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Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Cost of on-campus living might be raised yet again

by Brittney Hansen

Issue date: 11/15/07 Section: Senate News and Notes

The Minnesota State Residence Hall Association has been undergoing a series of rigorous committee meetings with Residence Hall director Cindy Janney and several MSSA representatives to discuss the 2008 to '09 room and board rates.

RHA President Tom Pothen mentioned, however, that only one other RHA member attended 100 percent of these committee meetings and another RHA member attended about 50 percent. RHA will be examining the possibility of eliminating dorm phones, as only about five percent of students living in dorms use them, and will be looking into possible changes in cafeteria hours and quality of food.

Non-renovated double rooms and board rates in Maverick Hall, Crawford or McElroy are proposed to increase $239 to $446 depending on the meal plan, and renovated double room and board rates in Crawford D-Hall would range from $4,285 to $6,095. A double semi-suite in Sears would range from $4,791 to $6,601 and a single semi-suite would range from $6,758 to $8,568.

According to the presentation, these increases are anywhere from 5.67 to 8.45 percent from last year.

Campus Recreation Director Todd Pfingsten also gave a presentation Wednesday.

Pfingsten said Campus Recreation is working in collaboration with Human Performance and Athletics to secure funding for upgrades to the outdoor recreation facilities.

The first meeting as a large committee will be held Friday and consist of five students, five MSSA members, Vice President of Finance and Administration Richard Straka, Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Swatfager-Haney and numerous faculty.

Updates and additions to the Outdoor Recreation Facilities did not pass last year in a student referendum, but Campus Recreation is currently looking at different layouts and funding sources such as private donations and partnerships with the city of Mankato.

Corporate sponsors to Campus Recreation currently generate about $3,000 a year.

The Student Allocations Committee gave Campus Recreation $337,000 this year - much of which went towards staff and student wages - as well as equipment, supplies and repairs.

According to Pfingsten, Campus Recration plans to self-generate $75,000 through faculty memberships and intramural and club sports memberships, but so far this year has generated less than half of that goal.

"We feel the students at MSU get a pretty good bang for their buck through their involvement with campus recreation," he said.

He said the purpose of Campus Recreation was to promote long-term healthy lifestyle and behavior through participation in multifaceted recreation, leisure and athletic activities.

"I don't think there's any question of the benefit that students get from stress relief, physical workouts and from meeting people and the social connections that students are able to make," he said.

He added that Otto Arena has received over 100,000 scans from September to November, adding that morning hours have been busier this year than in previous years. He also said that approximately 60 percent of MSU students use the facilities available in Otto Arena.

Campus Recreation also handles intramural sports such as badminton, bowling, billiards, softball, flag football and more.

MSSA also passed several motions:

• $294 was allocated to the Foreign Language Initiative for FLI Cultural Night 2007.

• MSSA also elected Ethnic Studies graduate student Vang Xiong as a new Graduate Studies Senator. There is still a vacancy in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Bronson Pettitt is the Reporter editor in chief