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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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KMSU presents a FREE evening of guitar music on April 1st!

KMSU, MWAC & the 410 Project present Jon Collin, Robert Noyes and Bee Balm Fields on Monday, April 1st!




KMSU, MWAC & The 410 Project

present live music from Jon Collin, Robert Noyes, & Bee Balm Fields


Monday, April 1st @ 8 p.m.

410 Project

523 S Front St, Mankato, MN


Start your week off right with this special April Fool's Day event that'll feature some seriously good guitar playing and songwriting, NO FOOLIN'!


Jon Collin (Stockholm, Sweden):
"Collin is a wonderful [guitar] player, incorporating the distention of Loren Connors alongside the blues figures of Jack Rose and the lyrical melodicism of Robbie Basho. He can also throw in blurts that are pure Derek Bailey to throw the punters off, but that's his business. This new album (which will be followed in a few months by Volume 2) is a lovely example of his most evolved beauty-moves, riven with hairs and rivers of discord, but generally dedicated to expanding (rather than collapsing) the head of anyone who will take the time to listen. Make time for it. You will be copiously rewarded." ~Byron Coley, Feeding Tube Records



Robert Noyes (Boston, MA):
"Rob has taken to displaying his solo acoustic guitar chops and they are massive...On the way to developing his own compositional/performance approach, Noyes sometimes seems to have absorbed an almost infinite reservoir of influences. Apart from some superb Basho-like 12-string tunneling, most momentary fragments tend to recall legendary Limeys like John Renbourn (and through him, Davey Graham), because Rob's overt melodic structures tend towards the non-bluesoid. But then you'll maybe hear a note-sequence spiced like something dropped from the hot strings of Michael Chapman or even a powerful throng that makes you think of Wizz Jones. When that happens, you realize there's more of a blues base to some of the songs than you'd been able to untangle...Rob's playing carries the weight of many possibly-imaginary forebears, but the way he smears them all together shows a holistic mastery of touch and imagination that defies a lot of today's players, who tend to shine in short bursts, then allow their dreams to outrun their technique. Rob Noyes has no such apparent limitations." ~Byron Coley on Noyes' album "The Feudal Spirit"


Bee Balm Fields (Mankato, USA):
"Bee Balm Fields draws inspiration from many different styles of music but has been described as an Indie Folk/Americana band...The band doesn’t go without covers, though, mixing things up with a combination of several old folk songs and some other unique selections." ~Travis Rosenau, The Journal


Don't miss this great FREE performance of guitar music on April 1st!


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