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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Faculty member advises Waseca in its superintendent search

Jerry Robicheau, Educational Leadership

Education faculty help area schools find new superintendents.

By Ruth Ann Hager, County News Staff Writer [published in the Waseca County News, Waseca, MN, 11/25/2009]

WASECA — Professor Jerry Robicheau from Minnesota State University, Mankato and Ed Waltman from South Central Service Cooperative presented the Waseca School Board with options to consider as a search begins to replace Superintendent John Rokke who retires in June 2010.

Robicheau told the board Thursday to look for a community leader as much as a school leader. He called the search an exciting decision but that expediting the search “just to get someone in is not a good option.”

He urged board members to begin the search by creating a profile of the desired candidate, which would help to identify the skills sets they are looking for.

Options include the school board doing the search, hiring a search firm to find candidates, and hiring an interim if more time is needed or if the search does not result in a viable candidate.

Waltman urged the board to begin the search as soon as possible because there is a lot of competition for superintendent candidates.

One reason to consider using a search firm, he said, is that an application is not public until a candidate accepts an interview, which makes it easier for the candidate in his or her own district. Search firms would cost the district between $6,500 and $10,000, he said.

Robicheau and Waltman indicated the salary range would be $115,000 to $125,000 plus benefits.

A good superintendent would pay back the cost of the search in four to six months while the wrong person would cost many dollars down the road, he said.

Waltman also warned that failed searches are not uncommon and that reaching consensus is not easy.

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