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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Personal Safety Alert- Assault and Robbery Near Campus

University Security was provided information from the Mankato Police about an alleged assault and robbery that occurred off-campus near the intersection of Monks Avenue and Stadium Road shortly after 1 a.m. on Sunday (04/24/2016). Three victims reported that they were confronted and assaulted by a group of 9 individuals (described as 5 females and 4 males). Two of the victims reported being pushed down. The third victim reported being attacked and indicated he was holding his wallet at the time, which was taken during the encounter. No other physical descriptions of the suspects were provided. A description of an involved vehicle was a silver four door car. No arrests have been made.

Personal Safety Alert - Nonconsensual Sexual Contact

Yesterday evening (04/21/2016), University Security and Mankato Police took a report of an alleged incident of nonconsensual sexual contact involving acquaintances in Preska Residence Community. The victim did not request charges. University officials are following up.

Personal Safety Alert- Assault

Update: As of 02/10/2016 both alleged individuals have been arrested.

Personal Safety Alert - Burglary

On Tuesday evening, December 8th 2015, Residential Life staff along with the Mankato Police Department, received a report of a burglary at Stadium Heights Apartments.