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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Free Form Freakout Presents an Evening of Experimental and Improvised Sounds

Free Form Freakout presents Larry Wish, Lee Noble, Seth Graham, and Giant Claw on Saturday, April 27th.




*KMSU’S Free Form Freakout presents

“An Evening Of Experimental & Improvised Sound”

featuring Giant Claw & Seth Graham,

along with Lee Noble and Larry Wish.

*Doors open at 7:00 p.m. for a pre-show reception with cash refreshments provided by Patrick’s on Third and Morgan Creek Vineyards. Performance begins at 7:30 p.m.

*Admission is $10 at the door, no advance sales. Please contact if traveling from outside of the area.


Giant Claw:
"It's easy to overthink Giant Claw, a plunderphonic puzzle-maze of discombobulated R&B, electronic detritus and glitched euphoria. In recent years, Keith Rankin's synth-and-MIDI-controlled music has sounded like a wall of browser tabs open to disparate YouTube clips — it isn't confrontational to these ears, but a series of sinuous, fiber-optic tissues between us and a digital world. If 2014's brilliant DARK WEB sounded like Giant Claw's delirious deconstruction of pop, then Soft Channel is mecha-chamber music, biomorphic compositions covered in steel, but made with a beating heart... you know, like RoboCop." ~NPR's All Songs TV


Seth Graham:
"Orange Milk label co-founder Seth Graham continues his quest to deconstruct modern music with Gasp, his first vinyl LP following a number of intriguing cassette releases. The artist has assembled a dizzying array of chopped-up musical instruments, vocal samples, random noise bursts and other audio ephemera into a delicious slurry. This frothy brew at times resembles 21st century classical composition and at others could be mistaken for a mutant form of modern pop music... With Gasp, Graham stands at a crossroads, evoking influential modern composers such as Noah Creshevsky yet diving headfirst down a technological rabbit hole that belies the act of composition altogether. He successfully navigates this circuitous and multi-dimensional route: his music is both extremely listenable and limitlessly mesmerizing" ~Exclaim!


Lee Noble:
"Like Grouper, Lee Noble resides in a world of shadows and fog, whispered secrets and floating harmonics that are enveloped by the surrounding environs. His latest tape is a continuation of his synth exorcisms, dragging the spirit world for lost transmissions that ferret out the weight of the world on the soul. His pieces aren’t set up for movement, slow and steady, they build as environmental cues – with a focus on imperfections in texture, hues of grey that pock mark floors and walls and a steady rise in atmospheric humidity. It’s as if all of a sudden you’re in Noble’s world and the decay has become a home you can’t leave, or simply lose the resolve to escape... There are a lot of ways to run ambient and Noble has carved out his own indefinable niche in the sound – one that’s ineffably sad, but packs a hold that won’t soon let go." ~Raven Sings the Blues


Larry Wish:
"Larry Wish has been composing bedroom prog music since 2007 with over fifty albums, including releases on labels such as Orange Milk, Moon Glyph, & OSR. His songs are often melodramatic and existential, exploring daily observations, reflections, interactions, and trying to understand love and life without analyzing either to death. By using drums and thrift-store Casio keyboards, Larry Wish creates a musical universe that sounds as if it’s being birthed from a leaky battery. In a live performance, he showcases a combination of sonic nausea and catchy melody coupled with dramatic, low-register singing delivered through a wide emotional lens."

*This concert is made possible by support from the State Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature to KMSU Radio.

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