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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Music Industry Accomplishments

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The Music Industry area at Minnesota State Mankato has experienced an exceptional year of accomplishment and progress!

  • Through Student Events Team, the Campus Activity board, Music Industry students planned and managed a substantial part of on-campus musical activities, including a singersongwriter competition, open mic events, and numerous concerts. In 2010-2011, we will have even more management participation, via Student Events Team's new concert producer, our own Brittany McDowell. (Props also to Eliseo DeLaTorre, Rose Caswell, Sam Conant, Madison Porisch.
  • Our concert recording services division and Gearheads team carried on without a hitch, and we added significant new gear (and capabilities) to our roster, led by Ben Wieman, with Brice DeGrand, Carissa Guse, Cole Bawek, Eliseo DeLaTorre, and Sam Shidla.
  • We produced a series of promotional and informational videos for the Music Department website, most of which involved elaborate multi-camera shoots, produced in conjunction with our new creative relationship with Bethany Lutheran College. Special thanks to Lee Henke, Abbie Christensen, Chelsea Phillips, Ben Wieman, and Rich Meitin.
  • We worked with several local venues to discuss and develop their music needs, resulting in a variety of potential work opportunities for Music Industry students.
  • Several student cover bands developed very sophisticated promo packages, built out successful social media pages, created disciplined booking operations, and began to draw notable crowds and fans by years' end. (Props to Lee Henke, Dustin Hackworth, Abbie Christensen, their publicist, and Justin Gehrke.)
  • We assisted a local booking/production company with sales of their talent services and booking of one of their principal projects (Dustin Hackworth, burning up the telephone lines).
  • Alex Everson built a thoroughly professional music website for his DJ services company, with Gena Johnson's help.
  • We developed and tested the use of several gig contracts (Dustin Hackworth, Justin Gehrke, Alex Everson).
  • We created a large number of still photos for use on Facebook and the Department's website (Rachel Tenney, Abbie Christensen, Dale Haefner, Rich Meitin).
  • Students participated intensively in the development of three new courses to be added to the revised 2010-2011 Music Industry curriculum. Great thanks to Alex Everson, Tim Lien, Abbie Christensen, Jordan Ashbacher, Brittany Fogelman, Dan Anderson, Lee Henke, Dustin Hackworth, Brice DeGrand, James Raymer, Gena Johnson.
  • We continued to provide professional ushering services to the many concerts in the recital hall, under Dale Haefner's direction.
  • Under Dale Haefner's direction, Abbie Christensen was instrumental in programming a number of major outreach grant activities: A KMSU radio show featuring artist Taj Weekes and other discussing diabetes prevention, a children's interaction with Weekes at the YMCA, and a performance and discussion at a local elementary school featuring jazz pianist Armen Donelian.
  • Dale Haefner's Concert Production class produced a two-band performance at a local club, designed and placed the display ad and poster, developed advertising funds and did pre-show stage set-up and stage strike. Great work by Cole Bawek, Gena Johnson, Lee Henke, Justin Gehrke, Ben Wieman, Abbie Christensen.
  • Two student development teams are continuing to work with their New York clients this summer. Lee Henke is leading a team working on a promotions pitch and endorsement deal for his client, and Abbie Christensen will be traveling to NYC in June to work with her client, Mary Jennings. Plans include a concert tour to the Midwest and a campus concert via Student Events Team. Christensen's team is working on developing additional Minnesota bookings.
  • Internship successes included Yuki Maekawa's placement with the Grammy organization in NYC, Alex Everson's work with Rhymesayers promotions and street teams in Minneapolis, and Chris Bosman's placement with the extremely well-regarded music website Pitchfork Media in Chicago, which subsequently offered Chris a job!
The Music Industry Faculty Committee (Dale Haefner, Rich Meitin, Doug Snapp, John Lindberg) was responsible for a number of accomplishments and new initiatives.
  • The Music Department website was thoroughly redesigned and updated, and populated with lots of new pics and videos, projects directed by Haefner/Meitin and erected on the site by Dale Haefner.
  • The Music Industry curriculum program went through a major redesign, removing dated courses and creating new ones to track with the latest industry developments. This curriculum will go into effect August 2010.
  • The Committee designed and secured approvals for a new accredited Online Music Industry program/certificate, the first of its kind in the country. This certificate program will go into effect August 2010.
  • The Committee implemented a joint four-year program with Hennepin Technical College and Minnesota State Mankato for students interested in becoming Audio Recording specialists. This unique program will go into effect August 2010.
  • The Music Department eliminated the College of Business' restriction on using Macintosh laptop computers for our Music Industry business minors, a process that took several years to complete.
  • Rich Meitin published an article in the MEIEA e-journal and appeared on a panel during this year's MEIEA conference in Miami, which was also attended by Dale Haefner.