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Local Police Warn of Scam Targeting Residents

Be aware of phone scams impersonating the police.


ITS has learned of reports of phone calls from individuals impersonating the police. The calls appear to originate from a police phone number; however, the number has been spoofed and is not legitimate.

You should never provide personal information to unsolicited callers. Even if the call appears to come from the police, do not provide personal information. Police will not ask for money transfers to forego a warrant.

If you provide your personal information over the phone, you may fall victim to this scam. Here’s how it works:

  • The scammer will gather information about the target using social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The scammers will spoof the Public Safety phone number and call the target.
  • The scammer will tell the target that there are warrants for their arrest and that they must pay money or the police will arrest them.
  • The target will be directed to transfer funds via Moneygram or money transfer.

Possible consequences of participating in the scam include:

  • Loss of funds
  • Identity theft

Protect yourself from this scam by practicing the following precautions:

  • Do not provide personal information to unsolicited callers.
  • Be skeptical of any caller asking for personal information. Phone numbers and caller IDs can be spoofed.
  • If you are in doubt, verify. Contact the agency the caller claims to be representing.

If you have been a victim of this scam, contact the police at 911.

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