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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

December 3, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy 10-0-0, Ryan Deimerly 14-0-0-2, Muhammad Jiwani 7-2-0, Jessica Boyd 16-0-0, Irfan Bangash-proxy Ruth Nieto 15-0-1, Sudeep Shrestha 6-3-1, Greg Lessard 14-2-0, Eric Hill- 9-0-1, Bryan Hart 14-0-1-1, Faizan M. Khan 16-0-0, Jocelyn Crist 14-1-1 Joshua Brown 10-0-0, Nathan Entinger 10-0-0, Kail Decker 10-0-0, Megan Brandt 15-0-1, Ian Radtke 15-1-0, Rachel Mudd 15-1-0

Senators Absent

Abbas Raza 6-3-1, Beth Paulson 8-1-1, Abuzar Iqbal 8-2-0 John Helcl 3-1-0

Executive Staff Absent

President Rhys Gaffer

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Student Forum

Andy Braam-Giving money to Concert Company would be a big mistake. Last year senate voted to not allot this money. There would be many other things like lectures and other events that could be had for less money, most students do not go to the concerts. When we are lobbying for money from the legislature to keep tuition low, how does it look when we spend money like this?

Jeff Vanderpol-I would also like to speak against the concert. This is a misuse of money. $32,000 is a lot of money for one night. We voted not to do this last year. What was the purpose of that if they can come back and ask for money whenever they want? This is not for a need, such as the Women’s Center request was, this is a want.

Sho Hammond-I am speaking for the Concert Company because for me this is educational,

this is what I want to do when I graduate. I want to learn how to put on a concert. 5,000 is a lot of students being able to have an event to go. This promotes our campus, it is an activity where people can go and have fun. The $15.00 cost is very cheap.

Senator Jiwani-Do you think $32,000 is enough to run a good concert?

Sho-I think it is enough.

Senator Paulson-Proxy Copic-Do you think the way students acted last year is how we want our campus portrayed?

Sho-We can’t control things, people are bad in general.

Vice President Anwer-How many people are involved in putting on an event?

Sho-Someone else will answer that.

Senator Lessard-Are you aware of the student discount that the Civic Center is giving for an upcoming concert?

Sho-No, I do not know of that concert.

Senator Shrestha-How do you think the concert will educate people?

Sho-Students can attend or help out. I want to put a concert together and learn how it evolves and see how it is run. You learn this from watching a stage performance.

Senator Shrestha-Are you saying that this will be educational for only those that get involved?

Sho-No, this can be educational for any one, it is how you look at it.

Kyle Bradshaw-There are many reasons why I am for it. We need better community relations. This would be a great way of dealing with that. Last year many organizations helped out with the concert-it builds a stronger community on campus.

Jason Kong-I am speaking on behalf of the Greek system-many of them do want this concert. I remember hearing about concerts before I came here. You want your campus to have things to do and events that you will remember when you graduate.

Senator Hill-If you are saying there are not other activities, are you discrediting the RSO’s?

Kyle Bradshaw-I am not discrediting the RSO’s-but not everyone has time to do other things.

Lisa Lukonen-I have the petitions-over 2,000 names with tech id’s. Students that signed wanted the opportunity to attend a concert. I coordinated all the volunteers last year, there were over 150. Most did get paid. Also international students were able to use this for contribution hours. I felt very proud of the efforts of all involved.

Senator Boyd-What was done to verify that everyone that signed this was a student?

Lisa-You could not begin to verify all the names. If you would like to take them and randomly check the names you are welcome to do that.

Senator Deimerly-Did the wages for the workers figure into the budget for the concert?

Lisa Lukonen-Yes

Senator Decker-Did the students take the time to read the petition?

Lisa-We tried to read and explain it to them.

Senator Cichy-Were the majority that signed Freshmen?

Lisa-We tried to get petitions from many areas on campus, some where from the res halls.

Senator Brown-How could someone get involved in volunteering?

Lisa-Contact the SLD&SL office.

President Gaffer-What is the average size of venue that we have available on campus?

Lauren Weisblatt, Asst. Director, SLD&SL-The venue that we have outside could be 10,000. The field house with the mating, 4-5 thousand. More than half of the students that attend are students or it would not make sense to do it. The community people do help pay for the event. We could have hundreds of students involved.

Vice President Anwer-What is the community ticket price?

Lauren Weisblatt-With the student activity fee figured in-the community ticket is always $10.00 more than our student price. Sometimes a band will not allow you to sell a ticket for more than a certain amount.

Senator Decker-If everyone went it would be $4.00, if only a few went it could be $30.00.

Speaker- Adding total revenue from students and student activity fee-is that more than what

non-students pay?

Lauren Weisblatt-We don’t know what the concert will bring in. If you have a $10 ticket and

2500 students go then we will have $25,000. It depends on how many students go. There have been

years where we only spent $18,000. Every concert changes as it goes.

Elections-Allied Health & Nursing, College of Education, Graduate Studies, Undeclared

College of Graduate Studies-Nicole Schultz

Nicole Schultz-I am interested in representing the College of Graduate Studies. I have been attending advisory meetings and am one of the students on the College of Graduate Studies Dean search and I do research in Arts and Humanities. In January I will be developing a college advisory board. I was asked to join the Graduate Dean’s Search with the recommendation of the senate.

President Gaffer-Given your experiences in representing students, what kind of awareness and initiatives are you thinking of bringing forward?

Nicole Schultz-I was an undergraduate at Winona and I was not involved in government, but want to represent graduate students and the College of Arts & Humanities.

Senator Boyd-Are you aware of the time commitments?

Nicole Schultz-I am aware of the senate meetings and the committee meetings.

Senator Cichy-Are there any committees you are interested in being on?

Nicole Schultz-I am not aware of all the committees, I just learned of some of them, I

feel whatever you feel would be most appropriate.

Senator Deimerly-Have you ever been in a situation where you have to weigh out one thing over another?

Nicole Schultz-I think we have all done that, I think I can do that very clearly. I can list things and make the right decision.

President Gaffer-Are you current with what challenges graduate students face in Student Affairs?

Nicole Schultz-What do graduate students face as a challenge in Student Affairs?

I do not know about Student Affairs, I am only involved in the Arts and Humanities College.

Nicole Schultz. I have touched on all your questions and have told you about what I am looking to do as a senator.

Elected Graduate Senator Nicole Schultz

Approval of Agenda Senator Iqbal added to Senator reports.

Committee Reports

SAC-Jeet Sausen, Chair (report given by Nathan Entinger)

SAC R#11.26.03A

SAC recommends funding up to $900.00 to Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship to attend a Student Leadership Training Conference in Rochester, MN.

$900.00 is the SAC policy guideline. There are 18 students attending.

Senator Boyd-Do you know if they are planning on bringing anything back?

Nathan Entinger-I am not aware of that.

Senator Deimerly-How many students are attending, the entire delegation?

Nathan Entinger-There are 18 students and 3 non student advisors.

Motion passes one abstention

SAC R#11.26.03B

SAC recommends funding up to $3,900.00 to University Repertory Dance Theatre to

attend the American College Dance Festival at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

Nathan Entinger-They had requested more, including meals. We did not give them money for meals. This is not budgeted because they do not know how many students will be attending or how much it will cost each year. They have been doing this for many years. Original request was for $5432.62.

Senator Boyd-Do they qualify for this event?

Nathan Entinger-They are not an RSO.

Senator Boyd-Are they invited or do they have standards to participate in?

Nathan Entinger-They had to qualify within the MSU group.

Senator Hart-What kind of affiliation do they have to the school?

Nathan Entinger-It is part of the Dance program minor. It is a student based company within the department.

Senator Khan-How many students are attending?

Nathan Entinger-13 people and two advisors.

Senator Lessard-Is this different than post season?

Vice President Anwer-What is this festival?

Nathan Entinger-This is a nation wide event where students can take master classes, they

interact with other dancers and participate in discussions.

Vice President Anwer-Was there any sort of fund raising?

Nathan Entinger-They put forth $250.00 from the department. There was no fundraising.

Senator Cichy-This comes up every year-they do not know how many people are attending. They are not an RSO.

Senator Lessard-It disappoints me that they only are given $250.00 from the department, and

not supported more.

Senator Boyd-I don’t feel disappointed that they did not fundraise, this is similar to athletic travel. Does the football team fundraise? I don’t think so. I support this because it is similar to other travel

Senator Crist-This is a dance minor it is not like athletics.

Motion passes

SAC R#11.19.03A

SAC recommends funding up to $32,000 to MSU Concert Company for an on-campus


Nathan Entinger-SAC was given a presentation, if you have SAC related questions, I will try to answer them.

Senator Boyd-How did the SAC vote go in the meeting?

Nathan Entinger-There was a one vote difference.

Proxy Copic-We might have overlooked some things. People say we want a concert because it is cool-other campuses have community concerts because they have great

facilities-that is a big difference, we do not have a facility. I give a lot of credit to people

that want to work on this, but concerts don’t bring school spirit or community.

Senator Decker-We have heard many sides of this. I am not going to support this because of the venue-a cement block. I also saw someone pass out last year. I saw many

students intoxicated, the community might see drunken students. 58 % of the concert last year was paid by students. Having it during the week does not help keep students on campus.

There is no accountability if the band does flop. Regarding petitions-only 25% of

those were off-campus, the people I have talked to where mostly against having a concert. Senator Brown-Throughout this entire ordeal we have talked about what students

want. Vote for what your constitutients want, don’t let anyone else sway your vote.

This is a great opportunity for involvement on campus.

Senator Crist-That student that passed out was able to get out quickly and it was not an alcohol issue-we represent other people.

Senator Lessard-There are alternative opportunities-you can attend concerts at the Civic Center for $15.00. You can get involved there. I have never heard anyone say students need this.

Coordinator Neito-People want to have a concert.

Senator Deimerly-I will be voting for this-I do not believe any event needs the majority

of students to attend it to be a legitimate event. The differences between the U of M

and Mankato are substantial. The whole point is to bring this on-campus.

Senator Cichy-Parks and Rec falls under my college –this therefore would be beneficial to my college constituents...

President Gaffer-SAC recommends up to $32,000. You have the capacity to amend that.

I have also heard that the idea is that we subsidize events like this. I am troubled when

I see a lack of support for opportunities stated in a petition that we asked for. We can

not quantify that this money is only for a night. If you are looking for something different you can go to CSU 173 and pitch your proposal. I think it is important and I applaud the research and consideration of your constitutients.

Senator Entinger-I rise in favor of this recommendation, it is along the same as a football

game or basketball game-and not many students attend these events. The justification

for dumping so much money is a drop in the bucket compared to sports.

Proxy Copic-My constituents want this. I would like to say that when you have money

you lose creativity-why can’t we involve the great campus talent we have? It would

be fair to show support for students that want to show their talent. We thought about a motion, but we need to trust SAC and say they are doing a good job. This is not too much to ask to

help build moral.

Senator Decker-We do not need to base our vote on what SAC recommends.

Senator Deimerly-Does Student Events Team give smaller groups a chance-yes, there are events in the Indigo, Battle of the Bands. Intoxication-yes people might show up drunk, but not everybody will always play by the rules.

Senator Cichy-Our job is not to rubber stamp everything SAC does.

Senator Jiwani-There was a one vote difference, it was not the whole SAC.

Senator Hart-I agree with the previous speaker-it would be cool if we did something

with the talent we do have on this campus. I wish students would get more involved.

Coordinator Neito-People have opportunities to show their talent. Concert Company has

been lobbying for weeks to make the student voice heard, because they want a concert.

Senator Brown-We have talked about this in Student Affairs-we agree with this recommendation.

Roll Call Vote

Senators voting yes

Jessica Cichy w/r, Ryan Deminerly w/r, Irfan Bangash w/r, Sudeep Shrestha w/r, Bryan Hart w/r, Faizan Khan w/r, Jocelyn Crist, Joshua Brown, Nathan Entinger, Ian Radtke, Abuzar Iqbal w/r, Beth Paulson-proxy Gordana Copic w/r

Senators voting no

Muhammad Jiwani, Jessica Boyd, Greg Lessard, Eric Hill, Rachel Mudd w/r, Kail Decker

Senators abstaining

Nicole Schultz, Megan Brandt

Executive Staff voting yes

President Gaffer, abstain w/r, Vice President Anwer

Motion passes 13-6 two abstentions

Senators voting With Rights

Jessica Cichy-I voted yes, as it would greatly benefit students within my college. This vote does not reflect my personal opinion.

Bryan Hart-I voted in favor of this measure after careful consideration of arguments from both sides. I weighed the pros and cons, but found that funding a major concert was in the best interest of our campus. I also believe the concert provides some great opportunities for Public Relations majors who could add such an experience to their resumes. Those in the Performing Arts Department would also have plenty of opportunities opened to them by helping to put on a program of this sort. I felt the care and research put into bringing this event to campus also reflected a significant number of students who desire seeing a major concert within walking distance of their class rooms.

Irfan Bangash-I voted in favor of this SAC recommendation of $32,000 for the Concert Company because my constituents approached me with a desire to have a major concert on-campus. I got emails, students called me, they approached me personally and as a representative I have to support what my constituents say.

Abuzar Iqbal-I voted in favor of this recommendation as I am representing my constituents. Not only the majority of the students of MSU are in favor of having a concert on campus, the minority that is the international students are also excited about having such a kind of events on campus. Many students approached me and requested me to vote in favor. As a senator representing students, I abide to listen.

Rachel Mudd-I voted nay based on what my constituents wanted. My personal thoughts on this issue are that many students will be unable to take advantage of the concert due to venue constraints, time issues, and commuting. I do not think it is a wise use of student fees. The money would be better spent on something that all students benefit from such as lowering student fees for next year based on the surplus in our reserve.

Approval of Minutes (11-19-03) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

We will attend Meet & Confer with President Davenport tomorrow. We will be discussing, SAP-Satisfactory Academic Progress –Academic policy changes with inclusion of financial aid eligibility. Revised policies will be in the Reporter tomorrow. Check out the policies on SAPS on the MSU.EDU web site. I encourage this body to take a position on this issue. We had over 300 students get misinformation from this university and were negatively impacted. 11 students had appeals denied. There are two things going on, 67% completion rate and maximum time frame. I will bring that forward at Meet & Confer.

The Diversity Task Force will have an open session tomorrow from 12-2 in the CSU Ballroom. We heard Dr. Joan Roca talk about this. I encourage you all to attend this. It is important to listen to this and voice an opinion.

A Red Eye Shuttle proposal would serve riders that are not served. There would be a $20.00 per semester charge. That proposal is before SAC now.

There will be a Minnesota State SAPS Task Force meeting on 12/5. The MSUSA Conference will be held

at St. Cloud 12/5-7.

Last but not least, I’d like to recognize two individuals who have served MSSA: Jessica Boyd and

Jeremy Casper. These two individuals have both served in Senate and on several of our committees. Both are graduating this semester. Jeremy has been a valued advisor to me this past spring, summer and fall. Jessica has been a good friend and helped Senate debate many tough issues. Please join me in thanking these two individuals for their exemplary service t our student government organization. Also, for those of you have made the decision to leave Senate after this semester, thank you for your service. I am glad to have served with all of you who, after today, will no longer be an active member of MSSA, but want you to know that the service you have performed is valued and recognized. On behalf of the MSSA student body, my best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors.

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

I want to quickly recognize Jessica Boyd and Josh Brown. These two will be leaving the school. Thank you very much.

Meet and Confer is a great opportunity for students to mingle with the Administration and get their point across.

MSUSA this weekend. If you have anything to be brought up, please let us know.

Have a good break. Happy Christmas. Hope to see you all back.

RHA’s recommendation of FY 2005 room and board rates. The proposal made by Residential Life was passed with some amenities added. This is approximately an 11% increase, 7.5% in base rate and 3.5% in amenities. I put this forward for approval.

Vice President Anwer/second Senator Radtke

I submit for MSSA approval the Residential Hall room rate in the amount of approximately an 11%

increase overall.

Senator Hart-Did the newspaper program go through?

Director Janney-Yes.

Senator Boyd-What will this increase be used for?

Director Janney-Much of the base rate goes to facility improvement, R&R repair and maintenance and deferred maintenance. 5 of 11 requests are for those items. 3 are the specific amenities. Students had a menu of options, each had a price tag. The biggest thing is paying upfront for laundry. We have seen this as a trend and is a good value for students-$100. Meal plan items, extension of meal exchange these were other options offered the students.

Senator Lessard, Are things taken into consideration like the windows?

Director Janney-I am not clear on what you asked.

Senator Lessard-There are permanent changes and lifestyle changes, at what cost are the permanent changes?

Director Janney-About $147 for both changes.

Senator Boyd-I am wondering if this needs to be passed because of a deadline.

Director Janney- I am requested by Minnesota State to submit this in December.

Senator Boyd-Do you know why senate was not given this recommendation request in the past?

Director Janney-It was focused on the people paying the rates. Students went to RHA meetings then back to their floors and new options came forward. In the fifth week students had another opportunity

to ask questions, then to make their recommendation. The intent was not to overlook senate.

Senator Hart-Are there things done for conservation of resources?

Director Janney-We have had concentrated efforts on recycling and we do get some income from that.

Many buildings were built around 1965. In terms of electricity-we can not support a lot of things, we

have current power needs with the use of computers. Laundry-was not considered from a conservation issue but student needs, it costs less to stay on campus then drive home to do laundry.

Proxy Copic-What was the increase last year?

Director Janney-9%

Proxy Copic- Wasn’t this money approved in increase last year?

Director Janney-There has been a long process of master planning. In Feb. permission was not granted to renovate Gage-it was a beautiful plan but it did not incorporate the dining hall. New Vice Presidents came in the Fall, now these things have been approved.

Senator Lessard-In the Master plan I thought there was to be an apartment style res hall.

Director Janney-With new leadership in place the committee is looking at the Master Plan.

Committee will give proposal in January. They are trying to address maintenance needs with money available. Fees are around renovation and adding a new type of space. That may not be recommended by the committee.

Senator Hart-It sounds like RHA has everything together and I am glad they kept their readership program.

Motion passes

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Recognized Student Organizations

College Democrats, HR and General Management Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron

Social Work Club

We talked about this a few weeks ago-when we are in a period of discussion don’t say how you are voting. Don’t start discussion with I am for or against this. It is a courtesy thing.

Resignations: Senator Crist, Senator Boyd, Senator Hussein, Senator Rauf, Senator Hill, Senator Brown, Senator Paulson, Senator Helcl

Senator Reports

SET-Jessica Boyd

It might seem weird that I am emotional but I have been involved in Senate for three years. I am graduating and I want to share a few things with you and tell you how I felt about senate. I have been involved in many activities but senate was the best, most rewarding and the most fulfilling. I know that I will be an activist and a volunteer for the rest of my life. I have made some good friends and have grown so much as a person by being involved. A lot of my activities have been activism. Those are things that are huge extra things that I take away from college. I feel honored to be have been elected twice by my fellow SET students to represent them in this position.

I feel like some of these things I’m saying are to past senates too, so many people touched my life that are not here. I hope you all have a wonderful experience. I feel good about the things I have done here, in particular, trying to reach more students with the new web site.

I feel like I have always voted the way I think is right and you all have to do that, too, for yourselves. Do what you think is right. Don’t be pressured if people are in the gallery.

You can not be pressured unfairly because people are sitting in front of you. It is hard to vote a different way when people are here. Vote the way you believe is right. Some people say senate does not have real power-but I feel that is wrong, we really do. If we pass something that is the student

voice. If the administration does not listen to the voice of the students, that says something.

Don’t ever be afraid to question things-process, decisions, etc. Just because things have been done that way for a long time does not meant that it’s right.

Finally, I just want to say that it has been an honor serving with all of you and I wish you all the best. Good luck with your finals and have a wonderful break.

Senator Radtke-So what kitchen utensil did you end up being?

Senator Boyd-A Spork-it can be used as a spoon or a fork and it is multi purpose

Senator Deimerly-Where are you going?

Senator Boyd-I am looking for a job and applying to grad school.

Senator Bangash-What do you think is wrong in senate that we should work on?

Senator Boyd-I think that people need to know more about what we are doing. It

is about staying connected with each other. There are many reasons people resign

from senate-the problem is continuity.

Senator Mudd-What was your most memorable experience?

Senator Boyd-Two years ago senate was very close, many people were leaving

and people were crying-it was very emotional, it felt good because we had worked so well together. It was fun, so fun.

Senator Lessard-What do you do in Mankato?

Senator Boyd-The Coffee Hag and the Filling Station. UNIX group has unofficial meeting at McGoffs or Bdubs and it is so fun.

Social & Behavioral Science-Eric Hill

First off, I would like to thank President Gaffer and the Senate for allowing me to attend the Federal Lobby trip to Washington, DC for MSUSA. The findings of the trip were as follows: Republican staffers and senators told us the Republicans have pushed to increase funding for the Pell Grant program. There is one hitch to that in Minnesota known as the Pell Pass Through. The Democrats as always want to raise funding for higher education.

Tomorrow I will leave the Leg Affairs materials in the office so that remaining senators may carry on the issues. That leads me to my final note, due to an unsatisfactory academic semester, I feel it is in my best interest to vacate my seat effective at the adjournment of this meeting. This has been a difficult choice to make. Everyone I have worked with here, no matter the viewpoint, is deserving of their position. Along with this my bid for the Legislative Affairs Coordinator position will be withdrawn. I would like to be a part of this group in the future. As I said, I am leaving to focus solely on studies.

Social & Behavioral Science-Greg Lessard

I will be at the Diversity Task Force tomorrow from 12-2 in the Ballroom. I went to the Social & Behavioral Science Advisory Board. I went to the Eliminate Hate Week Meeting, this will be held the last week in March. Next semester ECDC will be bringing forth initiatives for diversity panels and classroom presentations. Thank you to senator Boyd, Senator Crist, Senator Hill, Senator Brown and Jeremy Casper, also Senator Hussein and Senator Rauf. Welcome new Senator Schultz.

Arts& Humanities-Ryan Deimerly

Within the past few weeks as a member of Leg Affairs and at College Dems we

have been going over the riots. I have emailed John Dorn and John Hottinger, we will be bringing them here next semester. We will be talking about the riot issue. John Dorn said that the Legislature is obviously out-but they will be talking about Legislation from Karla Nelson.

Off-Campus-Nathan Entinger

I am going to be meeting with some landlords over break about a Tenant Association. We will talk about bylaws etc. We need to get input for association. We need people on Student Affairs.

Senator Boyd-Why are you dressed up?

Senator Entinger-I have a choir concert tonight.

McElroy Hall-Josh Brown

I am leaving MSU after this semester. I am going to get my complaint over quick. To think I am that

shallow to vote for Concert Company because I am leaving is absurd. I worked hard on

that issue. My choice of leaving does not have anything to do with the school.

Senator Hart-Are you looking at getting involved at Iowa State?

Senator Brown-I am looking at different options.

Senator Lessard-Is it cheaper down there?

Senator Brown- Compared to MSU, housing is more but tuition is less.

Crawford Hall-Faizan Khan

Ramadan is over so no fasting. Due to heavy time conflict, I was unable to work with the RHA this semester, I was working straight for 6 hours during the time RHA met. The hot topic for them right now is the Residence Hall rates for next year. I got a new job, I am not a traffic coordinator next semester. I am going home for winter break.

Senator Mudd-What is your new job?

Senator Khan-I am a night owl.

SET-Irfan Bangash

Last week we had an SET open forum. In attendance were Harry Peterson from Automotive & Manufacturing Engineering, Colin Wrightman from CIS, Larry Pearson from Math & Statistics and Scott Fee from IDCM. We did not have a good participation from the students. In the CIS department there are complaints about not using other operating systems besides windows. Why are we not using Linun? The department has scheduling issues. If they have to open a new section, they have to go through a long hectic process. The department needs to have the process easy and globalized. The enrollment has decreased a great deal. In 2000 the department had about seven hundred majors. Today, they have less than 350. Out of those, 90 are seniors who will graduate in May 2004. In the IDCM Department this is a lack of space, faculty and department is not located at the appropriate place. The behavior of some faculty is really bad with the students.

I am going to MSUSA Conference this weekend. I attended SET College Advisory Bd. Thank you Jessica for guiding me, she helped me a lot. Senator Brown-I will remember you and the way you speak.

Senator Lessard-You got a new haircut.

Senator Brown-What is wrong with the way I speak?

Senator Bangash-I like it.

SET-Sudeep Shrestha

CSET Forum-not a lot of students, but department chairs where there and we did get a lot of information. We talked about lab hours because they are not open weekend hours. AMET-possible A&T Masters program? .Not very soon due to lack of faculty. However there is a Masters in MET with a concentration in AET. There was discussion about extending lab hours at EPL (NE 103) but there is a lack of funding to hire a lab supervisor. In Mathematics there will be an opening of more technology based courses. We need more senators in Student Technology Roundtable.

Off-Campus Abuzar Iqbal

After two and half years I am going home to Pakistan during the break. Senator Khan knows how

cold it gets when you are doing traffic. Students are again talking about their

wages. I will talk to Dave Cowan about that.


Speaker-Senator Helcl is resigning next semester because he is being denied his financial aid.

Senator Boyd-The Jewish Student Association Hanukkah party will be starting at 5:00 in the Multicultural Center.

Senator Schultz-Diversity Task Force-currently no undergrads are attending.

President Gaffer-I will be attending several meetings during the break.

especially SAP and Minnesota State Trustees Task Force meeting next week. One last thing about

Riot task force-initial meeting will be held next week. Submit your name if you want

to participate-review Ohio report in the office.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy, Ryan Deimerly, Muhammad Jiwani, Nicole Schultz, Jessica Boyd, Irfan Bangash-proxy Ruth Nieto, Sudeep Shrestha, Greg Lessard, Eric Hill, Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan, Joshua Brown, Abuzar Iqbal, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd

Senators Absent

Abbas Raza, Jocelyn Crist, Nathan Entinger . John Helcl, Kail Decker, Beth Paulson

Officers Present

President Rhys Gaffer

Officers Absent Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM