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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Insight from a Frey Fellowship Recipient

If you're thinking about applying for the Frey Fellowship this semester, Kelly Hunt, the recent recipient, says "go for it!" and here's why!


Kelly Hunt, a Geology student at Minnesota State University, Mankato, applied for and received the Frey Fellowship last year. This semester (fall 2014), Kelly is wrapping up her project and reflecting on the results.

Since she is involved in the Geology Facebook page, Kelly heard about the fellowship when her advisor shared the information to Geology students on that page. After looking into it more on the university website, Kelly decided to take the initiative and apply for the fellowship. Though the application is an in-depth process, Kelly said it is a great way to get the project rolling—an otherwise very hard task! She was able to write drafts of the fellowship application and her proposed project, have her advisor and mentor review those drafts for her, and apply for the fellowship already having a rough project proposal documented on how she would test the ability of floating islands to improve water quality in shallow prairie pothole lakes, of which Minnesota waters are characteristic.

The timeline of this fellowship process is similar to a research project; Kelly spent part of a school year preparing and planning the project, and then during the summer, she ran the project. Differing from a regular research project, though, Kelly was able to independently run her tests and plan, which gave her great insight into how to independently conduct research and plan projects, getting her a step ahead of other students.

She looks forward to receiving her undergraduate degree and continuing her work with the implications for floating islands to improve water quality, potentially in graduate study. For now, though, she passes on valuable insight to students who are looking to apply for this fellowship:

“Don’t underestimate your abilities; go for it!"

Kelly described her hesitation prior to applying for the fellowship because she wasn’t sure if she could get it. Now, though, after having received the fellowship award, Kelly has gained great independence, research experience, and the realization that she, like many other students, have the full potential to achieve greatness!

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