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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Order of the Engineer 2016 Inductions

42 students inducted to the Order of the Engineer


CSET is thrilled to announce that 36 of our engineering students were inducted into the Order of the Engineer this last Wednesday, February 24th. The Order of the Engineer is "Upholding Devotion to the Standards and Dignity of the Engineering Profession". More information about the Order of the Engineer can be found at the Order's website. Pictures from the event can be found here.

Mechanical Engineering

Gabriel Wolfe

Peter Howley

Ridge Raddatz

Alex Hoffman

Dylan Walsh

Dylan Swearingen

Tom Schreiner

Jimmy Adams

Clayton Hoehn

Chase Kraus

Trevor Wynkoop

Mathew Bruels

Luke Rose

Mohamed Ashick Wazeer

Travis Hanenburg

Joseph Drilling

Civil Engineering

Charles Fuschel

Adam Nix

Michael Hulsein

Jacob Rischmiller

Tou Vu

Amanda Iversen

Jordan Pankonin

Dustin Anderson

Reid Wintersteen

Mathew Steely

Mahad Osman

Jordan Rynish

Rebecca Welch

Dylan Idso

Drew Weber

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Erik Reiter

Michael Pertram

Mathew Lotts

Angel Paz-Reyes

Tharuka Senevirathne

Scott Arneson

Yahya Jabri

Tucker Brand

Thomes Monsen

Abdulazis Alqhtani

For MSU events: individuals with a disability, who need reasonable accommodation to participate in this event, are asked to contact the Office of Accessibility Resources at 507-389-2825 (V/TTD), 800-627-3529 or 711 (MRS/TTD) at least five days prior to the event.

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