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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Student Senate Accessibility Beneficial to MSU Students

Issue date: 1/23/07 Section: Editorial

Perhaps no organization on campus has been more reinvigorated by its leadership than the Minnesota State Student Association.

For years, the MSSA has been an understated on-campus organization, despite the fact it's MSU's most important. Past administrations failed in connecting with students if they ever made the attempt.

Such has not been the case with President Gabe Afolayan and Vice President Chris Frederick, who have made the MSSA more accessible than ever, not to mention provided ample services to every student.

With their most recent poster campaign, students have been bombarded by the cold, hard facts on campus spending. Seeing as our MSSA controls nearly $4 million in student fees, it's essential we're all made aware of how this money is allocated. Where students would've been required to seek out this information in the past, Afolayan and Frederick along with the entire MSSA have brought the information to us.

This year's edition of the MSSA has proven students are the first priority. After another ho-hum Homecoming week, Afolayan and Frederick took initiative and formed the Homecoming Development Taskforce to help improve future Homecomings. The group is represented by students, staff, administration and athletics with the intent of making recommendations to engage the city of Mankato, all sectors of the MSU community (including alumni) and to revive the Homecoming spirit of yesteryear.

Every year, we entrust the MSSA with our hard earned buck, expecting them to spend it wisely. If tuition threatens to rise, if student fees face unnecessary increase, we expect our MSSA to fight tooth and nail against the powers that be. The difference between this MSSA and those of past is this one doesn't wait for a fight - it goes out and finds one. It's this proactive approach that has kept administration in check, costs at bay and ideas limited to "what's best for the students" instead of "what's best for the school." All too often, these two items compete.

We should be happy to have this year's MSSA on our side, just like it should be.