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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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September 18, 1996

Call to order at 4:04 PM


Roll Call:

Senators: Stephanie Haler (0-1) Amber Anderson (1-0) Angie Kiefer (0-1) Michael Mellen (1-0) Jim Jacobson (1-0) Eric Bakke (1-0) Robert Hayden (1-0) Steve Janssen (1-0) Peni Blakley (1-0) Mark Distel (1-0) Jason Kocina (1-0) Labu Sharma (1-0) Mia n Umer Faruq (0-1) Kris Hammes (1-0) Dana Akemann (1-0) Kerry Weir (1-0) Scott Perowitz (1-0) Matt Harmon (1-0) Shakil Hossain (0-1) Joy Islam (0-1) Amy Arenz (0-1)

Staff : President Tony Hanson(1-0) Vice President Francis Klinkner (1-0) Academic Affairs Steve Janssen (1-0) Campus Enrichment Peni Blakley (1-0) Cultural Diversity Kristy Anderson(1-0) Legislative Affairs Jen Drganc (0-1) Student Affairs Christopher Hiller (1-0)

Agenda approved after changing Officer Reports before Speaker Election. Senator Anderson adding RHA report under G, Committee Reports.



President Hanson appoints: ACC-Jay Hanke, Union Board-Kris Hammes, Anthony Newman, Bookstore Advisory-Kris Hammes, Cultural Diversity-Maran Fului, Urban Affairs Board-Matt Chase, Commission of the Status of Women-Penny Rosenthal, Personal & Safety Committee-Kerry Weir, Communication Board-Jen Drganc, Fiscal Affairs Budget Sub Meet-Peni Blakley, Campus Environment-Peni Blakley, Fiscal Affairs Student Focus Group-Peni Blakley, Parking Advisory-Peni Blakley, Registrars Search-Peni Blakley, J-Board-Dana Akemann & Amber Anderson


President Tony Hanson

No reports over summer. Francis and I have been working hard on budgets. We have requested an audit of organizations with budgets over $50,000. If you are interested in any committees, talk to responsible Coordinator. Senator Hayden-were any policies violated in President Rush's decision? President Hanson: Minnesota State adopted old policies. They do apply, we have to go to Board of Trustees in a round about way. Chancellor Eaton has E-mailed us a couple of times, no real response.

Senator Harmon: Can I inquire as to correspondence with Dr. Healy in regard to MSSA coordinator stipends?

President Hanson: You may inquire. The correspondence had to do with proposed payment method of the coordinator positions - and how we arrived at these numbers.

Vice President Francis Klinkner

Last year we created a Campus Enrichment position funded partially by Fiscal Affairs and Operations. Also Public Affairs was partially funded by University Advancement. Over the summer there was a cabinet meeting and a certain Vice President, that shal l remain nameless, felt it was a conflict of interest for funding of various positions to come from other divisions (why this is, I am not positive) but in that process we have reallocated money from different parts of the budget. To save money we will not have a Public Affairs Coordinator or a treasurer. For Public Affairs-try to publicize your own programs. We wil l try to do some organizing for this in staff meetings. For those of you that were at Orientation I failed to mention that you are required to be on two committees. If you are an academic senator you are required to be on Academic Affairs, if you are a r esident senator, you are on Student Affairs. You just have to pick one other one. Most of you are already on two committees. If you have time you can pick other committees. Those are the people we like.

President Hanson: Are there any questions for Vice President Klinkner?

Speaker's Report - Vice President Klinkner

Vacancies: Off Campus, Gage A, Social & Behavioral, Arts & Humanities, Education, Science, Engineering & Technology, Allied Health Elections will be held October 8 as per our new Article in the Constitution.

Recognized Student Organizations-organizations have to be approved by us. When I read their name if you have any objections, please object. If it is an initial recognition I will also read their statement of purpose.

Recognized Organizations: Construction Management Student Association, Speak East Society, V.A.S.A., C.L.A.S.A, German Club, Economics Club, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), Mankato State Univer sity BAHAI Club-initial.

Senator Bakke-Regarding Gage B Senator

Vice President Klinkner-In new Constitution the Maverick Hall senator will be elected in October however pursuant to Article II in Constitution any reorganization that effects constituency, if there is a senator in that seat they will not lose that position die to reorganization. Senator Amy Arenz will retain the seat through May. The position will then be elected next October. Are there any other questions?

Senator Jacobson- Do organizations have to be renewed every year?

Vice President Klinkner-They have to be recognized annually by October 31.

Speaker Elections

The floor will be open to nominations. Any MSU student is eligible. The floor will be open to questions. I will limit questions to 5 for each nominee. The same questions must be asked to each candidate. A 60% vote is required to elect a Speaker. If this is not received it will be up to you to decide the process, if you want to vote again immediately, if you want to ask more questions. That is up to the senate. Are there any other questions?

President Hanson: Has the position been advertised?

Vice President Klinkner: No, it has not. I will then open the floor for nominations for Speaker of the senate.

Senator Janssen: I will nominate Eric Bakke

Vice President Klinkner: Senator Bakke, do you accept?

Senator Bakke: I accept.

Vice President Klinkner: Are there any other nominations for Speaker?

President Hanson: I nominate Francis Klinkner

Vice President Klinkner: I decline, thanks though.

Are there any other nominations?

Senator Mellen: I nominate Matt Chase

Vice President Klinkner: Do you accept

Matt Chase-I decline

Vice President Klinkner-are there any other nominations?

Is there a motion to close nominations?

Senator Hayden closes nominations. Without objection we will close nominations.

Questions for our candidate Mr. Bakke.

Senator Hammes: Because of only one candidate, can we dispense with elections.

Vice President Klinkner: Are there any objections?

President Hanson: I object

Senator Hayden: We do need to have a formal election.

President Hanson: Mr. Bakke, I am wondering how you feel that you are qualified to be Speaker in all aspects of the job not only right here but in the position its entirety.

Senator Bakke: That is a good question and the answer is: No one can assert because human nature is imperfect. I will try my best and if the Senate would rather wait to find a candidate they have more confidence in, I wouldn't blame them.

Vice President Klinkner: Are there any other questions?

Coordinator Hiller: I would like the candidate in his own words to express his views as a Speaker, duties and any other thoughts pertaining to the position itself.

Senator Bakke: My views of the Speaker has actually changed quite abit. When I served under Roger Reinert I was under the impression that the Speaker was equal to the president, now I realize that first and foremost the Speaker is a servant, someone that is here to facilitate the senate in its eternal struggle to produce legislation.

Vice President Klinkner: Are there any other questions for our candidate?

Senator Jacobson: I have a comment. I feel Senator Bakke has the knowledge of parliamentary procedures, but I also see that position as being there to advise the senators and help in the office as well as in meetings.

Senator Bakke: Well hopefully everyone would know that I would do anything that anyone would ask of me unless of course it is unethical or not in my power. I would be committed whether it be a Speaker, a senator or just a candidate.

Vice President Klinkner: Are there any other questions? Seeing none, without objection, I move to a vote.

Senator Harmon- I move to a five minute caucus.

Vice President Klinkner: All in favor of a five minute caucus say I. All opposed.

We will resume at 4:33.

Calling this meeting back to order.

Senator Hayden: I would like to postpone the election of speaker for two weeks to advertise the position and give all students an opportunity.

Vice President Klinkner: Is there a second?

Senator Mellen seconds. Is there discussion?

Senator Hammes: This position requires someone that knows the working of the senate we have a qualified candidate.

President Hanson: I am neither for or against this however, we have nearly 3,000 new students on campus and because the Reporter has not been out yet, it would be an injustice to them to vote at this time.

Senator Weir: I support this postponement because of the conflict at summer conference in regard to unqualified candidates.

Coordinator Hiller: I support this with the example Monday after Orientation two different individuals inquired about senate positions. We would not be giving them an opportunity for involvement.

Matt Chase: As MSUSA representative, first of all this summer was a different issue. We need someone that knows not only working of this body but of MSUSA......

Senator Hammes: We have several openings at this time for senators, we need to get moving, postponing this issue will only delay the work the senate should be doing

Senator Hayden: Two issues-new students on campus that we should give this opportunity to and because this is a paid position, again all students should have opportunity. A two week postponement will not have an adverse effect on the senate.

Senator Blakley: After watching this for a few years we need to have someone that knows the system, and we need it now. If we postpone yes there are new students coming in however there are many things the Speaker need to do, they need to know how to work with this administration , to work with the people upstairs, they need to know how to give information. Someone new coming in no matter how they know parli pro or the constitution will not know how to work with this school and I support Senator Bakke, he is the best candidate, he knows what needs to be known for this position.

VP Klinkner: I will read the motion and then we will vote - All in favor of postponing the Speaker election for two weeks for the purpose of advertising. Opposed.

By a vote of 9-5 the election is postponed for two weeks.


Academic Affairs No report

Campus Enrichment No report

Cultural Diversity Coordinator Anderson-International Student Orientation. Working with awards night. Met with grad student from Women's Center, Dr. Fagin. I also spoke to Dr. Bailey, a resolution was put forth last year for a class. If this goes through we will need to form a committee. I will be holding bi-weekly meetings.

Legislative Affairs No report

Public Affairs No Report

Student Affairs (See written report) Student Affairs will meet next Wed at 3:00

Election Committee Vice President Klinkner, traditionally the Election Committee is headed up by the Vice President. I have a rough draft of the Election Committee Rules written, I need more people on the committee. Get the word out on Election s, Election are Oct. 8. Campaigning begins Oct 1. Candidates can put up posters, the same campaigning as in May.

RHA Coordinator Anderson. The Residence Halls are changing to a house system on each floor, they will have a president, governor. They will be meeting weekly, or bi-weekly. RHA is having new coordinator positions. Residence Hall senators should be o n these committees.

Senator Jacobson-will the floors become separate RSO's.

Vice President Klinkner-a few halls do apply for status.






A. Eric Bakke- Last Spring a constituent had concerns on how many hours grad students can work on campus. What a tremendous honor to have worked with some many of you all these years. Thank you for your support.


President Hanson-one thing that was proposed last year, was staggering committee reports. It will be up to us to decide on how we want to do that.

Coordinator Anderson-Do we need to write a report on the MSUSA conference.

President Hanson-yes you do have to do a report. Summer is encouraged

Senator Bakke-is it constitutional for the President to require senators to submit reports?

President Hanson-It is strongly encouraged.


Senator Janssen-Academic Affairs will meet 3:00 Wed. Watch the Board. Senators are required to wear a name tag all day Wednesday.

Vice President Klinkner-Yes, that was a motion passed by the senate last year. If you want a magnetic one talk to Cheri, otherwise she will print you one up.

Senator Hayden- Is it mandatory to attend MSUSA conference?

VP Klinkner-Page 2 of Bylaws, Art. 2 Section 4. MSUSA roams to different campuses for meetings during the year. Bylaw states that every senator must attend a least one full day of a MSUSA conference held in Mankato. If elected after conference this doe s not apply. Therefore all of you here are required to attend one full day of an MSUSA meeting this year. You do not have to attend the Mankato one however, it is probably the easiest. Please let Cheri, or Matt Harmon know so they can order the proper food.

Senator Hammes: Does everyone know about office hours?

VP Klinkner-You are required to be in the office for two hours each week. We do keep track of who is here-try to be in office, that is where everything happens.

Senator Bakke-move to adjourn, second

ADJOURNMENT Meeting adjourned at 4:59 P.M.