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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association

64th Student Senate

2 April 1997   

Vice President Klinkner called the meeting to order at 4:00 P.M. 

Roll Call Senators in attendance:

Brent Larson, Adam Heaton,

Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek,

Bob Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson,

Matt Chase, Dustin Mayfield,

Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Mark Distel,

Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele, Kerry Weir,

Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon, Sylvia Oelberg,

Scott Perowitz, Amy Arenz Senators absent

Yu Sik Cho, Quyntha Miller,  Roosevelt Williams, 

Shalako D'Silva, Justin Smith, Dana Akemann,

Joy Islam,

Emily Auseth Executive Staff in Attendance

President Tony Hanson,

Vice President Francis Klinkner,

Treasurer Deborah Uecker  


I.           Approval of Agenda 

II.       Student Forum  

III.   Presentations        

a.    A.  Women's Hockey - Tracy Majeske  Highlights of Majeske's presentation

  Gave brief history of women's hockey and

reported on repeated delays by the administration in

regards to the future of women's hockey

(if a program should be intercollegiate). 

Majeske and her colleagues had been actively recruiting

90 students for the hockey program. 

Administration has now responded (on 4-1-97)

there would not be a program for women's hockey

next year - prior to this response all indications

were that the program would be given the go ahead

and money was set aside.  The reasons given for the

denial was because of financial reasons

(by the women's athletic director Georgene Brock)

and Malcolm O'Sullivan,

Asst. Vice President of Student Affairs, 

said there are not plans for women's hockey

and no plans would be made anytime soon.  

Majeske highlighted some of the financial problems the

team will be facing next year in light of the Administration's decision. 

It was expected the program was going to be funded by the administration but now that it isn't funding will need to be accessed from other sources. 

She asked the senators to sign a petition asking the administration to initiate a women's hockey program in the academic year 1998-99.  Majeske took questions from Senator Kocina, Mr. Vye, President Hanson, and Senator Jacobson.   

IV.       Elections -College of Business       No Candidates 

V.           Presidential Staff CoordinatorAnderson gave an oral report.  Coordinator Vye gave an oral report.  

VI.       Approval of minutes of 3/12/97 Were approved as is. 

VII.   Old Business  No Old Business.

VIII.           New Business  Senator Kocina sponsored resolution,  cosponsor Jim Jacobson 

Whereas:  The academic affairs committee shall be responsible for representing the

student position in academic areas, and  Whereas:  Students need representation on Academic issues,

and  Whereas:  The academic senators have failed in their responsibilities, and  Whereas:  The senate has not held the academic affairs committee responsible,   Therefore Be It Resolved: That the senate assume full responsibility for the failures of the academic affairs committee.   Senator Kocina spoke of the poor attendance to the meetings and this has led to the failure of the committee to make any progress what-so-ever.  According to Kocina there has not been quorum at all since he has been appointed to the committee.  Senator Jacobson reiterated the problem with poor attendance.  President Hanson: Spoke about Coordinator Janssen's conflicts and also reported he has not been accepting pay for the position.  Hanson reported that he would like people to talk to him about finding a possible replacement and that Mr. Janssen no longer holds the position (officially).  Coordinator Vye asked the motion be re-read and also asked if the senators in question have been approached and informed of their committee memberships and of their responsibilities.  If senators are not aware of their responsibilities then this motion would be premature.  Senator Heneck:  "Obviously something needs to be done, we need to find a new chair person... there has been no leadership..."  This resolution may come off as wining but we should pass a motion which actually takes steps on resolving this issue.  Senator Kocina: "I tried to come up with another motion but the committee has not had a chair and has not been able to meet with quorum, therefore it is not possible to turn members over to the ethics committee.  The senate should be asking what the committee is doing and where the chair is.... "It is an atrocity and I can't believe no one has cared about it"  VP Klinker moved to call the question Senator Fiedor 2nd  motion passed.  Immediate vote was taken and Resolution passed. 

IX.     Senate Committee & Staff             

a.    Other SAC report: First budget hearing was held yesterday:  The ACC presented its budget... next week the Student Senates and SAF's administration budgets will be considered.  Encouraged all senators to get involved in the process and to ask plenty of questioins... He listed off the budgets which he currently has and informed the Senate the budgets are in the office.  Meetings are at 4:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Academic Affairs Committee report by Senator Fiedor.   Reported there have been plans in the past but they were not implemented due to the absence of the chair.  Plans which were underway included a blue print card for semester conversion, attendance of other committee meetings (has not occurred since no one knows when those meetings are), and addressing the issue of advising.  Encouraged senators to talk to her or other members about ideas of what they can work on and also who could chair the committee. 

IX.       X. Senator Reports            

a.    A.  Other  Senator Kocina gave an oral report. 

X.           XI.     Officer Reports               

a.    A.  President Hanson gave an oral report.                Appointments: (all accepted)         

                                                          i.      Michelle Murzyn to Semester Conversion           

                                                      ii.      Maruf Rafik and Scott Perowitz to Technology Round Table        

                                                  iii.      John Kratz to Student Focus group        

                                                      iv.      Jason Kocina to Constitution Committee           

                                                          v.      Mike Mellen and Sylvia Oelberg to Communication Committee                

b.    B.  Vice President Klinkner gave an oral report. "In 2020 Mankato State University will close its doors" "If one isn't inciting a riot one isn't doing ones job"                

c.    C.  Speaker Bakke gave an oral report.          

d.    Turned 11(?) people over to the ethics committee.             

e.    "If one isn't stopping a riot one isn't doing ones job"                

f.    Student Organization Recognition Maverick R/C Flyer Club - approved 

XI.       XII.    Announcement    President Hanson moved to close announcements,  Senator Weir 2nd.  Motion passed. 

XII.   XIII.   Adjournment   5:57 P.M.  Senator Weir motioned to adjorn.   Senator Heaton 2nd.  Senator Kocina called for roll call vote and President Hanson 2nd.    Roll Call  Senators Present Brent Larson, Adam Heaton, Jennifer Fiedor, Chris Hennek, Robert Pavlenko, Jim Jacobson, Matt Chase, Dustin Mayfield, Maruf Rafik, Peni Blakley, Mark Distel, Jason Kocina, Christine Jirele, Kerry Weir, Mike Mellen, Matt Harmon, Sylvia Oelberg, Scott Perowitz Senators Absent Yu Sik Cho, Quyntha Miller, Roosevelt Williams, Shalako D'Silva, Justin Smith, Dana Akemann, Job Islam, Emily Auseth, Amy Arenz Executive Staff Present President Tony Hanson, Vice President Francis Klinkner