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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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2010 MnSCU ITS Conference

This year's MnSCU ITS Conference will be held at Cragun's Resort April 26-28


Held at Cragun's Resort, Brainerd, MN

Conference Agenda

Monday, April 26

4:00 PM – 9:00 PM Conference Registration/Information
  • Vendor Exhibits
  • Reception/Hors d’oeuvres
  • Drawing every 15 minutes – must be present to win (SPORTS CENTRE)

Tuesday, April 27

  • 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM Conference Registration/Information (FRONT LOBBY)
  • 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Breakfast (DINING ROOM)
  • 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM Announcements/Introduction to Barry Dahl, (DINING ROOM)
    Vice President of Technology for Lake Superior College
  • 8:15 AM - 9:15 AM Barry Dahl, Vice President of Technology for Lake Superior College (DINING ROOM)
  • 9:15 AM – 9:45 AM Laura King, Vice Chancellor – Chief Financial Officer. Intro to Darrel Huish, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology – Chief Information Officer (DINING ROOM)
  • 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM Break – Refreshments (SPORTS CENTRE)
  • 9:45 AM - 1:30 PM Vendor Exhibits Open (SPORTS CENTRE)
  • 10:15 AM - 11:10 AM Breakout Session 1
  • 11:15 AM - 12:10 PM Breakout Session 2
  • 12:10 PM – 1:40 PM Lunch/Vendor Fair (SPORTS CENTRE)
  • 1:40 PM - 2:35 PM Breakout Session 3
  • 2:40 PM - 3:35 PM Breakout Session 4
  • 3:40 PM - 4:10 PM Break - Refreshments (POOLSIDE)
  • 4:10 PM - 5:05 PM Breakout Session 5
  • 5:10 PM - 6:10 PM BONUS Breakout Session
  • 6:40 PM - 7:40 PM Dinner/Exhibit Hall Bingo Drawing (DINING ROOM)
  • 7:40 PM - 8:40 PM Darrel Huish, (DINING ROOM) Vice Chancellor for Information Technology – Chief Information Officer
  • 8:40 PM - Midnight Activities
    • Wii/Sports Center (LUXURY RM 371)
    • Details Posted on Board in Sports Centre

Wednesday, April 28

  • 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Breakfast (DINING ROOM)
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM IT Excellence Awards/Conference Wrap Up (DINING ROOM)
  • 9:00 AM - 9:55 AM Breakout Session 6
  • 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Break - Refreshments (POOLSIDE)
  • 10:30 AM - 11:25 AM Breakout Session 7
  • 11:30 AM - 12:25 PM Breakout Session 8
  • 12:30 PM - Lunch/Lunch to Go - Must be ordered Tuesday, April 22 (DINING ROOM)

Session Listing

Breakout Session 1
10:15 - 11:10 AM, Tuesday - April 27, 2010

What's coming to the NEW Enterprise CAL suite -- Lakeshore 2

The Enterprise CAL suite is already a great way to save money on so many technologies but with Wave 14 it's been beefed up even more! Come learn about what new products and tools will be included in 2010.
Aaron Ward

Cisco Road Map --  Lakeshore 4

An update to our borderless network, collaboration, data center, and physical security products and solutions.
Rob Conrad, Keith Steller

SAN Design and Implementation Overview for Email and VMware --  Tech 1

Briefly discuss the decision making process regarding a choice of implementing a SAN, NAS or utilizing local server storage. Highlight differences between Fiber Channel and ISCSI SAN implementations. Choosing an ISCSI vendor.Implementing an ISCSI (Lefthand) SAN.Live demonstration of current MSUM environment involving VMware. The end result should give the attendees an understanding of how much work is involved and how the process evolved at MSU Moorhead.
Bryan Kotta

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Using Doubletake --  Lakeshore 3

Double-Take Availability provides affordable data protection and enables immediate recovery from any system outage. Double-Take Availability continuously captures changes as they happen and replicates those changes to one or more servers at any location, locally or globally. The failover and failback process takes minutes to recover from production server failures and users get access to full data on the target servers.
Najam Saeed, Young Yang

Class Schedule Builder: MSU's new student-centric semester schedule planning utility -- Paul Bunyan 1

Using Javascript functionality to select and present classes for the upcoming semester, our student programmer led development of this Web 2.0 application driven by ISRS course schedule data. Single-click course-cart load into e-Student portal. PDF-printable version and iCal also included.
Ted Johnson, Jeff Hundstad

Network Segmentation Secure Campus Networks (2 Sessions) -- Paul Bunyan 2

Why segment my network? What should be isolated when segmenting? Applying policies between networks and limiting access to resources based on business and security requirements is a challenging task. The first session in this 2-session series presents the new Network Segmentation Guideline including the types of networks outlined in the guideline and objectives. The second session will be conducted in a panel format to discuss different scenarios, design and implementation of secure campus networks.
John Ladwig, Mike Janke, James Brown, Ken Ries, Mark Peterson, John Hoffoss

Connecting with U. Utilizing Adobe Connect to meet diverse needs across campus and the world -- Lakeshore 1

How is St. Cloud State University utilizing Adobe Connect across campus? How about across the world? Learn how we are leveraging Connect's great versatility in classrooms, meeting rooms, D2L and online.
Greg Jorgenson

Workstation management with Novell Zenworks Configuration Management -- Tech 2

Manage workstation patching, imaging, software deployment, asset reporting, Windows group policies, printer policies and workstation remote control all from one place with Novell Zenworks Configuration Management.
Todd Crow, Kevin Kuhlman

D2L Current Topics -- Paul Bunyan 3

This session will provide short presentations by the IMS System Site Administrators on current D2L topics, which could include things such as the DOME, Respondus 4.0 quiz integration, D2L version 9.0 features, enrollment integrations--accounts and the tank, course mapping, the Attendance tool, the LOR, Intelligent Agents, Self-Registration, but will be tailored to requests and questions from the audience. The session topics will be geared primarily towards D2L campus site administrators and other interested parties.
Karen Wenz, Chuck Morris, Charles Kroger, Ben Pratt.

Cisco Physical Security -- Pioneer

Cisco provides solutions that can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios, including universities or campus environments.Make the most of video system investments and gain new security capabilities with Cisco Physical Security solutions. Scalable Web-based software and broadcast-quality hardware integrate with existing analog and network-centric systems to facilitate faster incident response and resolution.
Steve Tatge

Managing your vSphere environmen with HP SIM -- Paul Bunyan 4

In this session we will discuss how to manage your vSphere environment utilizing HP System Insight Manager. We cover best practices for building the environment and how to properly optimize for the workload. You will walk away from this session with knowledge on how to properly setup and configure a HP SIM Management solution for your vSphere environment.
Rich Platt

Breakout Session 2
11:15 AM - 12:10 PM, Tuesday - April 27, 2010

Exchange 2010 Upgrading, Optimizing, and Best Practices - Lakeshore 2

This session is for those looking to migrate to Exchange 2010 and for those who are already on Exchange 2010; we will cover the new features of Exchange 2010, upgrading/migrating to the new messaging environment and we will also cover HP Best Practices for optimizing your new Exchange 2010 solution with HP blades, servers and storage. You will walk away with knowledge on how to make your transition smoother, and what optimizations will be beneficial to consider
Rich Platt

Cloud Computing - The Next Generation of IT Service Delivery - Lakeshore 4

This presentation will provide a point of view on Cloud Computing which describes an evolving business model and a hybrid approach to IT Service Delivery, transforming our concepts of IT Services from a traditional Capex constrained Model, to a more agile, demand responsive Opex Model.
Paul R. Dorin, Chris Mankle

Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM): The Next Steps Tech 1

RCTC Migrated to Microsofts ILM as part of migrating student email to Outlook Live. This session covers how we expanded the initial implementation from the consultant into a comprehensive student account management solution, and how we are expanding it again to include employee account management. Topics covered will include an overview of ILMs features and capabilities, RCTCs user account flow, connections to other systems, and Outlook Live R3 to R4 upgrade challenges.
Alan Charon, Suzy Finck, Jon Benson

SAMS (Strategic Analytics Management System) --  Lakeshore 3

Tightening budgets along with the increasing demand for transparency and accountability sets the stage for casting BI tools in the arena of Higher ED Management processes. SAMS (Strategic Analytics Management System) provides a platform for displaying dynamic interactive high level metrics based on near-real-time data derived from ISRS and other desperate sources.
Chris Brown, Lisa Foss, Mark Nordby

Technology & Beyond… A True Difference Maker -- Paul Bunyan 1

The focus of this presentation will be to discuss the Evolution of the WSU e-Warrior Digital Life and Learning --- Laptop Program and Merrimak’s Educational Technology Management Lease as an integral component. We will discuss how the incorporation of the Merrimak “Seat Management” enrollment fluctuation tool into the WSU program has benefited their program but also opens up budget saving technology options for other MnSCU institutions. Installing standard images, expanded local support centers, tiered senior walk away programs, tablet/laptop/Apple technology choices all designed to enhance the ultimate institution and student offering
Peggy Tomcheck, Dean Feller, Ken Janz

Network Segmentation Secure Campus Networks (2 Sessions) -- Paul Bunyan 2

Why segment my network? What should be isolated when segmenting? Applying policies between networks and limiting access to resources based on business and security requirements is a challenging task. The first session in this 2-session series presents the new Network Segmentation Guideline including the types of networks outlined in the guideline and objectives. The second session will be conducted in a panel format to discuss different scenarios, design and implementation of secure campus networks.
John Ladwig, Mike Janke, James Brown, Ken Ries, Mark Peterson or John Hoffoss

Classroom Recording and Asynchronous learning at MSU using Echo360 and Podcast Producer 2 --  Lakeshore 1

This presentation will walk you through the decisions made that led up to the implementation of classroom recording, the installation process in the classroom, the support and usage of the different systems, and what we think the future holds. The initial product we installed was Echo360 and we are currently in process of testing Podcast Producer 2 as a potential replacement or addition.
Matthew Clay, Marni Dunning, Jeff Henline, Damon Whitcomb, Pat Huber

Imaging with Altiris Deployment Solution -- Tech 2

We will discuss and demonstrate using Altiris Deployment Solution to manage the computers in your classrooms. Altiris Deployment Solution software helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing desktops, notebooks, and thin clients from a centralized location in your environment. An easy-to-use, automated deployment solution offers OS deployment, configuration, PC personality migration, and software deployment across hardware platforms and OS types, including Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
David Kiff, Bruce Kryo

D2L Q & A -- Paul Bunyan 3

This question and answer session will be facilitated by the IMS System Site Administrators, but the discussion will be driven by participants, primarily D2L campus site administrators, CIOs, instructional designers, and others who are closely involved with the MnSCU enterprise learning management system.
Karen Wenz, Chuck Morris, Charles Kroger, Ben Pratt

Looking for Opportunity: a view to the future Pioneer

As part of his early discovery process, our new CIO would like to begin learning about the System and our opportunities for excellence.
This session will be a facilitated session to identify key issues and opportunities.
Darrel Huish

Optimizing the Data Center -- Paul Bunyan 4

Need Description
Mike Opits

Breakout Session 3
1:40 - 2:35 PM, Tuesday - April 27, 2010

Enterprise Security: bridging the gap to where we need to be. -- Lakeshore 2

Chris Buse

The New Wave Of Business Productivity - Roadmap to 2010 -- Lakeshore 4

The Wave 14 platform brings tremendous innovation to the market. We use this technology every day, however the majority of us are using older technologies and can benefit from this new wave of technology innovations. After this session, you will better understand how your campuse can benefit from the latest innovations across Office 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, and Unified Communications powered by Exchange Server 2010.
Aaron Ward, Deb Best, Scott Thompson

VMware vSphere with vCenter Site Recovery Manager -- Tech 1

VMware vSphere is the next generation of enterprise virtulization from VMware. Minnesota State University, Mankato has been using vSphere since shortly after it's release to the public. We are actively hosting over 100 virtual machines on 5 physical servers. We have also extended our virtualization infrastructure to ensure Business Continuity with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. vCenter SRM allows us to have an automated warm failover site ready in the event of a critical failure or planned maintenance in our primary data center.
Michael Menne

System-wide Software Contract Update -- Lakeshore 3

A status update on renewal procedures for system-wide software contracts including: Microsoft Campus Agreement, Novell ALA, Adobe CLP, Autodesk, ESRI, Maplesoft and Mathematica, lodeStar, Saavy, and Symantec. We will also hear software renewal updates from industry representatives from Adobe, Autodesk, Novell and Symantec.
Mark Thomas, Josh Ellars, Tim Ward, Kirk Am Rhein, Dan Coleman

Migrating from Microosft SMS to SCCM -- Paul Bunyan 1

Todays IT infrastructures are increasingly more complex and difficult to manage. With System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (formerly System Management Server), Microsoft addressed these needs through streamlined, policy-based automation. With System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), IT administrators can centrally manage the full system cycle from planning and inventory discovery, Operation System Deployment, application and software update distribution to servers, clients and mobile devices across physical/virtual systems, and provides Network Access Protection.
Najam Saeed, Young Yang, Lisa Nguyen

Get your Snort on – 2nd steps in intrusion detection -- Paul Bunyan 2

Snort is a powerful and free intrusion detection package that is available for Windows, Mac, and linux systems. With a wide range of options, it can be a little intimidating to configure. In this workshop we will go beyond the basic installation and simple rule set and get into the intermediate and non-traditional uses of snort.
Kevin Thompson

Security and Data Protection - The Evolving Threat in Higher Education -- Lakeshore 1

Come here detailed stories about the attacks that have been faced by other higher education institutions in the last year, as well as firsthand experience on how Itasca Community College has worked with Sophos to help provide a higher level of security to their students and staff while managing costs and administrative effort.
Michael Argast, Nagraj Seshadri, Todd Crow

A Round Table Discussion About a First Time Mac Deployment -- Tech 2

Are you deploying a Mac lab for the first time? Have you already deployed Macs in your environment? This round table discussion is the perfect place to ask questions. At Inver Hills Community College we have deployed our first Mac lab. We would like to share our experience with others so you can learn and we can learn how to improve our deployments for the future.
Charles Finne, John Honchell

D2L & IAM: Crystal Ball Session (Roadmaps and Whiteboards) -- Paul Bunyan 3

We know we don't know everything we don't know, but we know it takes time to know. In this session we want to engage our peers around the state in some talk and thinking about what it will take to transition D2L users from their current usernames to StarID. There's plenty to know about authentication in D2L. And there's plenty to know about authentication capabilities using StarID. We need to start fitting those knowledgebases together, so that campuses can begining thinking about adopting StarId and what it might mean deploying StarID in the context of D2L. Single username, single-sign-on, multi-campus enrollments, communication and coordination efforts entailed in deployments, authentication options, technical solutions vs business process solutions.
Michael Condon, Dan Bauer, Todd Piket, Benjamin Pratt

Journey in Setting Up a Project Management Infrastructure -- Pioneer

St. Cloud State University will discuss the path they've taken towards improving project management processes. We will discuss where we started, the journey, where we are now, and where we are headed. People attending this session will leave with information on how to receive the tools and templates that are used at St. Cloud State University.
Daryl Scholz, Kim Stangret

Oracle Business Intelligence -- Paul Bunyan 4

The Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus (EE) is a comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products, delivering the full range of BI capabilities including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, real-time predictive intelligence, disconnected analytics, and more. In addition to providing the full gamut of BI functionality, the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE Plus platform is based on a proven, modern Web Services-Oriented Architecture that delivers true next-generation BI capabilities.
Jon Luciano, Robert Reagan

Breakout Session 4
2:40 - 3:35 PM, Tuesday - April 27, 2010

Windows 7 for the IT Pro -- Lakeshore 2

Windows 7 Enterprise is the most advanced Windows operating system, designed to meet the evolving needs of the users and IT professionals in your institution. Learn whats new in Group Policy, how to increase security for your Windows infrastructure, Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), solutions to facilitate deployment of Windows 7 to the enterprise, learn other "What's New" tips for Windows 7 and leverage your existing investment when deploying Windows 7!
Aaron Ward, Ken Ries, Tom Melin

Transforming the Customer Service Experience -- Lakeshore 4

St. Cloud State University HelpDesk serves as a point of contact for technology questions, problems and services. To serve customers, we have purchased and developed tools for internal use, as well as for the customers use. We will explore these tools, as well as the obstacles and triumphs that we have encountered on our journey towards providing excellent customer service to our students, faculty and staff.
Carol Rose, Casey Wagner

Office Communications Server 2007 R2 -- Tech 1

Microsofts Unified Communications (UC) solutions use the power of software to streamline communication. Office Communications Server 2007 R2, one of the cornerstones of Microsofts UC solution, is the platform for presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and enterprise voice.
Michael Menne, Jerry Jeffries

Microsoft Licensing refresher, updates and changes -- Lakeshore 3

Office 2010, Wave 14, Virtualization, Software Assurance! These all mean questions! What do I need? What do I get? How do I get it! so many questions! We'll do a short presentation and then open it up to questions--- we may even play a little jeopardy!
Kelly Stanley, Drew Fike, Deb Best

Statewide Streaming Media Project -- Paul Bunyan 1

MNSCU, the University of Minnesota, and the Learning Network of Minnesota joined together in an effort to bring streaming media services to all Minnesota public higher education institutions. We will provide an overview of the project, describing the proposed system capabilities and limitations, describe the implementation process and timeline, and give an overview of the existing streaming media pilot system.
Doug Lund, Lance Cunningham

Pour some honey on me - using honeypots to thwart hackers and detect malware -- Paul Bunyan 2

Whether it is a worm looking for the next host it can infect or a hacker that is trying find a vulnerable system to get into, the process of finding targets can be detected. By sprinkling some honeypots around your network you can attract these insects and isolate them before they are able to damage any systems. We'll discuss a free package called honeyd and how you can use it to create fake computers for hackers and malware to attack, and in the process alert you to their presence. Knowledge of linux systems will be helpful in this workshop.
Kevin Thompson

Centralzied Logging: Why Would I Want To Do That? -- Lakeshore 1

Logs, logs, and more logs they seem to be everywhere, and when information is needed, its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But what happens when that call comes in that all network administrators dread illegal activity on a campus network? Come here how centralized logging saved the day for Metropolitan State, and see examples of how to set it up (its not that difficult!)
Garrett Lanzy

FREE Imaging Solution FOG -- Tech 2

Go over the basic functions of FOG and also bring to the table some of the issues that someone might come up against using this application. I would also demonstrate an imaging task from a FOG server to a client laptop. I would end my presentation with an open discussion.
Matt Driscoll

Facilitating A Content-First Approach to Digital Course Conversion -- Paul Bunyan 3

An ongoing training challenge for IT has been that IT-based training focuses upon the technical or point-n-click aspects of Learning Management System (LMS) platforms and pedagogy-enhancing software, without any concern for the content of the courses. The Digital Course Conversion Seminar model addresses traditional IT trainings by supporting a content-first approach. The faculty enter the week long seminar with traditional course content and leave with digital learning objects transitioned into the D2L LMS platform.
David Georgina, Marni Dunning, Jeff Henline

Application Packaging and Deployment -- Pioneer

Will cover the processes, tools, and resources used at RCTC for Application Packaging and deployment. We will discuss our process of packaging of applications, some of the common challenges we encounter, what tools we use, and other resources we find valuable. Though we use System Center Configuration Manger to deploy applications, items will translate to other distribution platforms.
Alan Charon

Looking for Opportunity: a view to the future -- Paul Bunyan 4

As part of his early discovery process, our new CIO would like to begin learning about the System and our opportunities for excellence.
This session will be a facilitated session to identify key issues and opportunities.
Darrel Huish

Breakout Session 5
4:10 - 5:05 PM, Tuesday - April 27, 2010

E-mail, Voice mail, Instant messaging and More Welcome to Microsoft Exchange 2010 -- Lakeshore 2

As campuses plan the implementation of the next version of Microsoft Exchange, join us as we discuss Minnesota State University, Mankatos migration to Exchange 2010. We will demonstrate differences between Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 and what features have been added and removed. Some of the new features that will be demonstrated are: Conversation View, Mail Tips, Call Answering Rules, Online Archive, Instant Messaging (OCS) integrated with Outlook Web Access, Shared Calendars, and Text Messaging.
Jerry Jeffries

Student e-mail in the cloud with Outlook Live@edu -- Lakeshore 4

Provide your students with greater e-mail capabilities while reducing time and cost at the same time. See how RCTC and Saint Paul College collaborated with Microsoft to implement a hosted Exchange solution with Outlook Live that is easy-to-manage and offers enhanced security with redundancy. Help to keep your students data private and promote online safety while offering 10 GBs of e-mail storage with up to a 25 MB message size.
Casey Clay, Suzy Finck

Cloud Computing Roundtable -- Tech 1

An St. Cloud State University would like to host a lively discussion about cloud computing technologies and explore what others in Minnesota are doing regarding this trend. What changes toward cloud computing are institutions making, and what is driving those changes? What factors are taken into account when considering augmenting existing support structures? If your institution has already "made the switch", how have you dealt with issues of sharing, privacy concerns, identity management, and target audience?
Casey Wagner, Chris Stanley, Phil Thorson

Better IT Customer Service (with) Right Now -- Lakeshore 3

This session will provide an opportunity for attendees to see how Metropolitan State took advantage of MnSCUs license for Right Now as a solution to manage IT Desk workflow. The session will provide an overview of how the department enhanced technology, established SLAs, and improved customer service. The session will detail how the campus worked with MnSCU on deploying the interface, show Right Now, and provide a short overview about how RightNow is being used at other campuses.
Samantha Erickson, Todd Digby

Web Accessibility for Online Documents, Course Materials, and Multimedia -- Paul Bunyan 1

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires web based information and applications be accessible to all audiences. As more institutional information and electronic forms are delivered solely through the web, and as campus websites and course sites include increasing levels of multimedia, what best practices should be followed to maintain compliance?.
James Falkofske

Web Application Security Program What it means & Why you need it -- Paul Bunyan 2

Challenged to maintain reputation and reduce the risk of data breach or financial loss from exploitation of vulnerabilities within their applications. A comprehensive Web Application Security Program is designed to incorporate security best practices throughout the lifecycle of applications including design, development and deployment. This session will provide an introduction to Web Application security and best practices for implementing an effective web application security program.
Anil Ninan, Jim Nelson

Malware Defense Creating a safe virus for testing and training -- Lakeshore 1

This session demonstrates how to develop a safe virus and how this could be used to strengthen network defenses against malware.
Daniel Nash

Replacing Your PBX with Microsoft Unified Communications. Why and How. -- Tech 2

Normandale was looking to upgrade or replace its telephone system. After looking at the major players, the campus decided on using Microsoft Unified Communication instead of the more traditional phone systems. Find out why we made that decision and how we plan to implement this new and exciting technology.
Matt Dempsey, Harold Liebersbach, Deb Best

Suggestions To Make D2L Better -- Paul Bunyan 3

This session will familiarize attendees with the Feature Request component of the Desire2Learn Community. This session will lead to a presentation at the D2L Fusion Conference in July 2010 where the results will be shared and prioritized with their requests and submitted to D2L by a greater group that has agreed to the importance and priority.
Paul Coyan, Mike Mendez, Anne Dorn

Malware: Education for End-Users -- Pioneer

This presentation will expose best practices for detecting, stopping, and removing malware on our campuses. We will discuss MnSCU policies, what users should do when the first pop-up occurs, delve into recent attacks at SCSU, recognize malware, and focus on the ways we can educate our campuses about these threats. The final 15 minutes will be dedicated to an open conversation regarding best practices for collaborating with your end-users to stop future attacks.
Bradley Grabham, Gordon Schrubbe

vSphere 4: Upgrading, Optimizing, and Best Practices - Paul Bunyan 4

This session is for those looking to migrate to vSphere 4 and for those who have already made the move; we will cover the new features of vSphere, upgrading/migrating to the new environment and we will also cover HP Best Practices for optimizing your new virtualization platform with HP blades, servers and storage. You will walk away with knowledge on how to make your transition smoother, and what optimizations will be beneficial to consider.
Rich Platt

BONUS Breakout Session
5:10 – 6:10 PM, Tuesday – April 27, 2010

TBD Need Title Lakeshore 2
Need Description
Mike Janke

Breakout Session 6
9:00 – 9:55 AM, Wednesday - April 28, 2010

Windows Server 2008 R2 -- Lakeshore 2

Learn about the new virtualization tools, web resources, management enhancements, and Windows 7 integration that are included in Windows Server 2008 R2. During this session, Aaron Ward, Microsoft Technology Specialist will discuss powerful tools such as Internet Information Services (IIS) version 7.5, updated Server Manager and Hyper-V platforms and Windows PowerShell version 2.0. Learn how you can have greater control, increase efficiency, and react quickly to front-line business and academic needs using Server 2008 R2.
Aaron Ward, Ken Ries

Student Email in the Cloud --  Lakeshore 4

Inver Hills has successfully moved over 6000 student email accounts from MetNet to the cloud using Microsoft's Live@edu service. We will discuss how we accomplished this using only internal personnel and processes, and look at the difficulties that we encountered and the solutions we discovered to those problems.
Charles Town, Steven Strom, Mark Peterson

Roundtable on the planning and implementation of VOIP -- Tech 1

Are you considering rolling out VOIP or have rolled out VOIP and would like to share successes and pitfalls of your rollout? Want to find out best practices from other campuses? Come to this roundtable to learn and share your knowledge of VOIP. This inlcudes Call Manager, Unity Connection Voice Mail, Call Center Express, and other related technologies.
John Handberg, John Honchell

Green Iniatives --  Lakeshore 3

Normandale has been implementing policies, applications and hardware to save energy. In this presentation we would share what initiatives we have taken and both positive and negative outcomes of our efforts. We would also like to hear what other schools are doing to make their campuses greener spaces.
Kelly Jacobson

SQL Data in SharePoint? Using DataFormWebPart with SQL in SharePoint Designer 2007 -- Paul Bunyan 1

St. Cloud State University will show how to use SharePoint Designer 2007 to create and customize out-of-the-box Web Parts in SharePoint 2007 to bring external SQL data into SharePoint environment. A thorough walkthrough will be provided on how to create ad-hoc connections to show (and manipulate) SQL data in SharePoint. I will also talk about strengths and weaknesses of the proposed approach and situations when it is practical to use it.
Konstantin Makarov,

Web Application Firewalls @ SCSU: Why and How -- Paul Bunyan 2

With the increased need for applications to be available world-wide, and the availability for those apps to be targeted for attacks, web application firewalls (WAFs) have grown in popularity. I will discuss the events that brought web application firewalls off of St. Cloud State University's backburner and what we've learned about them in the past few years.
Ben Pratt

Drop, Stop & Roll: Computer Security Incident Response -- Lakeshore 1

We will present an overview of incident response best practice and how that relates to MnSCU's new system guideline and the accompanying template incident response plan.
John Hoffoss, Scott St. Aubin

Building Online Training with Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate -- Paul Bunyan 3

User training is difficult, especially when attendance at training sessions cannot be enforced. Online training provides opportunities to enhance desktop and user support when software ugrades, changes to procedures, or new employees are hired. This session demonstates features of two popular tools available through state contract.
James Falkofske

Remote Access Secure methods for working off-campus -- Pioneer

Can I work from home or elsewhere to do my job? You think...How can I make this happen and ensure our data is protected? Providing access for staff and faculty from locations other than on-campus facilities has always been challenging. This session presents the new Remote Access Guideline and secure access methods for connecting to your IT systems from off-campus locations. Topics include the different methods for connecting including portals, direct application access and tunneling, and the requirements to implement each.
Anil Ninan, Jim Nelson

Service Learning in University Web Site Redesign -- Paul Bunyan 4

This presentation focuses on the processes and results of a long-term collaboration between students taking an upper-division professional writing course, the University Web Multimedia Team, and university departments. The presenters will focus on the results of usability testing students performed in classes leading to university web redesign.
Mary Shrode, Judy Kilborn

Breakout Session 7
10:30 AM - 11:25 AM, Wednesday - April 28, 2010

PCI Workshop - Update -- Lakeshore 2

Content will be based on the outcome of the PCI Workshop, held on March 22, 2010. This session will be used to answer remaining questions, and to provide the information and resources necessary to take your institution's PCI compliance to the next step.
Scott St. Aubin

Windows 7: Tips, Tricks & Implementation -- Lakeshore 4

An overview of new features included within Microsoft Windows 7. We will look at the new graphical features, taskbar, device management, short cuts, and security features that make it easier to use and safer for our end-users. The last 15 minutes will be an open conversation focused on how different campuses are implementing the operating systems and discussion of some best practices with Windows 7.
Bradley Grabham, Shannon Jeffries

Cisco VoIP conversion using Call Manager 7 and Microsoft UM voicemail -- Tech 1

Old equipment was the problem as it was not being supported and support costs going up. The solution was to replace the phones, the PBX and the voicemail system This involved our Cisco network guy configuring the VLANs and QoS for the new phone system, our phone guy dumping and cleaning data from an old Avaya PBX and importing it into Cisco Call Manager 7, our server guy dumping and cleaning data from our old Octel voicemail appliance, and involved our phone guy and server guy extracting all of our auto-attendents/greetings from the Octel system and import them into our new Exchange 2007 UM system. We got the job done. It’s easy for us to get technical support now. We have set ourself up for future projects that might involve getting instant message clients connected to our phone system. Easier to install emergency notification systems that displays text on phones into place. More updated and ready for what the future brings us. It made a big difference for the staff and staff apprecidate it as they now they have caller ID, the ability to do conference calling, get voicemail through their email, capture and forward important voicemail messages to other team members, and can read their email from the cellphones when they do not have access to a computer.
Brett Walkosz, Mike Kohn, Don Sames

Emerging Security Trends and Impact on Campus IT -- Lakeshore 3

Look at security trends, from perimeter and end point defense to social engineering, and how these pose new and continuing challenges in delivering IT infrastructure and services in educational environments. See how longstanding threats are evolving and which new threats have surfaced. Discussion on how these may impact your campus networks and services, and how to address risks and improve protection.
Firasat Khan, Jim Nelson

Using the Academic Electronic Medical Record System in Nursing Simulation -- Paul Bunyan 1

Electronic Medical Record training for nursing students is imperative to include in nursing curriculum. Facing state and federal mandates, employers expect and apprecitate graduates who are familiar with electronic medical records and their use in health care settings. MNSCU's Chancellor's office and the Health Education Industry Partnership have facilitated the inclusion of the Academic Electronic Medical Record System into nursing curriculum. MSC-ST instructors are leaders in implementing this technology.
Karen Fettig, Sandra VerBout, Susan Priem

Security Governance A Panel Discussion -- Paul Bunyan 2

Planning for and implementing an effective information security program is not easy. You will hear brief presentations from our panelists about different aspects of this security governance challenge. You will then participate in an open discussion on the presented approaches and ways to overcome anticipated barriers.
Daniel Nash

Session 1: IAM Playbook Part 1 Session 2: IAM Playbook Part 2 Panel discussion -- Lakeshore 1

Session 1: Summary: What we have learned from the IAM technical session that took place Feb 5-April 16
Session 2: Summary: Panel discussion session with the IAM Team Q&A about Identity and Access management program.
Dan Bauer

Top Ten Reasons to Consider Moodle as MnSCUs next Instructional Management System Paul Bunyan 3
As MnSCUs IMS Council investigates various options for our next Instructional Management System, open source should be given serious consideration. This session will provide reasons to consider Moodle, the most predominant open source IMS. Considerations include pedagogy and instructional potential, ease of use, integration and interoperability with the IMS with other vendors applications, ease of use, opportunities for use in customized training and non-credit environments, customization, and connectivity with K-12 institutions.
Rhonda Ficek

Helping Students Succeed -- Pioneer

Student Success and retention are priorities for every campus. In this presentation you will learn about various applications and steps taken to develop them. that Century College took to assist in that effort.
Clay Passick, Tony Zahler, Rima Reda, Josh Martell

Automated Web Wait Listing Paul Bunyan 4
Automated web wait listing, released this February, resolves the problems of students not being able to add themselves to the waiting lists of full wait list eligible courses. Not only can students now add and remove themselves via web, but the process of communicating with the students and offering open seats to the next student on the list is fully automated. Come to the presentation to learn more!
Cynthia Mehoves, Dan Robb

Breakout Session 8
11:30 AM - 12:25 PM, Wednesday - April 28, 2010

Engaging Student Expertise in Technology -- Lakeshore 4

Winona State University engages student workers or STARS (Student Technology And Resource Specialists) expertise to present different software technologies to students. Whether in a laptop distribution session, general workshop, a 1:1 personal session or assisting faculty with custom training in a classroom, the e-Warrior Digital Learning Center STARS are ready and willing to share their vast technical skills with other WSU students. We will share with you how this works and how it has been extremely beneficial for WSU, the e-Warrior Digital Life & Learning Program and our students.
Charmaine Gorak, Patrick Paulson, Peggy Welshons

Roundtable On Interagency Agreements That Work -- Lakeshore 3

Have you thought about having an inter agency agreement but shy away because it is too much work? Been burned by not planning well in the past? Have a success story to share with others? Come to this session to share your fears and successes of interagency agreements.
John Honchell, Leif Jordahl, Chad Finne

Webmasters Meet and Greet/Birds of a Feather -- Paul Bunyan 1

The MnSCU Webmasters is an ad-hoc association of web professionals who are involved in the development of web-based applications, products or services. This session would be a Birds of a Feather type meeting, where webmasters across the system could meet. We will also address a topic during the session: Connecting campus web sites with central web sites and web applications. A web-ex (voice + presentation) will also be available.
David Purcell

IT Change Management - Lessons Learned -- Paul Bunyan 2

Managing change in IT environments poses a number of difficult challenges. This session analyzes how IT change management was implemented at a university and what we can learn about managing change in our own IT environmnets.
Steve Creason

Session 2: IAM Playbook Part 2 Panel discussion Lakeshore 1

Need Description
Dan Bauer

IMS (Instructional Management System) of the Future Project Paul Bunyan 3

Minnesota State's contract with its present enterprise IMS (Desire2Learn) expires in 2.5 to 3 years and we are required to go out on an RFP. This session will cover progress on the project to date, a timeframe for when the next IMS recommendation will be made, and highlights of how the business and technical requirements have changed since 2002, when the system adopted its first common IMS. More info on the project can be found at
Lesley Blicker, Ken Ries

Novell Users Group Round Table Discussion Pioneer

A round table discussion for remaining campuses that still plan to utilize Novell technologies. Discuss future plans and strategies, how we can work together to share knowledge and help each other out.
Scott Streed

D2L Course Requests: Improving the Process Paul Bunyan 4

As D2L Campus Administrators we handle hundreds (or thousands) of D2L course requests every year and spend hours (or days) handling those requests. We will present the techniques our campuses have implemented to help improve those processes and take back some of our time.
Ben Pratt, Greg Biniek, Jeff Henline

For MSU events: individuals with a disability, who need reasonable accommodation to participate in this event, are asked to contact the Office of Accessibility Resources at 507-389-2825 (V/TTD), 800-627-3529 or 711 (MRS/TTD) at least five days prior to the event.

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