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New opportunities come with the aviation program's staying power.


In The QueueNew opportunities come with the aviation program's staying power.

We are in the middle of the accreditation process for Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI). This huge undertaking will be well worth the effort, since most airlines and other companies now prefer graduates from accredited aviation programs.

In preparation for accreditation, we have completed a top-to-bottom review of our program. We created a new Industry Advisory Board to review and provide important input on our curricula and desired student learning outcomes.

In addition, we made some key modifications to the curriculum. North Star Aviation, our flight-training contractor, collaborated with us to develop a new, active Safety Management System (SMS) at the airport. The system includes an active safety component throughout the program.

Another exciting project we are engaged with is the acquisition of a CRJ 700 simulator. Along with its acquisition, we are creating a CRM/Jet aircraft introduction or transition course for professional flight students. Watch for more information about this exciting addition in our next issue.

These initiatives have led to partnerships with industry. Final touches are being applied to our “pathway program” with American Eagle for professional flight graduates. Other regional carriers have also expressed interest in partnerships that serve students.

Finally, our Maverick Flight Team continues to shine. The team consists of dedicated faculty advisors, and a committed, engaged group of students who consistently hold their own against some of the best collegiate flight teams in the country.

As you can see, the Aviation Department at Minnesota State Mankato is alive and thriving! Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to share with you our passion for preparing engaged, top quality, aviation professionals.

Thomas Peterson at  or 507-389-5094.

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