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Good News--March 2012

Good News--March 2012


Communication Studies - Good News
March 2012

Faculty Presentations and Publications

• Nan Johnson-Curiskis will present on a “best of the state” panel at Central States and has two new articles in print.

Beall, M., Shaw, M., Pohl, G., & Johnson-Curiskis, N. (2012). We’re all in this
Together: Civility in the Workplace (State of Iowa Showcase). Central States
Communication Association convention, Ap. 2012, Cleveland, OH

Cooper, P., Johnson-Curiskis, N., & Beall, M (2012). The stories we tell on social
media. Iowa Journal of Communication, vol 43, #1, 2012, Pages 1-15, in print.

Johnson-Curiskis, N. (2012). Hearing screenings. International Journal of Listening, vol. 26, issue 2; in print.

• Deepa Ooommen has a new article published

Oommen, D. (2011). Organizational identification strategies of a low face-to-face
member-contact organization. Speaker and Gavel, 48(2), 1-19.

• Leah White published the script from her 2009 sabbatical performance project.

White, L. (2011). The air I breathe. Text and Performance Quarterly, 40, 429-

• Kristen Cvancara has presented several lectures and conference presentations while in Finland on sabbatical

Cvancara, K. E. (2012, April). Doctoral Seminar – Sibling Communication
Patterns and Associations with Bullying Behavior. Department of Communication
Studies, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Cvancara, K. E. (2012, March). Messages from Across the Pond: Stereotypes
Associated with US Culture and Education. American Studies Seminar for the
Association of English Teachers in Finland, Scandic Hotel, Tampere, Finland.

Cvancara, K. E. (2012, March). Verbal Aggression: Prevalence, Severity, and
Desensitization in Close Relationships. Department of Communication Studies,
University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland.

Cvancara, K. E. (2012, March). Networks in Europe. 58th Berlin Seminar “The
Fulbright Network – 60 Years of German-American Exchange and Dialogue”.
Park Inn Hotel, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany.

Cvancara, K. E. (2012, March). Investigating Cultural Variations in Use of
Sibling Aggression: A cross-cultural Study of the United States and Finland.
America in Living Color Seminar, University of Tampere, Finland.

• Kristen Treinen will present her solo performance twice this summer

"Slurring your text: Confessions of a drunk dialer, texter, Mother" - Evolving Motherhood Conference at the Museum of Motherhood, May 17-19, 2012

"Confessions" - MN Fringe Festival, August 2-12, 2012.

Faculty Awards and Honors

• Dave Engen received a $2500 Faculty Improvement Grant to attend an intensive eight-day course in documentary video in June 2012 at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies.

• Nan Johnson-Curiskis has been asked to join the National Forensics League as a member of an exploratory group looking into the potential of creating an AP Communications course.

Graduate Student News

• Ben Walker successfully defended his thesis Forensics and the Basic Communication Course: A New Path to Satisfying Learning Outcomes

• Justin Rudnick has been accepted into the Ph.D. program at Ohio University. He will receive full funding.

Alumni News

• Former Graduate Assistant, Megan Orcholski, was named the 2012 Grace Walsh award winner. This award is nominated and voted on by students, coaches, and judges at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire spring tournament.

Forensic Team News

• The team has qualified over 70 events to the National Forensic Association National Championship Tournament. Team policy requires students qualify at least 3 events in order to attend this event. 16 students met this goal and will travel to the event hosted at Ohio University in mid-April.

• 9 students qualified a total of 24 events for the American Forensic Association National Individual Events Tournament. Team policy requires students be entered in 4 events in order to attend this tournament. Senior Jordan Christiansen, Juniors Ryan Zahn and Skylar Carlson, and First Year Cade Shelton all met this goal. The tournament will be held at Texas State University, San Marcos the first weekend in April.

• Senior Jordan Christiansen was accepted for the MA program in Communication Studies at Kansas State University where he will be a forensic coaching and teaching Graduate Assistant.

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