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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Gerard Aloisio - a passion for teaching

Gerard Aloisio

Music in General Studies, Low Brass

If your question is: "who was Mozart, why are so many people still excited about jazz, will country music always talk about God, family, and patriotism, when and how did Rock begin?", or "can I take lessons on trombone, tuba, or euphonium?", then I am the man you talk to.



David Dickau - a passion for teaching

David Dickau

Choral Music, Conducting

The best part of the day is when I am with our students. We share a desire for making great music together.


Linda Duckett - a passion for teaching

David Gadberry

Music Theory, Aural Skills, Music Education

 I want my students to be active participants in their learning, and I want them to be connecting their emerging knowledge with their experiences. I believe that students learn best when in a safe, communal environment; and I strive to provide practical, engaging activities to help encourage higher-order thinking skills. My goal is to infuse the learning process with humor, fun, and challenge while fostering the students’ transfer of knowledge and practical application of skills.


Dale Haefner - a passion for teaching

Dale Haefner

Performance Series,
Music Industry Studies

Learn by doing. In addition to hands-on class projects, you'll work in a real-world music business environment at the University. You will work with guest artists, learn to produce shows, engage in public relation activities, and explore other exciting Music Industry projects.



Stephanie Thorpe

Aaron Humble

Voice and Choral Music

 I like to refer to the voice as the original instrument. I love exploring the variety of sounds the voice can make and continuing to grow my knowledge of all kinds of vocal and choral repertoire. I'm super excited to be teaching voice and and conducting choirs here in the land of 10,000 choirs.




John Lindberg - a passion for teaching

John Lindberg

Music History, Aural Skills, Bassoon

I am fascinated by the way that music creates images, emotions, and moods, and enjoy watching my students as they discover that connection. This could be the reason I ended up playing bassoon. To quote rocker Frank Zappa: "The bassoon has a medieval aroma, like the days when everything used to sound like that. Some people crave baseball...I find this unfathomable, but I can easily understand why a person could get excited about playing the bassoon."


Joe Rodgers - a passion for teaching

Joseph Rodgers

Orchestral Activities, Music Theory, Low Strings


After two decades of making a living performing solo, orchestra and chamber music, I decided to give back by becoming a teacher. My students know that when they ask me about how things work in the real world, I've been there and done that!


Amy Roisum-Foley - a passion for teaching

Amy K. Roisum Foley

Director of Bands, Conducting

There's a rumor going around that I sleep with a metronome under my pillow. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. The important part is that I'm passionate (or weird) enough that people believe it.


 Michael Olson

  Music Theory, Composition, Music       Industry

In today’s music industry, creative skills are more important than ever. At MSU, whether you study songwriting, composition, film scoring, sound design, or audio production, my commitment is to help you develop your craft, expand your creative process, and connect you with opportunities on campus and in the field.


Doug Snapp - a passion for teaching

Doug Snapp

Jazz Studies, Trumpet/Brass, Music Technology, Department Chair

Whether studying jazz, trumpet, music technology, or brass, the focus for my students is to prepare for Real World situations. Students pursue their musical passions, perform in multiple settings, and have opportunities to work with nationally recognized artists and educators.


Stephanie Thorpe

Stephanie Thorpe

Voice, Related Vocal Studies

Each voice is like a fingerprint, unique and beautiful in its own way. My goal as a teacher is to assist each student in discovering their own distinctive sound and expressing themselves with passion and excitement! I am inspiring a new generation of musicians to speak and sing new languages, listen in creative and critical ways, and learn with enthusiasm. As a Vocologist, the students gain up-to-date information concerning the vocal mechanism and vocal health. My real-world performance experience in the classical, musical theatre, and contemporary genres affords students the opportunity to be more marketable and entrepreneurial performers, musicians, and future educators.



Michael Thursby - a passion for teaching

Michael Thursby

Maverick 'Machine' Athletic Bands, Percussion

Music makes sporting events exciting and our Maverick Athletic Bands help bring that electric atmosphere to each event we are a part of on campus - Go Mavs!


David Viscoli - a passion for teaching

David Viscoli

Private Piano, Piano Pedagogy and
Literature, Accompanying

I enjoy working with my students and helping them grow as musicians. At MSU, we have a wonderful community of piano students who really support each other's progress.