SENATE MINUTES September 25, 1996  Call to order at 4:03 PM (Present-Absent-Late-Left) Roll Call: Senators: Stephanie Haler (0-2) Amber Anderson (2-0) Angie Kiefer (0-2) Michael Mellen (2-0) Jim Jacobson (1-1)  Eric Bakke (2-0)  Steve Janssen (1-0-1) Peni Blakley (2-0) Mark Distel (2-0) Jason Kocina (2-0) Labu Sharma (1-1) Kris Hammes (2-0) Dana Akemann (2-0) Kerry Weir (2-0) Scott Perowitz (2-0) Matt Harmon (2-0) Shakil Hossain (0-2) Joy Islam (0-2) Amy Arenz (1-1) Staff : President Tony Hanson(2-0) Vice President Francis Klinkner (2-0)  Academic Affairs Steve Janssen (1-0-1) Campus Enrichment Peni Blakley (2-0) Cultural Diversity Kristy Anderson(2-0) Student Affairs Christopher Hiller (2-0)    Agenda approved after  New Business and before appointments we will add Old Business Under Presentations Jennifer Fiedor will not be able to be here.  Remove Jennifer Fiedor from agenda.  Under Staff and Committee Reports add WWW.  Under Senator reports add written report-Eric Bakke  Approval of Minutes-moved to postpone approval of minutes to next week. Senator Bakke-it is important that senators read minutes and if anyone does not want to approve them until they are read, this is important. Approval of minutes will be placed on next weeks agenda  STUDENT FORUM   PRESENTATION-Michelle Murzyn Mini Mavs Coordinator Cheri Bowyer background of Mini Mavs program that was started in 1993.  Enrollment is increasing.   Michelle Murzyn-see handouts of objectives and budget request.  Gave dates for Barnes and Noble sale that Mini Mavs will get profits from.  Information on Book Buy Back at University Bookstore. Penny Rosenthal-gave testimony of importance of child care for MSU students. Speaking from gallery-Jen Drganc-Are you saying that if we give you the additional $1,000 and you increase your age limit you will by self-sufficient by the end of the year? Coordinator Murzyn-No,  we are not saying that, however, this will move us in the right direction  NEW BUSINESS  Eric Bakke-I move that we grant to Mini Mavs a one time allocation of $1,000. Moved by Senator Bakke and seconded by President Hanson to grant Mini Mavs a $1,000  supplemental for supplies and activities.  Senator Bakke-if we can't get the program licensed, then we will have to discontinue the program. Motion passes  OLD BUSINESS  Senator Hammes-I move to caucus for ten minutes Vice President Klinkner-it has been moved to caucus  for ten minutes. Senator Blakley seconds.  By a vote of 9-2 the motion passes to caucus for 10 minutes.  Meeting called back to order with Old Business Senator Hammes-I would like to move to suspend the rules. Vice President Klinkner- There is a motion on the floor to suspend the rules.  Is there a second?  Seconded by Senator Weir. Vice President Klinkner-All in favor of suspending the rules, please raise right hand. By a vote of 10-2 this motion passes Senator Hammes-I would like to move to put Speaker elections on the table. Vice President Hanson-It has been moved to hold Speaker elections at this moment. Seconded by Senator Distel.  By a vote of 6-4 motion passes. Floor is open to nominations for Speaker. Senator Hammes-I nominate Senator Bakke. Vice President Klinkner-Are there any questions for our candidate? President Hanson-has the position of Speaker been advertised in the Reporter? Vice President Klinkner-No it has not. President Hanson-move for a  5 minute caucus.  Seconded.  5 minute caucus Meeting called to order. Vice President Klinkner-Are there any questions for our candidate?  Any other nominations?  Seeing none we will then move to a vote. Senator Harmon-Objection to using unofficial ballots. Vice President Klinkner-vote on ballots, objection overruled.  Fourteen ballots. On ballot, write Eric Bakke or No Vice President Klinkner-We have a new Speaker.  Speaker Bakke. Speaker Bakke-the senate is back in regular role.  Is there any further Old Business?  APPOINTMENTS  President Hanson appoints: Cultural Diversity-Amber Anderson, Dana Akemann, Legislative Affairs-Amber Anderson, CD.Assist, Dana Akemann, Ethics Board-Barbara Dick SAC-Bob Nordby  OFFICER REPORTS  President Tony Hanson I would like to thank everyone for approving Mini Mavs. I have some "not to happy" news, read letter of resignation from Robert Hayden, Graduate Senator.   MSUSA this weekend, senators required to attend one conference.   Name tags-you are encouraged to wear a name tag on Wed.  Magnetic available for $7.00. If you are interested in giving campus tours, please contact Jodi in Admissions. College Fair, Sept. 30.  Students needed from 9:00-1:30.  Please see Linda in Admissions. Review of weekly  with Dr. Healy  1)  Revised MSU Weapons Policy (not RHA) If you are interested it is available in my office.  2) New Operations Weather Procedures and Closings.  Added Weather Essential Positions:  Library, Student Union, Computer Services, etc. 3) New policy for Employees Reporting Violence & Crime.  Lists people on campus to report to etc.  4) New Student Records  of Policy & Procedures.  Available in office. Last week, if  you would look in the minutes, we had a general consensus that we would wait two weeks to allow for advertising before we had Speaker election.  We also decided last year that we would have special printed ballots for elections. It is little things like that give us a  kick.  I am happy about Eric being elected, however, we need to follow procedures or else we are just time wasting.  Senator Hammes-have their been any changes in the University Bookstore offering the lowest prices on books? President Hanson-I did just talk to Perry Cutino of the University Bookstore and he has guaranteed me that they are still honoring that policy.  Vice President Francis Klinkner   Voter Registration Kick-Off Oct. 1.  Ads in Reporter, table tents, volunteers needed at table to help students fill out voter registration card. We have posters from the Secretary of State that we can hang.  Vice President Klinkner will be at table during all hours for registration. Senator Hammes-Are we doing a float for homecoming? Jen Drganc-I will be coming in to Student Affairs and Academic Affairs at 3:00  next Wednesday to talk to you about the float. We will take a vote Wed.   Speaker's Report  -Vice President Klinkner-Recognized Student Organizations- Initial Recognition-International Association of Jazz Educators. Graduate Seats open, McElroy Seat open. The following senators will be referred to the committee of Ethics and Standards for Fitness Hearings based on poor attendance:  Senator Islam, Senator Hossain, Senator Kiefer, Senator Haler-Article 5.  STAFF AND COMMITTEE REPORTS Academic Affairs - Steve Janssen- We went over a couple of things we will be working on. Mainly picking up where we left off last year, the Advising Center, Semester Conversion  at Open Studies, Senators not attending that are on Academic Affairs will be up for Fitness Report after next week.  Vice President Klinkner-motion to recess for 15 minutes.   Speaker Bakke-Motion is debatable-is there any debate. Vice President Klinkner-the Reporter would like to interview our new Speaker, Res Hall students need to get their food before it closes. Campus Enrichment   This week we have had alot of Parking Complaints. Many committees open, Parking Advisory, Parking Appeals, Safety Committee.  See me or Francis if you are interested. Senator Arenz-Do you know when they started enforcing? Senator Blakley-They began enforcing on Monday.  They started earlier in the Res Halls  Cultural Diversity  Legislative Affairs   Went to Ice Cream today, met many students. Looking forward to MSUSA Conference this weekend.  Also I will be going to a meeting with Student Events Team on leadership training. Talk to Francis if you want to be on Committee. Public Affairs  Student Affairs -11 members at meeting.  Larry Pollit from ARA came in to talk about changes, student staff, 225 positions available.  Flex dollars has been approved to $100 New advertising regarding Catering.  Call him if you have any concerns.   Senior Salute-October 16 &  17, for high school seniors.  We need volunteers to help. Committees-get signed up.  Big concern-Gender Equity, where are dollars being spent. Float-we will hear more about this next week.  Election Committee-Vice President Klinkner-Rules need to be approved.  Rules read by committee member Jen Drganc (see attached rules) Rules will be approved Article by Article. Please read entire document. Motion to recess.  Motion passes.  Senate will reconvene at 5:50. Vice President Klinkner-Following amendment-an amendment before Article I   "preamble- "these elections will conform to the MSSA Constitution, its bylaws and all university policies." Second by Senator Janssen. Amendment is now part of motion before us. Senator Janssen, move to amend Article I #2  by striking the word  prior to the first senator meeting after elections in first sentence.  Senator Janssen-basically they could change their constituency, it says that what you are running for you have to be after you are elected. Speaker Bakke-Article 1 -2 would end with constituency, if adopted.  Senator Blakley-When would they satisfy it?   Vice President Klinkner-the constitution says that they must meet their requirements prior to the beginning of the school year.  Vote on the amendment-section 2 of Article 1 is amended. President Hanson-yield to Jen Drganc Vote on Article 1 stands. Article 2-filing .  Under Article 2 for second to last sentence "fail to-replaced by is unable to". Article 2 amended Passes. Article 3 Campaigning.  Stands Article 4 Violations.     	 NEW BUSINESS A. 	  	 SENATOR REPORTS A.  Eric Bakke- due to Speaker appointment there will not be a Senator report  OPEN FORUM  ANNOUNCEMENTS  ADJOURNMENT  Meeting adjourned at 7:10 P.M.