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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Music Industry Studies @ Minnesota State University, Mankato
Music Business | Songwriting and Audio Production | Articulated Programs

Admission to our program is competitive. Each year, a maximum of 15 students are admitted to through an audition and selection process. We offer two tracks in our program: Music Business, and Songwriting/Audio Production. Both degree programs require the following materials in an application packet:

1. A completed Music Industry Application form.

2. A completed on-campus audition on your primary instrument.

Each track has its own specific entrance requirements, which are outlined below:

Music Business:
Our B.S. in Music Business degree is designed for musicians who want a strong emphasis on the business side of the industry. While we don’t expect you to be a virtuoso performer, we DO expect that you are a serious musician who is serious about their craft. For Music Business students, we are looking for the following:

1. Strong entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Some experience in the music industry (this can be anything: making posters for a friend’s show, booking a band, recording in a studio, running live sound, playing in a band, starting a blog/website, managing social media accounts, participating in a music industry club, etc.)

Songwriting/Audio Production:

Students should submit a portfolio of 2-3 songs in the following format:

1. All songs should be uploaded to a streaming site (soundcloud, Youtube, vimeo).

2. Leadsheets of your songs (lyrics and chords) should be submitted in .pdf format.

3. Attach the leadsheets to an email, and send the links to your song materials to:

Can songs be any genre of music?
Yes! You can submit any genre (rock, country, EDM, rap, pop, hiphop, electronic, gospel, contemporary Christian, etc.)
Should the song genres vary?
Yes. We like to see variety in the songs you submit. Genres, tempo, orchestration, or other elements may vary in your submission.    
Do I have to perform the songs I write?
No.  Applicants may have someone else perform the songs submitted for the portfolio.
Do the songs have to have lyrics or can they be instrumental?
You must submit completed songs. If the song is an instrumental (this happens a lot in electronic music), then that is fine. We do not accept “songs” that are lyrics only.
Will I receive feedback on my work, regardless of whether I am accepted into the program or not?
NO. Your portfolio is designed to evaluate your songwriting ability and your fit for our program expectations. It is not designed to be evaluative of your overall strengths as a songwriter nor to provide you feedback.  Although many good songwriters will apply, we are limited in enrollment and able to admit only those students who are the best fit for our program.