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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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The 2019 KMSU Spring Pledge Drive Begins on April 17th! Check out the swag!

The KMSU Spring Pledge Drive begins on April 17th, 2019! Your donations will help keep this wonderful little radio station on the air!




Gang, the Spring Pledge Drive starts THIS WEDNESDAY!  This is one of two times during the year where we come to you and ask for your generous support to help keep KMSU on the air.  We're hoping you'll take some time and make a donation to help us hit our $45,000 goal for the drive.  $45,000 is the biggest goal we've ever faced, but we're true believers in the station and its place in the community.  With your generosity over the years we've been able to make so many improvements to the station, and do other things like KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!  THANK YOU!  Your kindness means everything to us.  With that huge improvement we're continuing to send a strong signal throughout our broadcast area, and that wouldn't be the case without your help.  Now we need to continue building on that.  

We've been able to keep building and growing KMSU over the years, and it's a completely different station from when Shuffle Function started up 18 years ago.  The schedule is evolving, and we've appreciated all the feedback you've given us about it.  KMSU needs to continue building and evolving to reach a diverse audience, and the funds raised during these pledge drives are going to help us in our mission to serve the community.   

Right now we're facing the fact that Public Radio International and PRX have merged, and they are our main suppliers of syndicated programming.  With this merger there is an anticipated price hike for their programs, and syndication is a large part of our budget.  This is a big part of why our goal this year is the biggest we've ever faced.  

On the positive side of costs, we're currently establishing a satellite studio in the Arts Center of Saint Peter building, which will not only give our many Saint Peter volunteers an easily accessible home base, but it will allow KMSU to produce programming in collaboration with the Arts Center.  We're hoping this will allow us to easily record the many amazing events that the Arts Center produces, making them even more accessible for KMSU listeners.  We also need to remount the KMSU antenna to broaden our broadcast reach.  This project costs $5,000 alone, but it will improve our signal across the listening area.  

Please take a moment and consider the place KMSU holds in your life.  If you listen to the station regularly, if you've found shows that you know and love, then you're probably a true believer, and you realize that what KMSU offers to you and the community can't be found anywhere else.  This kind of programming can only continue with the generous support of our listeners, and we hope you'll give us a call or pledge online to help us out.  Any amount makes a huge difference, but we have some great swag available at different pledge levels to hopefully nudge you towards making a contribution.  And now...   THE SWAG!  




The gold KMSU mug is LITERALLY the gold standard of drinking liquid delivery systems.  It looks sharp, plus it's the perfect size for holding enough of whatever you're pouring down your throat.  Every home needs one.  In fact, every home needs a set!  Yours for a $25 pledge.    




It seems like Kaitlin Baumann outdoes herself every time we ask her to do a KMSU shirt, and this Spring pledge drive shirt is the latest example of that.  It depicts our soon to be retired station manager Jim 'Gully' Gullickson as Fabio, holding a boom box on his shoulder, as he rides a flying unicorn yelling "SO LONG, NERDS!"  It's a fancy purple shirt, too, if that spices things up for you.  Anyway, Kaitlin dun good.   All the cool kids will be wearing the new shirt, so obviously that means you!  Available in S to 2XL.  Wanna see more of Kaitlin's work?  Sure you do!  Visit    




KMSU is very excited to present a massive box of distraction and fun.  For a $50 pledge you get KMSU pins, stickers, a Radio Hero patch, a pencil that says "KMSU RADIO: WE CAN ALWAYS USE PENS!", a Radio Hero desk calendar, and whole bunch of toys and novelties (as seen above).  It also includes a set of KMSU DJ BASEBALL CARDS, complete with a puzzle on the back of them!  

In addition all of this, you'll also get the first ever KMSU DJ downloadable compilation!  It has songs and radio dramas performed by the hosts of Shuffle Function, The Five Count, Embrace the Sound, Free Form Freakout, Meow Meow With Occasional Music, The Way Out, and Music Without Borders.  It's chock full of downloadable weirdness, and it's exactly what you'd hope for from KMSU hosts.    



For only $50 you can wear your KMSU pride dramatically on your noggin!  This hat features the KMSU logo across the front, and comes in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.  It's a nice classy grey, so it goes with casual togs or with that tux/gown you're gonna be wearing to the opera.  Fits on even the biggest head!    




KMSU is one of the rare spots on the dial to carry World Cafe, and this compilation collects some of the recent amazing in-studio performances from both old and new musical favorites!  This is the set to get.  Features performances from Hozier, Neko Case, Belly, Ry Cooder, Dr. Dog, and more!    




The Staple Singers are one of the greatest gospel acts of all time, and they spawned the career of legendary Mavis Staples.  This amazing set collects all six albums that they released on Epic Records between 1964 and 1968.  It shows their transition from a solely gospel act into a soul/funk group, and the recordings are stunning.  Songs of faith and protest, as well as some inspired covers, can be found on this set, and it can be yours when you pledge $100 to KMSU!  

"We enjoyed the fact that we were called to the folk festivals and we got to know Joan Baez, Dylan.  We were singing strictly gospel, but after we started hearing songs that they would sing, we saw that those songs were very fitting for us because they were singing the truth, and the truth is gospel."                                                                                                      -Mavis Staples    



You can sponsor an entire day of radio on KMSU with this premium.  Commemorate a birthday or anniversary, surprise the music geek in your life, treat the new graduate, or celebrate the music of your favorite musician!  These are just a few ways that you can use a KMSU Day Sponsorship.  A personalized message will also be read throughout the day so the whole world knows that you are a super cool person that supports independent radio!    


There's the swag!  Drop us a line with questions, but most of all drop us a line with your support! Remember, the 2018 Pledge Drive THIS WEDNESDAY at six a.m.!  Give early and give often!  We are counting on you!   CALL 389-5678 OR  1-800-456-7810 AND MAKE YOUR PLEDGE, OR MAKE YOUR DONATION ONLINE!   Thanks for being the best listeners in the world!  




PLEDGE DRIVE STARTS  on Wednesday, April 17th.  Please call and pledge!


There's a free Grind-Fu Cinema double feature on Saturday, April 20th, at seven p.m. in Wiecking 220 Auditorium, right here on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato.  We're screening The Guy From Harlem for the ninth year in a row, followed by Black Belt Jones!  Both Movies are COMPLETELY FREE!  Bring your friends, bring some snacks, and settle in for a night of incredible movies!


THE SHUFFLE FUNCTION 24 HOUR PLEDGE DRIVE A-GO-GO starts on Thursday, April 25th at six p.m. and comes to a grinding halt on Thursday, April 26th at six p.m.  We're gonna be live for 24 hours, surviving only on the basic human needs of caffeine an rock and roll... and your generosity!  Check out the lineup of stuff we have planned.  It's gonna be a lot of fun.  





Friday, April 27th @ The Arts Center of St Peter  


This is going to a memorable event.  Four internationally recognized improvisational acts will be performing right here in our neck of the woods.  Dave from Free Form Freakout put this show together, and if Dave says it's worth checking out it's worth checking out.  Folks will be coming from all over to see this show, so don't get left out in the cold.  $10 at the door, opens at seven, show starts at 7:30.    


Again, the 2019 Spring Pledge Drive beings on Wednesday, April 17th, at six a.m.  Please give us a call at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 to pledge, or give online at! Thanks, Radio Heroes!

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