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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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The KMSU Fall Pledge Drive Begins On October 17th!

KMSU's 2018 Fall Pledge Drive begins on Wednesday, October 17th! Check out the swag list for all the amazing swag we have available as thank you gifts!



The KMSU Fall Pledge Drive begins on Wednesday, October 17th! You have made us the best community radio station in southern Minnesota for 55 years, and with your support we can continue to bring our big ideas to the airwaves and provide real-world experiences to our students. Please take a moment and consider making a donation to 89.7 The Maverick.  Your gift helps keep this wonderful little radio station alive and well, and it shows the University that you value having a community voice on the airwaves.  

We have a lot of great swag available as thank you gifts, so please look it over and then call us at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or make your donation online at by clicking the 'Give now!' link!  Thank you for your support.


$25 pledge - The timeless KMSU mug!

This bold gold mug is emblazoned with the KMSU logo, and it announces to the world that you love amazing community radio, as well as a nice jolt of caffeine!


$50 pledge - The KMSU knit toque!

Do you like great independent radio stations?  Do you also like staying warm when it's cold outside?  KMSU has you covered!  This comfortable purple toque (aka knit cap) serves both of those likes, plus your donation will allow us to continue bringing you unique radio you can't hear anywhere else!  That's THREE wonderful things for one generous donation!


$60 Pledge - Live at the World Cafe vol. 42

A $60 pledge will get you the latest edition of this long running release from The World Cafe!  It features fifteen favorite performances that were recorded live for broadcast on the program, and it's relentlessly listenable.  You'll hear music from New Pornographers, Ryan Adams, Father John Misty, David Crosby, Blondie and more!  A donation for this amazing CD will help keep KMSU on the air, as well as help cover the syndication cost for World Cafe, which has been required listening every afternoon from four to six on 89.7 the Maverick.  


$100 pledge - Warren Zevon: Original Album Series

What do KMSU and Warren Zevon have in common? They're both mavericks!  This collection gathers Zevon's first five albums together, and it perfectly encapsulates why so many people consider him a songwriting genius.  WARNING:  This collection may result in a lifelong adoration of Warren Zevon.  Please consult DJ before pledging, but then you should definitely pledge!


$150 pledge - KMSU pullover fleece

This pullover fleece is incredibly warm and comfy, and you're gonna look exceptional in it.  Heck, if you pair it up with the KMSU toque or mug, you're looking at a pathway to winter survival success.  89.7 The Maverick has your back!


Once again, the 2018 Fall Pledge Drive runs from Wednesday, October 17th, through Friday, October 26th! Keep an eye on the KMSU Facebook page, as well as the social media for all of your favorite 89.7 the Maverick shows, for all the great special programming that will be coming your way.  Thanks again for your support, Radio Heroes!  

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