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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Dr. James Luby for Seminar Series

Dr. James Luby, of University of Minnesota, is visiting on February 13th as a speaker for the Biology Seminar Series.


 Welcome Dr. James Luby to Minnesota State Mankato!

"Grape Breeding for Cold Climate Wine Production at the University of Minnesota"

Seminar Flyer

CSET is excited to welcome Department of Biology Seminar Series speaker Dr. James Luby, of University of Minnesota, to our College.

Friday, February 13th @2PM in Trafton C-124

Dr. Luby is a Horticultural Science professor at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He earned his B.S. in Crop Science from Purdue University and his PhD in Plant Breeding and Genetics at the University of Minnesota. He joined the faculty at UMN's Department of Horticultural Science in 1982. Dr. Luby has been involved in the production of 26 new varieties of fruit, including Honeycrisp and Zestar apples.


The explosion in Minnesota wineries over the last 15 years was enabled by a group of new cold hardy wine varieties that became available starting in the 1990s. Jim Luby, director of fruit breeding programs at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities will recount the historical development of grapes in Minnesota and provide insights on breeding in the current era of genomics and metabolomics. In addition, Dr. Luby's fruit breeding research has led to development of the Honecrisp and Zestar apples, in additional to other fruits.

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