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Mankato State Student Association 64th MSSA Senate

 12 March 1997

Speaker Bakke called the meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m.. Roll Call Senators in attendance: Brent Larson, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson, Quyntha Miller, Matt Chase, Dustin Mayfield, Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Mark Distel, Jason Kocina, Roosevelt Williams, Shalako D'Silva, Christine Jirele, Justin Smith, Kerry Weir, Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth, Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz Senators absent Yu Sik Cho, Adam Heaton, Dana Akemann, Joy Islam Senate Officers in attendance: President Tony Hanson, Vice President Francis Klinkner, Treasurer Deborah Uecker Approval of Agenda- Changes- Senators-Oelberg, Weir, Towns, Smith, Jirele, Perowitz, Distel, Williams, Hennek, Rafik's name misspelled.

Elections after agenda approval. SAC to be moved after Student Forum, change date to March 12, 1997. Elections Student Forum John Bauer is a DJ at KRNR. Question posed as to what I have done to keep KRNR on the air. We have a petition going around, and I am having a show to benefit the station. It will be held in the Indigo.

Planning to advertise in Reporter and local TV and radio stations. Senator Mellen- where is the petition, is it available? Senator Pavlenko- on proposal- is there an extension to possibly get more bands. Bauer- this would be a major money-maker for the station. Anyone interested may help us. Senator Smith- Where is the $$ coming from? Bauer- there is no charge, except maybe a meal or two, which KRNR would pay for. Mike- GM at KRNR- piece of equipment is now in place. All systems are a go. One of my DJ's has a contact and is trying to raise a one time donation of $2,000. I am putting a packet together to try to get the donation. One more positive thing for the station. One member is trying to solicit businesses to buy air time. Looking at ways to solicit money. Another example of people volunteering to help the station.

Senator Mellen- I just wondered where you have been? GM- I have office hours, as well as I have another job. People not in support have not come to ask me what the station plans to do.

Senator Jacobson- What are your duties? I do scheduling for on air time, and run all promotions. Specifically- call ins, on air giveaways.

Senator Fiedor- what do you know about the finality of the donation? GM- I am not really sure. This just came up today, it is not guaranteed.

Senator Smith- who is supposed to be selling air time? GM- that has not really been defined this year. I don't really have the experience, and it was never stressed to me that it was my job.

Senator Oelberg- How did you get the position of GM? Last year I was assistant GM, and I didn't have the intention to do it this year, but Comm Board stressed it would be a good experience. Application process is same as Reporter and Minnesota River Review.

Senator Fiedor- Do you have any plans in mind? GM- best way to solve this is to have a person(full-time advisor/coordinator) like the Reporter has.

Senator Fiedor- is there someone interested in that position? GM- I don't know. Seems to be a growing interest in the field, but I don't know if there is anyone interested in it. It would be more of a Marketing position I would think.

Senator Kocina- would you be available after this? GM- yes. Coordinator Vye- If student senate could give everyone a cable converter, could KRNR become self-sufficient? GM- It would absolutely help us. It would be our first step. Dorm residents wouldn't have to go out of their way to obtain the converters. As a student Tony Hanson- I Tony Hanson, hereby veto Bill 02.05.B My reasons are: 550 names on the petition. Last week there was a lot of talk about what people have been saying for the past 25 years.

Senator Arenz rights-we need to talk to our constituents on an issue this big-she was right. More people have signed this than voted for me. SAC Report Chairman Jason Kocina Budgeting starts April 1. Budget Hearing is May 15 3 recommendations out of committee SAC recommends that $3,500 be allocated to SOAFC-motion passes SAC recommends that $7,790 be released from the Reporter Depreciation Fund for the purchase of a printer motion passes SAC recommends that $18,650 be allocated to Student Events Team for a Spring concert, also that a $5 entrance fee be assessed to MSU students and that a $10 pre-sale and $15 at the gate fee be charged to non-MSU students, and furthermore that any proceeds from this concert be put into a separate account to fund future spring concerts. President Hanson- yield time to Student Events Team President - reason to have the concert- is for the students, not necessarily to generate money. If we do charge $5.00 this year, it may affect next year. Because it has never taken place, this year it should be free, then following years can charge? Senator Towns- I took a sneak peek at this proposal, and I think it is definitely something we should do. Some of the names on the proposal are phenomenal. The question is why would you be upset with a $5.00 fee? President Hanson - I want maximum number of students there. I know that $5.00 is not that big of a deal.. If it is free it makes a statement that we are using their money for them.

Senator Towns- What would you charge non-students? President Hanson- I would be interested in charging them $15.00. Senator Jacobson- what is your attendance estimate? $7000 Senator Jacobson- Unruly crowds a problem? Time expired. President Hanson- What is cost if $5.00 isn't assessed? SAC chair- $18,650. President Hanson- I agree this is a must.

Senator Perowitz- What names are you looking at getting? Anybody with a name recognition. Examples-Violent Femmes, Better than Ezra, Collective Soul. Who we can afford, who is in the area. Senator Perowitz- just one band? One big one and a couple of others. Yield to Senator Pavlenko- if we do it free right away, and then charge $5.00 next year, that will affect people's decision to keep going in future years.

Senator Perowitz- If we do get a really good band, $5.00 is not a lot to pay to see a top-notch band. Coordinator Vye- if I can see the Violent Femmes for free, this is the coolest college in the world. Senator Towns- isn't this a little short coming in time? Yes, but we can not proceed any farther without funds. Senator Mayfield- move to 5 minute caucus, Senator Distel seconds. Motion fails. Senator Auseth- call the question, Senator Hennek- seconds. Motion fails. Oelberg-move to 5 min. caucus. Williams-seconds. Division-motion fails.

President Hanson- I move to amend by addition- will pay $5.00, or bring two canned food items to be donated to the Echo Food Shelf. Senator Auseth seconds. Senator Hanson- If we don't pay $5.00, I have two cans to contribute. What a great community thing. Senator Jacobson- I think it is foolish. I think you could do both. President Hanson- I am really weary of having students pay twice. A great community activity. We would get the base for this, plus do a great community deed. Publicity up the ying-yang.

Senator Kocina- reason for the charge is to get the seed money for future concerts. Senator Towns- President Hanson and I actually agree. Mankato sorely needs something like this. Yield to President Hanson- Who is sponsoring this? Res. Hall Assoc., Greek Community, Student Events Team TEAM. President Hanson- MSU is own little community. We could broadcast on KRNR. I think this is a great idea. I am from this community. Senator Towns- We really need to do this. Yield to Presidnet Hanson- We haven't been doing anything all year- this is our chance. Senator Pavlenko- calls the question, President Hanson seconds. Motion amended. President Hanson-Move previous question, Senator Towns seconds. Motion passes. Senator Towns- If you order t-shirts, could you order me a triple? Presentations A. Curling was on Sunday. We had a good time. Senator Kocina scored the winning rock. I have pictures. They are done in the first part of April. It was a good time. President Hanson- could you help me do the 2nd annual Bowl-a-thon.

Senator Jacobson- yes.

Approval of Minutes - Kocina- under SAC membership list. Announcements- ...hardest decision... in-student forum- Seibert answered Senator Heatons question. Akemann- isn't on the list on roll call number 4. Pavlenko- Roll call- D'Silva- was present. Mellen- page 4- change to clean ditches. Page 4- senate rights- change waiting to motion. Strike- I wish I was as eloquent as Francis. Bakke- announcements- Fiedor- Senators absent- misspelled Williams. Minutes- approved. Presidential Staff Senator Reports

A. Auseth- Tenants Association had our first meeting, and three of us showed up. We will be getting a hold of Ed Tweet, who is a City Councilman. He used to be the State Faculty President and IFO President. I have also talked to Stacy in SDP&A to work with the Greek Housing Committee to get more members and to make our committee a little more active. Some goals that we set for our committee for next quarter were: recruitment, and rewording parts of the constitution.

B. Jacobson-oral report

C. Mayfield-oral report


D. Kocina-oral report


E. Chase-no report


F. Arenz- oral report

G. Rafik-oral report (getting report to secretary at a later time.).


H. Oelberg-oral report


I. Weir-oral report


J. Distel- oral report

K. Towns-oral report


L. Smith- oral report Motion out of Senate Report- Whereas: smoking is a known health hazard and Whereas: second hand smoke is a known danger to non-smokers therefore Be it Resolved: that smoking will be banned from all public areas on Mankato State University Property effective September 1, 1997. Senator Smith- I believe smokers should be able to smoke in private. Senator Towns- I am getting sick of seeing cigarette butts all over this campus.

Vice President Klinkner- If you're not careful, you might become my favorite senator. I respect non-smokers right to clean air, the EPA is one of my least favorite programs. This is just not realistic for us to be able to enforce this. I stand opposed to this bill. It is food for thought. Coordinator Vye- This is quite possibly the worst motion I have ever heard in my entire life. One percent of all pollution is smoking. If you're concerned about saving your lungs, try banning all cars. You might as well ban all camp fires on earth, or on public property. I didn't enjoy being compared to a thug. If you want to pass this, if you really want to see a riot, there is gonna' be cars burning. Yes, butts are on the grounds, but so are candy bar wrappers, pop cans, etc. In Washington- you can smoke anywhere in the capitol. If the nations lawmakers can smoke, who are we to say we can't. I like to smoke, it's my right.

President Hanson- Greatest building- ashtrays galore. Everybody uses the ashtrays. You never notice butts on the floor. We need a respect for the campus, as well as more ashtrays. I have a cigarette behind one ear, not because I am a half smoker, but for half of my constituents who are smokers. Financial obligations- hire massive SWAT team to enforce, or hidden cameras in all trees and bushes, or give all non-smokers breathing masks. I resent the intention of this. It is an impossible to mandate.

Senator Fiedor- I can't stand smoking as much as the next person. How in the world would you punish these constituents? How many students would come to MSU if they couldn't step outside and smoke? Senator Blakley- calls the question, Vice President Klinkner- seconds. Roll Call #1 Senators voting yes Robert Pavlenko, Matt Towns, Christine Jirele, Justin Smith, Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon, Sylvia Oelberg Senators voting no Brent Larson, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Jim Jacobson, Quyntha Miller, Matt Chase, Dustin Mayfield, Peni Blakley, Mark Distel, Jason Kocina, Roosevelt Williams, Kerry Weir, Emily Auseth, Amy Arenz Senators abstaining Scott Perowitz Executive Officers voting no Vice President Francis Klinkner Executive Officers abstaining President Tony Hanson-abstains with rights Motion-fails 15-7. President Hanson- move to recess for 20 minutes, Senator Towns- seconds.

M. Senator Jirele Some students told her they opposed the elimination of the green permits. Also, there was support for Holocaust Awareness programming. If you smoke, be respectful. Enforcement should not be difficult for smoking rules, no one smokes in the building. Anti-smoking rules demonstrations would be fun.

N. Senator Perowitz Development in the College of Business is seeking accreditation. The Masters of Business has come under fire because some faculty are not publishing. The college as at 80%, accreditation needs 100%. There is talk of closing the program until the publishing concerns are corrected.

O. Senator Williams Senator Oelberg was recently elected president of the Black Student Union. The Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee is working on a system-wide CD conference as suggested by Dr. Fagin (Associate Vice President for Cultural Diversity).

P. Senator Hennek SAC and SOAFC are working hard. Expect the Senate to be seeing a lot of information coming from those committees.

Q. Senator Chase The issue of smokers gathering around the doorways is self created. We need more smoking rooms.

R. Senator Larson Working on the Alcohol on Campus issue.

S. Senator Harmon Washington D.C. was a lot of work. We hope to improve future trips to D.C. Rally Day was today, the rally and lobbying went well. Senator Moe's staff seemed to think that the Senator may be interested in co-authoring the bill.

VII. Senator Reports

A. President Hanson The Mankato delegation had a varied intent for going to Washington D.C. than did MSUSA. We had an Alumni Brunch. Nearly every person was crucified for not attending the MSUSA briefing, but instead meeting with alumni. We received a lot of "flack" for this, partially because MSUSA claimed they didn't know we had the brunch when we did. President Hanson spoke to the Board of Directors and said Mankato was doing exactly what it meant to do, and it had a different agenda for the trip. We were with MSUSA, MCCSA (MN. Community College Student Association), and MTCSA (MN. Technical College Student Association). We had other students interrupting our meetings by showing up late, it was very unprofessional. We could have been more effective if we had a very set agenda. The entire delegation was not happy about that. Despite it all, it was effective. We vowed never to lobby with the other associations again. We do not agree with each other on issues, such as impressions of Minnesota State. Presidential Veto - Veto of the Senate bill that shut down KRNR. I respect the Senate, but I respect the voices of 555 students more. I was lobbied silly. I cannot consider it a waste of money when this amount of students are willing to pay for it.

B. Vice President Klinkner Getting to the state capitol for MSUSA Lobby Day was quite a hassle with the weather and other problems, but we made it and it went well. Some representatives were easy to deal with, others were not cooperative. I believe that enrollment is down because we continue to shut down programs and persecute students for being themselves, such as smoking. There are too many rules. We continue to hear about enrollment and retention problems, yet the University continues to close programs. Today we heard that the College of Business is closing a masters program for three to four years so it can be accredited. It would seem to me that closing programs would mean fewer programs to attract students. Every year this institution closes two to three programs. Last year they closed my program. I'm still here though, and will stay here until I get it through the administrations head that closing programs is counterproductive. The second reason enrollment's a problem is a simple fact of history. Our founding fathers left their homelands because they were not allowed to be themselves. They were persecuted for religious beliefs, shunned for political reasons, and in some cases enslaved because of their ethnic background. They came to a new world to start anew, and be free of all the rules and regulations that prevented from being themselves. Today students graduate from high school, and set plans to leave home to experience and become their own person. They come to a new world free of a reputation, to create their own identity. Year after year that new world places new regulations on that experience; no alcohol, no smoking, no parking, no food, no drink, no games, no soliciting, no guests, no drugs, no swords, no weapons, no incense, no pets, no candles, no lofts, no gambling, and no hall sports. As the rules increase in number, the students realize they have been persecuted again, so they leave to find another school. Rather than repeal the rules that discourage attendance the University adds more in an attempt to cater to all the special interests, so the domino effect continues. The only way to solve the problem of enrollment is to stop the regulation and restore the dream of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." C. Speaker Bakke Impressed with Senator Smith's remarks on the smoking ban rule. He spoke very eloquently. The next Senate meeting will be April 2, 1997.

VIII. Senate Committees and Staff Reports

  • Communications Board - Chair Pavlenko Emergency meeting on Monday and updated members. KRNR workers are working hard. An advertising structure is being developed. Target audience is college students and some high school students. We provide a select venue for a specific audience that local stations do not provide. None of this will work if the station itself is not advertised. Will elect Vice Chair next quarter. Will be discussing duties with GM Lindamood. Senator Kocina--what is timeline for budgets? Senator Pavlenko--needs a time frame, will work on it. Senator Harmon to DJ Adrian--has there been an advertising plan been developed and implemented in the past? - don't know. DJ Jason Davis Donnelly--KFMC owner may donate money to pay off KRNR debt.

IX. Announcements Coordinator Kristy Anderson - RHA is considering putting on a spring formal, first meeting is tonight. Vice President Klinkner - sign-up sheets are available for MSUSA Delegates' Assembly. Senator Mellen - its great to be a winner, and we all are with the KRNR veto. Apathy is why the KRNR situation came about. Senator Towns - KRNR is a dead issue for me now. I will still come to the office from time to time. Senator Chase - KRNR is not a dead issue, we must make sure it succeeds. We hope it will. Senator Kocina - KRNR/Communications Board must be accountable. Make the radio station successful. I hope to meet with President Hanson on SAC issues. Attendance is reducing, especially at the end of the meeting. Be accountable.

X. Adjournment Vice President Klinkner/Senator Towns - move to adjourn. Senator Kocina/Towns - request a roll call vote. Roll Call Vote #2 Senators present Brent Larson, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson, Matt Chase, Dustin Mayfield, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Jason Kocina, Roosevelt Williams, Christine Jirele, Justin Smith, Kerry Weir, Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon, Emily Auseth, Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz Senators absent Yu Sik Cho, Adam Heaton, Chris Hennek, Quyntha Miller, Maruf Rafik, Mark Distel, Shalako D'Silva, Dana Akemann, Joy Islam Executive Officers present President Tony Hanson, Vice President Francis Klinkner Motion to adjourn passes. Speaker Bakke adjourned the meeting at 8:07 p.m.