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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Special Fall Pledge Drive Program Schedule!

Many of your favorite KMSU programs will be producing special shows for our Fall pledge drive. Here's a handy schedule to let you know what's going on!




The KMSU Fall Pledge Drive begins on Wednesday, October 17th! You have made us the best community radio station in southern Minnesota for 55 years, and with your support we can continue to bring our big ideas to the airwaves and provide real-world experiences to our students. Please take a moment and consider making a donation to 89.7 The Maverick.  Your gift helps keep this wonderful little radio station alive and well, and it shows the University that you value having a community voice on the airwaves.  

We have a lot of great swag available as thank you gifts, so please look it over and then call us at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or make your donation online at by clicking the 'Give now!' link!  Thank you for your support.

Several of your favorite KMSU programs have prepared special programming for the Fall pledge drive.  Here's a handy schedule of what will be going on and when!



 Meow Meow With Occasional Music Host Summit!

Wednesday, October 17th at six p.m.

Meow Meow With Occasional Music host Will Bjorndal welcomes Meow Meow creator Shelley Pierce back to the show for an hour of music geeking and pledge pitching!  Meow Meow With Occasional Music can be heard every Wednesday night at six p.m.


Dave Engen Gets Fanboy Over Warren Zevon!

Shuffle Function

Thursday, October 18th at six p.m.

Former Listen To Your Folks host Dave Engen will be joining Shyboy Tim and Shelley on Shuffle Function to talk about Warren Zevon, one of his favorite songwriters.  It should be an exceptionally geeky hour of radio!  If you pledge $100 during the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive you'll be able to get Warren Zevon: Orginal Albums Collection, which gathers Zevon's first five essential albums together into one amazing package.  WARNING:  May result in Dave Engen level fandom.


Rad Owl joins the MN Music Network

Friday, October 19th at six p.m.

Rad Owl is stopping by the KMSU studios to join Edgar, Chuck, Fuzzy and Joel on MN Music Network!  The MN Net gang believes in supporting Minnesota music, and they'll be talking about Rad Owl's free in-store performance at Tune Town on Saturday at six p.m., as well as their show later that night at the What's Up Lounge.  SUPPORT RADIO THAT SUPPORTS LOCAL MUSIC!


Shuffle Function Radio Roulette!

Thursday, October 25th at six p.m.

On Thursday, October 25th, Shuffle Function will be marking Halloween the scariest way they know how: Leaving their playlist up to random chance! Shuffle Function Radio Roulette is completely random radio. Numbers are drawn, coins are flipped, and dice are rolled to determine what songs are played. Shyboy Tim and Shelley have no say in how the playlist turns out, and that's TERRIFYING!  Better yet, you can pick a number when you pledge, and they'll play your record!


Polka 'Til You Puke 2018!

Shuffle Function Morning Show

Friday, October 26th from six to nine a.m.

On Friday, October 26th, Shuffle Function will be ending their part of the pledge drive with the FIFTEENTH Polka 'Til You Puke! We'll be joined by professional polka fanatics, including Concertina Hall of Famer Ambrose Kodet, for three hours of Minnesota's party music and your pledges! Put on your Polka 'Til You Puke shirt and get ready for a crazy fun morning on KMSU!  Click HERE to see video proof that it'll be a great start to your day!

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