- I'll withdraw my request.  President Hanson- calls question.  Pavlenko seconds.  Motion passes.    New Business Bill #02.26.E.   Sponsor:  Vice President Klinkner			Cosponsor:  Senator Heaton Bill#2.26.E						MSSA Stance on Flat Rate Tuition  	Resolved: That the Mankato State Student Association oppose the University's proposal of a flat rate bracketed style of tuition and student fees. Vice President Klinkner- V. Pres. Trauger sent memo to Minnesota State outlining reasons why we should move to flat rate tuition.  They are as follows:  Refunds due to drop/add will decrease.  Reduce  billings due to adding classes.  Will assist in budgeting.  Incentive to take more credits.  Eliminate questions about refunds.  Simplifies Financial Aid awards due to drop/add.  Klinkner- Refunds will be done in smaller amounts.  Budgeting can be done now .  We need better tables.  Students determine credit load based on what they can handle.  May lead to future budget problems.  Kocina- the metric system was to be the wave of the future, but I still measure in inches in feet.  Hanson- if change is going to be inevitable, let's do it soon,.  However, next year is fairly soon.  Heaton- Has this been proposed in the past.  Klinkner- yes for the past 3-4 years.. Heaton- How much say does the senate actually have in this?  Klinkner- to make a solid stance to administration so they know where we are.  We let Board of Trustees know(which has 3 students on the board).  Perowitz- add to language as to WHY we oppose this.  Chase- Reason why I joined Senate.  Like to have debate on this, but implementing this next year seems a little premature.  Chancellor is holding this up, and there are several Trustee's who may vote by the stance we take on this.  Hiller- Trauger brought up points like- Minnesota State policy has changed.  Tuition generated on campus, stays on campus.  Senator Distel (Proxy Kass)- Call question, no second.  Pavlenko- like the intent of this, but we don't have enough information here.  Definitely something we need to do.  Blakley- saying we oppose University's proposal.  We need to take a stand.  So many changes coming up.  Don't we have enough to deal with right now.  Hennek- should pass this just to take a stand.. Would be more compelling to have every reason why we oppose this stated on the bill.  Klinkner- can see points  about not taking a vote today.  However, two committees have dealt with this, as have some members of Senate.  Maybe it would be all right to table next week.  But we NEED to take a stand soon.  We can't sit on this.  Heaton- I'm in opposition of this.  Chase- Move to amend by addition for the fiscal year of 1998.  Seconded by Kocina.  Chase- first time I've heard this is at Minnesota State.  Next year we do this, then two years from now we do semester conversion, is absolutely insane.  Once we move to a different system, all bugs are in place to stay.  Kocina-  I agree 100%.  Enrollment continues to go down, eventually we'll have five  students at Mankato State.  Heaton- need clarification on fiscal year 1998 and academic year 1997.  Mellen- against idea of flat rate tuition.  By having time frame on your stance you are weakening it, not strengthening it.  Klinkner- speak in opposition to the amendment.  I think it dilutes it.  I don't mind postponing the issue, but by no means do I think we should dilute it.  We need to make a solid and concise stand.  Absolutely oppose this.  Blakley- at this point, imperative we do it for next fiscal year.  Senator Distel (Proxy Kass) calls question, Heaton seconds.  Move to an immediate vote.  Amendment fails.  Back to discussion on main motion.  Senator Distel (Proxy Kass)- amendment by addition Auseth seconds.  Senator Distel (Proxy Kass)- Fortify your position before you defend it.  I think this covers all of our oppositions.  Chase-  Does the body feel they are informed?  Straw Pull.  Chase- Has the Student Affairs taken a stand on this?  I think there is adequate information here for me to agree with this.  Extend and amend our remarks.  Pavlenko-good to have a few reasons why we oppose this.  Hiller- no formal progress has been made in Student Affairs.  Closest we've come to a vote is what we see in front of us right now.  Hanson- calls question, Auseth seconds.  Move to an immediate vote.  Amendment passes.  Hennek- I like this.  Hanson- moves to postpone for one week, Klinkner seconds.   Hanson- Let everybody mull it over a bit.  Kocina- will everybody go home and mull this over this week?  If not let's vote on this now.  Pavlenko- Minnesota State is already looking over this.  We need to get this thing through now!  Rafik- pass the motion now.  Senaotr Distel (Proxy Kass)- calls the question, Pavlenko seconds.  motion fails.  Hanson- calls the question, Perowitz seconds. Bill#2.26.E, as amended passes unanimously. Sponsor:  Vice President Klinkner			Cosponsor:  Senator Heaton Bill#2.26.E						MSSA Stance on Flat Rate Tuition  	Whereas:  Refunds, billings, and financial-aid questions will not be eliminated, but mearly reduced, and 	Whereas:  Students could budget for school now, if provided with better information, and 	Whereas:  Students can/should determine their credit load based on what they can handle, and 	Whereas:  Future University budgeting problems may arise from an increase in student's credit load without raising tuition, therefore be it 	Resolved: That the Mankato State Student Association oppose the University's proposal of a flat rate bracketed style of tuition and student fees.  B.  Bill # 2.26.F  Sponsors:  Senators Perowitz and Jirele		Cosponsors:  Senator Arenz (Mayfield) and Pavlenko Bill#2.26.F						Gage Computer Lab  	Whereas:  The Gage Hall computer lab was closed Monday Feb. 26, 1997 and 	Whereas:  A large number of Gage Hall residents have been inconvenienced by this closure, and  	Whereas:  A reopening date has not been set or communicated to students which utilized the lab's facilities, therefore be it 	Resolved:  The Senate commission a committee to address this issue.  The committee to be formed for the purpose of gathering information from ACC, to assist in solving problems faced by the lab and to work towards its reopening.	 Senator Kocina- sounds like a Residential problem, and I sympathize.  I shot myself in the foot. Senator Hennek moves to refer to Student Affairs, Senator Kocina seconds.  Kocina- falls under Student Affairs.  Good project for them to start working on.  Senator Wier- been discussed in Student Affairs.  Res. Hall senators need to deal with this on their own.  President Hanson- If people in Student Affairs don't want to deal with student affairs, we can move you to a different committee.   Hiller- brought up today, and there were no motions that came up today in Student Affairs.  Senator Jirele- problem is governors want to close this down to stop all the problems.  Whatever needs to be done, needs to get done now.  Senator Chase- Has RHA taken a stance on this?  Senator Jirele- not enough money to have student worker in there to watch over things.  President Hanson- encourage senator to find out if they could form a sub-committee.  Christine Jirele-  there are finals coming up, and we need to get this thing open. Senator Chase- someone over there has lost their marbles, but I don't believe that we have the jurisdiction to do any thing about this.  This is specifically in RHA.  Student Affairs shouldn't have it.  It should be referred in a different bill to the RHA.  Vice President Klinkner- If you want to see action right now, we can dial the ACC non-stop for an hour, and they'll be right over to fix it.  This is a question of Academic computing.  Academic Affairs should maybe be discussing this right now.  They are the senators that are dealing with this right now.  I think it needs to be within the realm of the immediate Senate someplace.  Senator Chase- I don't agree with the statement that just because we give money, we have jurisdiction.  If it comes to an issue of money, then we can deal with it.  Senator Pavlenko- don't really need someone to watch the labs.  There should be security steps taken.  Senator Kocina-  I think that giving money does give us jurisdiction.  Senator Heaton- If the governors closed it, then they should be able to open it.  Senator Hennek- I'd like to see somebody do their job.  Senator Distel (Proxy Kass) calls the question, Auseth seconds.  Motion fails.  Vice President Klinkner moves to amend by deletion the Senate commission a committee to.., this committee to be formed Senator Heaton seconds.  This motion is found to be out of order.  Senator Weir- can empower ourselves, instead of having a committee.  Senator Chase calls question, Vice President Hanson seconds.  Motion fails.   C.  Move to amend something previously adopted, by Senator Chase, seconded by Senator Heaton.  Amend MSSA to student activity funds. Senator  Chase- all it does is change MSSA's money to student activity funds money.  Otherwise it comes out of the Senate's budget.  Vice President Klinkner- to say that it's the state's money is hypocritical.  I'll go along with it just to keep him quiet.  President Hanson- calls question, Senator Pavlenko seconds.  Motion passes.  Back to main motion.  Motion passes.  Senator Kocina- move to amend something previously adopted with the words $2,000.  Senator Kocina- would like to have a dollar amount.  Senator Distel (Proxy Kass) calls question,  Heaton seconds.  Amendment passes.    Senator Reports       A.  Mellen- Sub-Meet and Confer issues.   B.  Harmon- C.  Chase- It is in our guidelines to support those who hate, as well as those who hate to hate.    Officer Reports A.  President Hanson- Every Senate meeting I feel a little bit older, and a little bit older.   Will be going to D.C. to lobby.  Received a call from the illustrious Frank Vigianno, but had to censor half of the conversation. Working on a letter to the Chancellor, expressing my thoughts on how she can improve.  No more applications allowed on the office computer, because they are screwed up enough.  Elections are coming up, and while the cat is away, the mice better stay well away from my office.  Super Saver cards available.   B.  Vice President Klinkner- Invite to attend Student Leader Conference.  Meeting with Vice President Healy concerning ACC.  All lobby trips are canceled except Rally Day on March 12.  If you have a vehicle to drive up there, you will be compensated out of the Senate's budget.  Two weeks left of this quarter for giving Senator Reports.   C.  Acting Speaker Vye- Appointments Recognized Student Organizations: Advertising Club,  Club Ed:  The Society of Educational Technologists, International Business Organization, Men's LaCrosse, R.A.I.S.E.,  Student Association of India RSO denied-Residence Hall Association  Announcements  Klinkner- read the quote of the day Blakley- get a name tag from Cheri Kocina- Has a possible solution for Student Activity Fees.  SAC is out to get you if you're not spending your money correctly. Pavlenko- The Pan-African Conference opened tonight at the Holiday Inn.  I got my Korn ticket!!  Thanks Brian. Chase- To spend 2,000 dollars on KRNR, which may not be alive next week, is completely, and utterly ridiculous.  (After this long-winded speech, proceeded to do the worst dance this Senate has ever seen).   Kocina- last Hockey games this weekend. Bakke- received word that his father is successfully out of surgery.  Adjournment Roll call requested by Chase, seconded by Kocina. Roll call vote #5 Senators in attendance Adam Heaton, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson, Matt Chase, Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Proxy Kass, Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele, Kerry Weir, Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth Senators absent Yu Sik Cho, Brent Larson, Quyntha Miller, Matt Towns,  Justin Smith, Scott Perowitz,  Amy Arenz (Proxy Mayfield) Executive Officers in attendance Vice President Francis Klinkner Executive Officers absent President Tony Hanson  ADJOURNMENT Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.