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Employee Address Verification

MMB Implementing Employee Address Verification


As part of the annual effort to ensure that employee mailing addresses are up-to-date, Minnesota Management and Budget will soon be implementing an address verification request.  When employees sign into self-service, they will be asked to verify--and if necessary, change--their home addresses. After the employee verifies or changes the address, the request will cease to appear.


Editing an address (particularly County) in this software is tricky.  Please follow these steps for changing the city/state/county information:

            * First, complete the "State" field.

            * Next, in the City field type the first letter of your city, and then click on the magnifying glass to search.

                           *  The result is a list of all cities in the State indicated which begin with that letter.  Select your city.

            * Finally, once the City field is populated, go to the County field and search (magnifying glass).

                            * The system will respond with one or more county options.  Select your county.


Please be sure to verify that your home mailing address is up-to-date, so you can receive Open Enrollment and other mailings.

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