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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Employment News from Our MI Grads and Students

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A good news year!

Nick GerhardtNick Gerhardt is breaking sales records at 11Spot/Redeye, an indie music distributor in North Carolina.

Tim LienTim Lien is the Marketing Manager of Instant Request DJ Entertainment in the Cities, for whom he also does creative lighting work.

Chris BosmanChris Bosman, after leaving a job with leading music blog Pitchfork Media in Chicago, is now working in tech support for Best Buy and writing for several music blogs, including his own. When we spoke, he had upcoming plans to score a documentary film.

Al Everson is an executive assistant at Rhymesayers in Minneapolis, one of the leading hiphop labels in the Midwest, where he reports to their top execs.

Seth FlattenSeth Flatten works in Student Services at the MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis.

Meghan Rodgers completed an internship in promotions at radio 93 X in Minneapolis, where they invited her to continue to work after her MSU internship is complete.

Upper class uprising

Upper class MI students are already tackling professional responsibilities:

  • Cole Bawek is chief aide to the Mankato Symphony organization.
  • Abbie Christensen is working on promotions and social media for Reggae artist Taj Weekes.
  • Jordan Ashbacher is a busy and successful DJ for Elegant Affairs.
  • Lee Henke is the marketing man at Rhapsody Music, where, among other things, he has completely revamped their web image and functionality, and has gotten them to the top of the Google search for regional music retailers. Lee and Dustin Hackworth created one of the most popular local bands: Dr. Lee and the Terminally Chill, who are now making the career switchover from cover band to original artists. They are now mastering their first CD offering.

We are extremely happy with these post-internship placements, and even our undergrads are already music business pros!

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