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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Kanopy Streaming Video Access Change

Kanopy Streaming Video has been switched from view-on-demand to mediated licensing, which means video will have to submit a video request for approval.


Why in the Library making this change?

Kanopy Streaming has been extremely popular – which is great! Unfortunately, usage has also exceeded the budget allocated for this service. Unlike most Library subscriptions, Kanopy Streaming does not operate based on a prepaid subscription. Kanopy instead charges an annual license per title used.

What does this mean for your classes?

Please check the video’s link a few days in advance of planned use of the video. If you have previously assigned a video to your students this academic year, you probably won’t notice a difference in access.
If you instead see the message “This film is not available at your library yet” you can submit Kanopy’s request form or directly contact Media Services Librarian Barb Bergman at or 507-389-5945 to request a film for academic use.

For faster access, also check MavScholar to see if the Library has a DVD of the film.

More information:

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