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Study Abroad Course to Paris

Dr. Corley (History) and Dr. Kerr-Berry (Theatre and Dance) will be offering a study abroad course to Paris


Dr. Corley (History) and Dr. Kerr-Berry (Theatre and Dance) will be offering a study abroad course to Paris, Paris on Foot: Stepping into Paris History, Art, and Culture, during Spring Break 2017. This course will examine the history of Paris from the Roman era through the end of the nineteenth century. The course will meet regularly in the months leading up to Spring Break in order to prepare for the experience. Dr. Corley will offer assistance on travel skills to Europe, and cultural help, including language assistance, all while teaching the history of one of the most famous cities in the world. Over Spring Break the students will spend 8 nights in Paris, where Dr. Corley will offer tours of neighborhoods and lectures related to historical sites. Topics include the medieval city, the development of famous churches and cathedrals, the University of Paris, medieval and early modern castles, aristocratic homes, palaces, and gardens. Students will also learn about the Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, and political and social revolutions. We will even examine the rise of the department store, nineteenth-century urban reform, and much much more. Upon our return, the students will complete research projects and portfolios of their experiences. The course will be offered simultaneously with a Dance cultures course taught by Dr. Kerr-Berry of the Department of Theatre and Dance. The students will see several dance performances while in Paris and it is expected that Dance and History/Social Studies students will be able to engage one another in their respective learning experiences. Total travel costs will be in the range of $3500 per person. For more information, please contact Dr. Corley at

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