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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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November 9: Good Thunder: Meg Day

November 9: Good Thunder: Meg Day


Meg Day will be here this Thursday, November 9, for Good Thunder.

Day is an award-winning poet, an activist for Disability and LGBTQ communities, and a scholar of Disability Poetics. Day, who identifies as functionally deaf, the author of a number of ASL poems. Day's work raises vital questions about access, interpretation, and reproduction of poems across different modes of composition, and aims to bring the work of Deaf poets to a wider audience.

The Poetry Center at Smith College describes Day's poetry as "animated by the idea that bodies and identities are able to persist and thrive in spaces that are often dismissed as waypoints...Day is a stunning biographer of the body’s co-existing selves." In a poetics statement included the anthology Troubling the Line: Trans &  Genderqueer Poetry & Poetics, Day affirms a commitment to living in a shifting space: 'Yes to being two—or three or  four—things at once, yes to existing between identities & among  identities & as always shifting identities.'"

Here are the details for Day's events.  ASL interpreters will be present at each.  All are free and open to the public.

Thursday 11/9, 10-11 am
Workshop: Emy Frentz Gallery, Twin Rivers Council for the Arts, 523 S. 2nd St., Mankato

Thursday 11/9, 3-4 pm
Craft Talk: First Congregational UCC, 150 Stadium Court, Mankato
NOTE: Day has shared the title: "Breaker! Breaker!: On Lineation, HipHop, & the Queer Disabled Body."

Thursdays 11/9, 7:30-8:30pm
Reading/Book Signing: Centennial Student Union, Room 253
Books will be available for purchase.


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