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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association

64th MSSA Senate 5 March 1997  

Speaker Bakke called the meeting to order at 4:02 p.m.

Roll Call Senators in attendance:

Brent Larson, Adam Heaton,

Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko,

Jim Jacobson (proxy Michelle Murzyn)

Quyntha Miller,

Matt Chase (proxy Deborah Uecker)

Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Matt Towns, Mark Distel

(proxy Emily Auseth), Jason Kocina, Roosevelt Williams, Christine Jirele, Justin Smith, Dana Akemann, Mike Mellen, Emily Auseth (Vicki Edwards-Merton), Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz Senators absent Yu Sik Cho, Shalako D'Silva, Kerry Weir, Joy Islam, Matt Harmon Senate Officers in attendance: Vice President Francis Klinkner, Treasurer Deborah Uecker Executive staff absent President Tony Hanson Approval of agenda        

The agenda with minor changes was approved.

Student Forum Dave Seibert- senior. DJ at KRNR. Came to speak on behalf of KRNR. We're gaining a lot of experience. There are individual benefits to keeping KRNR as well as overall advantages. KRNR, if utilized in the correct way, could promote a lot of on campus activities. KRNR is not without a heart. I would just like to speak my mind. Rodney Gibbs- DJ for KRNR. This is my first opportunity to work with the equipment as I learn the radio business. It is good experience for students DJ-ing to learn the business. It can be used as advertising, as well as reaching students of colors, and multiplicity music. KRNR needs to remain a student-run radio station.   

Martin Hook- DJ for KRNR. If we made this into a radio station that the students were listening to, people/businesses would advertise more if they knew students were listening. We are a cable FM station, which makes it hard for us to reach the students.    John Bauer- DJ for KRNR. I do a two hour specialty show, which features over 200 bands. I have put a tremendous amount of work into it. Some people will come down to the station to listen to it, because they do not have the hookup. We have excellent managers right now, but because of past management, they are kind of stuck in a rut. If I could get this in my car, I would love to listen to KRNR all the time. Senator Towns- what have you done in your own initiative to keep KRNR on the air. Seibert-I am in a fraternity.   This sounds more like a general Managers job than a DJ's. I have brought people into the station to hear us. Senator Towns- same question to Martin- We sometimes bring in a band made up of students who wouldn't get on KDOG, and it helps them boost their career. Senator Jacobson- When is your shift? How many hours of programming are on KRNR? 

Seibert- Mine is two hours. When no one is in the station, there is a satellite that repeats programs.  Senator Jacobson- Would you be willing to dedicate the time to keep it manned 24 hours a day? 

Bauer- most people are scared to answer that because no one knows if KRNR will be kept alive. 

Senator Jacobson- would you be willing to work weekends and holidays to keep KRNR alive and running? Hook- Personally- yes. Gibbs- I have no problem doing weekends. I would love to work Sunday nights.    Senator Kocina- how many students listen to the radio station? Hook- I usually get 8 students calling me on Tuesday nights. 

Senator Kocina- what kind of rating system is used to determine number of listeners? Gibbs- I asked my manager, but I don't know. We just ask around. Senator Kocina- ask again. 

Jen Drganc- everyone who has hookup is a potential listener. We only have a few ways to try to rate it.  It is based on how many people have cable. Senator Kocina- What have you done to make KRNR better? Hook- Just showing up today is a step in the right direction.  Bauer- I have contacted over e-mail around 200 bands.  I have made up fliers to put up around the school out of my own pocket. Seibert- I have just been hired, however, what I would like to see is get the cable hookup to the people in the dorms so that they can access us. Hook- KRNR had speakers pointed to the mall last Spring break. Senator Heaton - What have any of you done to help supplement the increase of listeners of KRNR? I think that falls under a different position than radio DJ's. Senator Oelberg- If we decided to close KRNR, what would you do? Seibert- I really don't know. I would have to move on. Bauer- When it's in this state, people won't appreciate it until it's gone.  It's taken years to build this program. Senator Oelberg- Is the training actually valuable? Hook- other DJ's really help me. Bauer- On the air talking is very valuable when trying to get a job. Gibbs- My boss is constantly listening to me, and calling in and letting me know what I'm doing right and what I need to work on. Bauer- you learn how to speak in public. It's a lot of good speaking skills.

Senator Hennek- How much revenue does KRNR bring in a year? Drganc- $500  a year. Senator Hennek- How much of a deficit does KRNR have right now? Durand-$120 carrying over from last year. Bauer- 2000 from last year Senator Hennek- Why did we only have a two week notification of being in violation of Federal Law?  Vice President Klinkner- Objection Speaker- that is out of order. Hook- money was allotted for the Exciter. Senator Towns appeals decision of the Chair. Senator Hennek- Why aren't there students here? 

Vice President Klinkner- objection. Durand- I came as a representative of the radio station. I didn't know people were allowed to come this meeting and speak.  All DJ's- this is our first student senate meeting.  Vice President Klinkner- move to close student forum.  Senator Heaton- seconds. Speaker- shall this be a majority vote? It is. Vote to end Student forum-ended.    Presentation 

A. Elections Committees Vice President Klinkner- we have toiled long and hard over these rules, and will take any questions. Recommendation out of committee.  Election Rules- passed. Vice President Klinkner- we approved applications being used for support groups.  Effective first day of spring quarter, those forms will be available for use. 

B.  Senator Jacobson- Granted by the Senate a point of privilege to speak on Curling. Objection- Senator Distel(proxy Auseth). Senator Jacobson- Senate activity. Good team builder. Curling Club closes in April, so we need to do this quarter. The cost for this is $20 dollars for the whole night to rent the Hall.   

C.  Speaker Appointments- Assistant Secretary- Emily Auseth. Distel(proxy Auseth)- objection. The Speaker withdrew appointment and apologized for his misunderstanding of Auseth's interest in such a post. The Speaker made Speaker Ruling #8 - In the 1996/1997 Senate, the post of the Senate Recording Secretary is the secretary mentioned in the MSSA Constitution in Article IV, Section 3. The Speaker ruled that this person is not the professional secretary mentioned in Article IX, Section 2. Elections To conduct the election, the Speaker passed the gavel to the Vice President. Business Seat #2- remains vacant Science, Engineering and Technology #1 - Dustin Mayfield  won seat. Senator Towns- move to reconsider and amend something previously adopted. Reconsidering the Elections Committee's Rules. Senator Kocina- second.  Senator Towns-I don't think everyone here knows enough about these rules. I think you are blowing off your duties. I do have some questions. Senator Heaton- I respect the maker and seconder of the motion, but I don't think that we should reconsider because these people left the room. Senator Pavlenko - moved the previous question, Senator Towns- seconded. Motion to reconsider fails. The Speaker returns and seats Senator Mayfield. Senator Reports

A. Amy Arenz- Thank you to Dustin Mayfield for doing a good job proxying for me while I was gone. With the issue of the Computer Lab being closed. It is the ACC's baby(Gage lab), and it's their job to install software and security. We need to talk to Wayne Sharp to get these things done. Lights are going out in the back of Gage parking lot. Bike corral for bikes to be kept from vandalism. Parking- have we stressed the use of buses, and have we thought of not allowing younger students to have cars on campus. There is so much tension in this room and animosity. This isn't a personal thing, we are working for our constituents. Senator Pavlenko- Gage lab is now open? Senator Arenz- There is not very good communication. Lab was closed because software was trashed. Senator Mellen- Lights out in parking lot?  Senator Arenz- yes in back of Gage. There are stipulations because of the observatory back there.  How many vandalism's have there been? Senator Arenz- I'm not sure the total, but I know three cars were broken into last week. Senator Hennek- No reason why lights are out, because they don't affect the observatory. I yield time to Senator Blakley. Senator Blakley- there are very specific problems. Senator Arenz- constituents don't feel safe, and with cars being broken into, I think it is a very pressing issue.  

B. Maruf Rafik- I talked to Dr. Rush, who informed me of the roundtable.  

C. Chris Hennek- gave an oral report. 

D. Matt Towns- Oral Report

E. Bob Pavlenko- Oral Report

F. Dustin Mayfield- Oral Report

G.  Senator Kocina- Oral Report Christine Jirele- How would the money be used if KRNR were shut down.  Senator Kocina- There are a number of ways. Senator Jirele- will our student activity fees be lowered?  Senator Kocina- No, but it could set off a potential hike.   

H.  Senator Heaton- Oral Report Approval of Minutes- 2/19/97 & 2/26/97 2/19/97- Senator Towns objects to letting proxy glance at minutes. Minutes approved. 2/26/97- Senator Towns- move to amend under Committee and Staff reports- Residential life will give a cable converter to the residents of the halls with no price.   Senator Towns- What will happen to KRNR was directed toward Fred Vette. Senator Arenz- Roll Call #1- Arenz(proxy Mayfield) and Roll Call #2- Arenz(proxy Mayfield). Minutes approved as amended. Senator Towns- move to recess for 20 minutes, Senator Auseth(proxy Merton)-second. Recess Old Business The Speaker and Vice President elected to give the gavel and control of the meeting to Senator Perowitz.

A.  KRNR  Bill 02.05.B  SAC recommends that the Vice Pres. of Student Affairs put a freeze on the KRNR account. Senator Pavlenko- objection- since we have no wording in front of us, we can't debate this Old Business. Senator Kocina- all committee reports are cited in their committee minutes, so they are debatable. Senator Pavlenko-  Was there any alteration to that motion? Senator Kocina-  merely just to postpone. Vote on Senator Pavlenko's objection- motion fails. We will consider the KRNR account freeze motion.   Vice President Klinkner- move to postpone this until after SAC report this meeting. Senator Jacobson(proxy Murzyn)- seconds. Vice President Klinkner- wait to see if they are getting any more money, as there is a recommendation coming out of SAC. Senator Mellen- move to amend we postpone until next week. Senator Mayfield seconds. Senator Mellen- I appreciate the frustration around this whole situation. We are not prepared at all to cover this. Senator Mayfield- we haven't had time to prepare for this. We need to have the experience of those gone to D.C. Senator Kocina- This was brought up at the beginning of February. Everyone in D.C. knew that this would be coming up. Senator Towns- I made the motion to give people time to decide on this on February 5. Everyone wants to continue to put this off.  Let's get it done. Senator Hennek- Good God- it's been a month. Let's stop putting this off. Vice President Klinkner- Call the question, Senator Heaton- seconds.  Amendment fails. Back to first amendment to postpone to after SAC report. Senator Pavlenko- I think we need to wait until after SAC report. Senator Towns- Move to a two minute caucus. Senator Smith- seconds. Caucus passed. Two minute caucus occurred. Senator Blakley-call the question, Senator Heaton- seconds. Motion passes, Senator Towns abstains. Main Motion passes, Senator Distel(proxy Auseth) abstains. New Business- none  Senate Committees and Staff Reports or Presidential Staff A. SAC- Six proposed changes to SOAFC policy         

1.  The chairperson shall be chosen by the committee and shall have voting status. Senator Heaton calls the question, Senator Towns seconds. Motion passes, Senator Kocina abstains.         

2.  The viability and demonstrated need of the eligible student organization. Vice President Klinkner- why?  Senator Kocina- there are a lot of student groups that don't want all that information out to the public. Senator Heaton- calls the question, Senator Towns seconds. Motion passes, Senator Kocina abstains.           

3. SOAFC shall not be used to finance, support or influence voting on any issue currently on a university, local, state, federal government election ballot. Additionally, such funds shall not be used in any manner to influence public opinion on legislation.  Senator Towns- calls the question, Senator Heaton seconds. Motion passes, Senator Kocina abstains.            4. Each organization must complete a program evaluation and expenditure report within two weeks of the completion of a program in which SOAFC were used and deliver it to the SDP&A office. Senator Towns call the question, Senator Heaton seconds. Motion Passes, Senator Kocina abstains.         

5. Any organization which is found by SOAFC to have abused or misapplied SOAFC shall be ineligible for any further allocations of funds during the remaining portion of the current funding year. Additionally, the committee may find the organization must reimburse the SOAFC for funds provided and may recommend that the organization be ineligible to receive SOAFC during the next succeeding full funding year. Senator Towns- calls the question, Auseth(proxy Merton). Motion passes, Senator Kocina abstains. Recommendation out of Committee: SAC recommends that up to $6720 be allocated to forensics for the purpose of attending the American Forensics Association- National Individual Events Tournaments. Vice President Klinkner- how many people are going? Senator Fiedor- they don't know the full number of participants because they have to qualify, and qualifying rounds are still in progress. Senator Pavlenko- calls the question, Senator Towns seconds.  Motion passes.        

Recommendation out of committee: SAC recommends that the second half of KRNR's FY'97 allocation be released. Vice President Klinkner- support the motion, because of the way the Senate worded it last year. "We'll fund half now, and the rest after you show us a plan for conversion." We promised them this, and I think it is our duty to keep that promise. Senator Hennek- As a member of SAC- we just required that they provide us with a report. Senator Heaton- calls question, Senator Mayfield- seconds.   

Roll Call #1 on Main Motion Senators voting yes  Larson, Heaton, Pavlenko, Mayfield, Rafik, Blakley, Distel, D'Silva, Jirele, Mellen, Oelberg, Arenz Arenz Senators voting no Matt Towns, Justin Smith Senators abstaining Chris Hennek, Jim Jacobson, Matt Chase, Jason Kocina, Emily Auseth, Scott Perowitz Executive Staff voting yes Vice President Francis Klinkner Senator Kocina- abstains. Senators with rights: Distel(proxy Auseth)- It is a recommendation out of a committee, and I trust that committee.  Vice President Klinkner made a good point. They did what we asked, now we must do what they asked. Towns- We seem to think that we can continue supporting it this way. Arenz- If the Senate had already agreed to give KRNR the second half of the money, then we already voted. It is completely inappropriate to debate the issue. Motion- passes Recommendation out of committee: SAC recommends that KRNR not convert to a Commercial FM. Senator Arenz- cost? Senator Kocina- 250,000 for start up costs. Senator Mayfield- call the question, Senator Heaton- seconds. motion fails. (Debate continues.)  Senator Mellen- In the event that this is passed- does that mean that they will never be allowed to convert?  Senator Kocina- We can't stop a future Senate, but this has been going on for years. Comm. Board also recommended that they not be converted. Senator Pavlenko- move to 5 minute caucus. Senator Arenz-seconds. Motion fails. Senator Heaton- call the question, Senator Towns- seconds. Motion fails.  (Debate continues.) Vice President Klinkner- yield to Jen Drganc- recommend that you add "at this time" as to take care of future problems. Vice President Klinkner- I am hesitant to pass today, I would like to get on with this. Next week's meeting may have a lot of mumbo jumbo, because those who are gone now, will want to have input. Senator Hennek- We don't need the amendment suggested by Jen Drganc. Senator Blakley- I think we do need a time frame. Yield time to Senator Hennek.  Senator Hennek- we are moving along so slowly. Senator Blakley- still disagree. Any thing we pass is not on the table, it is an old motion. Senator Towns- yield to Senator Heaton- whatever decisions made now can always be changed by a future Senate. Senator Towns -Where are we going to get $200,000 later on down the road.  Senator Kocina -It is not feasible now, or in the future. Let's be realistic. Remember the telegraph.  Senator Towns- we do not have $300,000 to spend, why will future generations have that? Senator Mellen- Voted down adopting highway because we would not want to obligate future Senates to dig ditches and old skunks. 

Senator Arenz- I know this is very expensive. What besides ads is KRNR going to do on their own, or are we going to have to just fund all of this? Senator Pavlenko- People can buy time on the station. Senator Kocina- No proposal to come up with any outside money.  Durand- As a DJ- I am responsible to come up with advertising money for my show. Paperwork, as a volunteer, is outrageous when I don't even know how long this station will be around. Senator Heaton- call the question, Senator Towns- seconds. Motion passes.  Roll Call #2 on Main Motion Senators voting yes Heaton, Hennek, Jacobson, Chase, Mayfield, Rafik, Blakley, Smith, Auseth, Arenz Senators voting no Towns, Jirele, Mellen, Oelberg Senators abstaining Larson, Pavlenko, Distel, Kocina, D'Silva, Perowitz Executive Staff voting yes Vice President Francis Klinkner Senators with rights 

Mellen- This proposal is too exclusive in it's scope.  I feel this waiting will preclude any future consideration of a radio facility for MSU. Towns- Continuing to give $10,000 to a radio station that has almost no listeners is ridiculous. No one here gives a damn about it. If all of you were so concerned about it, you would have made an effort to listen to it. Why would we want to continue this. Also, if KRNR has so many listeners that are concerned, where are they?    Motion passes.           

Recommendation out of committee: SAC recommends that the Vice President of Student Affairs immediately freeze the KRNR account if at any time during the remaining fiscal year KRNR enters a deficit. Senator Kocina- if they enter a deficit, the account will be frozen. Vice President Klinkner- how does this affect contracts they may have(with Bresnan Communication, etc.)? Senator Kocina- I can't answer that question.  Vice President Klinkner- Support this motion, don't know why, but it sounds good. Senator Blakley- How does it affect them with last year's deficit? Senator Kocina- Subtract that deficit from their current budget. Senator Blakley- Would last years deficit run them into a deficit then this year? Senator Kocina- I don't know their spending habits, but I don't think so.  Senator Blakley- Will they be able to afford to run for the rest of the year if this motion passes? 

Senator Kocina- they have only spent 2000 so far.  Merton(Proxy Auseth)- call the question, Senator Heaton- seconds. motion fails. Senator Heaton- would people still be able to get paid- sure, simply by authorizing it. Senator Hennek- let's close the flood gates.  They have traditionally run a deficit. I don't think we want to authorize unlimited spending. Senator Pavlenko- if they screw up, they'll be shut down.  I think they know that and I think they are operating likewise. Senator Mayfield- How much time is left in the fiscal year? 

Senator Kocina- June 30, 1997. Senator Arenz- can we authorize people be paid, and where do we get the money? Vice President Klinkner- come from SAC reserve.  It would be my understanding, that the administration would probably ask us what we thought. Senator Kocina-  main costs are paying people to work there. Senator Heaton- call the question, Senator Towns- seconds.  Question has been called. Main Motion passes.  Senator Towns abstains.   

KRNR Bill- 02.05.B SAC recommends that the Vice President of Student Affairs put a freeze on the KRNR account. Senator Kocina- you can still freeze the account if the Senate so chooses. Senator Blakley- we can't freeze because they are not in the red. Senator Kocina- SAC or the Senate can freeze at any time if there is a budget problem to my understanding. Senator Towns- year after year- KRNR have had a chance to grab listeners. They are commonly in debt. Why do you want to continually fund a radio station that doesn't produce any profits. Everyone wants to do something good. 10,000 can go to other projects. If any one really cared about KRNR, they would come to this meeting. Where are they? 

Senator Pavlenko- You can't build and retain a listener ship when people leave every 2-3 years. Maybe not everyone is informed on what is going on with KRNR.  We've put some stringent restrictions on KRNR. Yield to Durand- I have a vested interest in KRNR. Where are all the people who are in favor of shutting down KRNR?  This is the constituents money. Senator Mellen- I wish I was as eloquent as Francis. Vacant gallery- just because there are no proponents, there are no opponents either. That's why we are elected. Senate, Administration, Comm. Board are as accountable for the failure of KRNR as the managers. There is plenty of blame to go around.  Senator Heaton- Everybody needs to take a stand on this TODAY. We can't keep postponing this. 

Senator Mayfield- Senator Kocina said they can freeze budget if they get into trouble. I would say that there budget has just gotten better in the last 30 minutes. Proxy Murzyn- ask SAC chair's reason for this. Senator Kocina- had a loan, and 20,000 was just forgiven. They were in violation of Federal Law for 19 days until we heard about it. That makes me question whether anyone cares. 

Senator Blakley- we'll hear the same argument in two months. I'm not willing to cut them out at this time.  Yield to Durand- Funding for the Cheer team- are going to Nationals. 12 people going- costing 4600 dollars.  KRNR has potential to reach many people, and not go in the red with the proper management. I do not know how long the Federal Law violation has been going on. You are looking at past budgets. You delegate money specifically. You passed a motion to keep them from overspending. That sounds pretty reasonable to me.  Seems like a drastic step to cut the station. I feel so strongly about it, that I would be willing to write a check. 

Senator Hennek- for 25 years this has been going on.  When I talk to my constituents, not a lot of people know about KRNR. There are 11,000 students, and no students came in. Bad investment, been proven time and time again. Senator Auseth(proxy Merton) Let's get on with this. Let's use this money constructively. Vice President Klinkner- You support giving 4000, now what is the problem? Hennek- if you give us the report, we give you the money. Senator Distel(proxy Auseth) The workers are students who are benefiting from KRNR and I hate to cut anything where students are benefiting.  However, they are continually in the red. Senator Kocina- amend by substitution to shut down. Senator Towns- seconds. 

Senator Kocina- If you want to shut it down, do it, otherwise keep it open.  This is your chance. Put up or shut up. Senator Towns- this is old. I get sick and tired of this. I can not agree more. Senator Kocina- support the amendment. Vice President Klinkner- WOW!  This will sound really weird. Let me tell you, I admire you guys for trying this. I think it's good we bring up the question to write off. I know you disagree that we should stop lollygagging. Problem I have is that even though the people who are gone knew we would be talking about KRNR, they did not know that we would be voting on shutting down. Smith- the people that are gone, they should have appointed a proxy able to speak. If the president vetoes, we have the power to override this.  Senator Pavlenko- I support what Vice President Francis said. Senator Mellen- I asked to postpone this until next week. After all is said and done, there will be a definitive burial. We are to represent our constituents thoughts and views. I stand against this motion. 

Senator Towns- Kill it or do something with it. It's plain and it's simple. Senator Larson- I can't support shutting down KRNR because they've screwed up in the past. I think they'll watch their backs. Senator Towns- for 25 years this has gone through their heads. This is a moot point. It's ridiculous to keep KRNR up and running. Senator Larson- I still disagree with you.  Senator Hennek- let's look at what we have today. The technology is old. There are students that are benefiting, but there are no possibilities for the future. There is no future. Yield to Kocina- let's pass the amendment. Let's bring it on. Senator Hennek- yield to Senator Towns- look at quote of the week. Senator Hennek- yield to Jacobson (Proxy Murzyn) - they keep making empty promises. We are wasting student dollars.  We need to spend these dollars in the students best interests. Senator Heaton- radio is a form of media, and media is a form of Mass Comm. They could go to the Mass Comm. Dept. and get some academic support, and get funding that way.  

Senator Oelberg- Being a first year and non-traditional  student, it is very hard to find out where things are and what is going on. People don't know that our meetings are open floor meetings where they can come and voice their opinions. I think it goes both ways.  There are students that want it. It's hard to say shut it down. Senator Arenz-I am really disgruntled. We are making a serious amendment to this motion. I believe we need to table this. Our constituents need to know now what is happening and what we are voting on. Jacobson (Proxy Murzyn) - call the question, Vice President Klinkner- seconds. Question is called. Amendment passes. Pavlenko, Jirele and Arenz abstain. Senator Jirele- I don't like hearing the same thing over and over again. I want to have a radio station that every one knows about and listens, but obviously this campus doesn't want that. Arenz- move to postpone to next meeting, Vice President Klinkner- seconds. Senator Arenz- we just made a huge change to a motion, we need to get out and let your constituents know what will be voted on know. Vice President Klinkner- calls the question, 

Senator Pavlenko- seconds. fails. Senator Mayfield- we knew we would be discussing freezing the account, not killing it. Blakley- I think you all are wrong. You can't just kill it without talking to people. I am not about to take it away from them before talking to them.  I think it is really unfair to come up with this type of change. Senator Kocina- let's put it off for another week, let's put it off for another week. We have put this off since January. Our money is being wasted EVERY SINGLE DAY keeping that radio station alive. I support President Hanson's veto if he does it, but let's make a stand NOW. Either you're for it or against it. 

Senator Towns- not only have I asked my constituents about freezing the account, but I have also talked to them about it shutting it down. Senator Kocina- let's do it. It's time to make a decision. Senator Hennek- I don't see the point of putting this off because three people are gone, one of whom has veto power. A decision needs to made. Auseth(proxy Merton)- yield to Senator Hennek- how many times are three people not here.  Yield to Senator Towns- People gone knew that KRNR could be killed this week. This is getting old.  Senator Mellen- I changed seats two weeks ago. I am now more open-minded to concerns of the students. I don't think potential of KRNR is being given a hearing.  I am not saying that we should fund KRNR, but I don't think we know all the answers yet. KRNR needs to give the students a voice in media resources. That is the purpose of KRNR to my knowledge. The past is the past, but today is today. My intent if this is tabled, is to find out how this can benefit the students. It is not about money to me. Money is not the factor. The problem is selling the product you are in favor of. I think this goes past money. We need to make a valid decision.   Senator Distel(proxy Auseth)- call the question. Vice President Klinkner- seconds. Motion fails.     

Back to discussion on the main motion. Senator Towns- call the question, Senator Kocina- seconds. Previous question passes Roll Call #3 on main motion Senators voting yes Heaton, Hennek, Jacobson, Chase, Rafik, Towns, Distel, Kocina, Smith, Auseth Senators voting no Larson, Pavlenko, Mayfield, Blakley, Jirele, Mellen, Oelberg, Arenz Senators abstaining Scott Perowitz Executive Staff voting no Vice President Francis Klinkner Motion passes. Senators with rights: Jacobson(proxy Murzyn) -rights  Heaton- KRNR has not proven to the Student Senate that it is capable of running it's budget in the black for a long period of time. Furthermore, lack of major student concern on the issue, has influenced me to vote in a manner that will retain student funds, so that they may be used for programs that will affect a broader range of the student body.; Arenz- I cannot, cannot, cannot, vote for an issue so monumental when my constituents are not informed. I would not be fulfilling my duties and expectations as a senator. I am appalled that anyone else here could vote in light of that.; Blakely- I can't support taking away any form of media with out consulting my constituency.; Smith- I will not support the waste of student money.; Mellen- This issue, KRNR, even though it has been debated to the ninth degree, there are facts and insights that are not being considered.  

Chase(proxy Uecker)- As students we promote excellence for our University. As representatives of the students, we must build a legacy of pride. We can not take pride in a station that is underfunded and has minimal listener ship. Either it is all the way, or no way, and we can only afford no way. Count-10 yes, 9 no. *Let it be noted that Scott Perowitz abstained for all votes while in the role of acting speaker.   

B. Mini Mavs Oral Report 

C. Semester Conversion Committee Oral Report Officer Reports

A.  Vice President- Francis Klinkner Oral Report 

B. Speaker- Eric Bakke reclaims the gavel after thanking Senator Perowitz.         

1. Oral Report         

2.  Recognition of Student Organizations- Women's LaCrosse, E-4 Gentlemen's Club-Floor Government, Computer Science Club. Towns- I wholeheartedly accept E-4 Gentlemen's Club. They have been very dedicated to life at Mankato State. Announcements Senator Kocina- I am glad to see that everyone was willing to take a stand tonight, whether we agree or not. This is probably the hardest thing that I have ever had to make on this body.          

Senator Distel(proxy Auseth)- Any one having rights or reports need to submit those to me or else they will not be noted in the minutes. Thank-you. Senator Towns- To Mr. Mellen- you have to be the most eloquent speaker in the Senate, and I have learned a lot from you. I know I may have gotten a little heated, but you all did a good job today. As next week is our last meeting, I will take this opportunity to thank everyone on this body, as I will be done after that. Mr. Speaker- I thank you for your words of encouragement, and Justin has kept me going. Hennek- I'll miss you man. Senator Perowitz- It was a unique experience to act as Speaker.  It was a good learning experience. I enjoyed doing it.  After this, I will celebrate my German heritage down at BW-3's. Senator Mayfield- Even though things didn't actually go the way I wanted, I appreciate Kocina and Towns opinions and the way they argued so passionately.           

Senator Heaton- I will have the results of our survey on the first meeting of the Spring quarter. Senator Mellen- I think this is very good experience for all of us to stand up for what they believe in. I think the students were served well tonight.           

Senator Auseth(proxy Merton)- I never expected the meeting to last 5 hours, but I am impressed with the way that you voted on the KRNR issue tonight.         Senator Smith- Student Art sculptures are up. Big Group hug.  Senator Pavlenko- As much as I would like to blow up Hallmark someday, I do believe in emotion. I think it was great that we voted on this tonight. Scott- you did a hell of a job tonight. I hope tonight's meeting will set a precedent.           

Speaker Bakke- I would really like to apologize to Emily Auseth for mis-appointing her tonight. I know it is difficult to imagine me as confused. Thank- you Mr. Towns, and you have to visit. There is no one in this room who I have deeper respect and admiration for.   Adjournment Roll Call #4 Senators voting yes Heaton, Hennek, Pavlenko, Rafik, Blakley, Towns, Distel, Kocina, Smith, Mellen, Auseth, Oelberg, Perowitz Senators voting no Jacobson, Mayfield Senators absent Cho, Larson, Fiedor, Miller, Chase, Willisams, D'Silva, Jirele, Weir, Harmon, Islam, Arenz Executive staff absent President Hanson Executive Staff voting yes Vice President Francis Klinkner Senators with rights:  Mayfield- because I am so glad to be here!