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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Summer 2013 Campus Construction

Plans for 18 summer projects are announced.

Minnesota State University, Mankato Media Relations Announcement, 4-9-2013

Mankato, Minn. -- Minnesota State University, Mankato Planning and Construction Director Paul Corcoran announced that the following construction projects would take place on campus during the summer of 2013:

1. Wiecking Center Construction Management room 349 renovation. (Schedule to be coordinated with Construction Management Department) - Classroom remodel to include new carpeting, paint, ceiling, and entry system. Classroom will be closed during construction but will be open and ready for fall semester. Project Manager Brittany Mitchell, 351-5793

2. Performing Arts Recital Hall (Schedule to be coordinated with Music Department) - The deteriorated accessibility ramp in front of the stage will be replaced along with new floor covering and new wall colors. Abandoned light fixture holes in the ceiling will be patched along some instructional technology upgrades. The project will be completed by fall semester. Project Manager Brittany Mitchell, 351-5793

3. Memorial Library 1st Floor Circulation Desk (May 27-Aug. 9) - A new circulation desk will be constructed to accommodate two paths of circulation into the main library entrance. New flooring, ceiling, paint, and gates will be a part of the project goal. The front entrance will be closed during construction but will be reopened by fall semester. During the summer construction the library will maintain an alternate entrance on the west side of the building at the stair tower. Project Manager Brittany Mitchell, 351-5793

4. Wissink 3rd Nursing Simulation Rooms (In progress -June 19) – A new simulation lab is being created out of office space on the third floor of Wissink. The new lab will provide simulation teaching and viewing space. The remodel includes new flooring, paint, and ceiling. The space is currently closed for demolition and should be reopened by June 19. Physical Plant contact Barry Wilkins, 381-6403

5. Trafton North N174D Renovation (May 20-Aug. 9) – Classroom remodel to include new carpeting and paint. Space utilization will be increased by removing a smaller abandoned darkroom to create a larger learning space. Classroom will be offline during remodel and will be reopened by fall semester. Project Manager Brittany Mitchell, 351-5793

6. Library to CSU Underground Pedestrian Link (May 13 – Oct. 15) - In addition to the underground pedestrian link, this project creates a small amphitheater on the west side of the underground link. Excavation and link construction will make the front entrance of the Library inaccessible for the summer and the mall area between the Library entrances over to CSU will be a fenced construction site. Excavation is scheduled to start the week of May 13 and construction will continue through the summer. Goal is to have the front entrance of the Library open for public use before fall semester. Landscaping and sidewalk work will likely continue into September with a goal for final completion by the end of September. Weather and rain days may impact the overall schedule. The customer entrance to the Library will be temporarily relocated to the west side of the building. Lot 11, the “horse shoe lot” will be closed and used for contractor staging area during the project. Project Manager Marty Rost, 327-5315

7. Campus Fountain Replacement (May 13 – Aug. 16) – The fountain has significant infrastructure problems causing an enormous amount of water to leak the surrounding ground and saturating it. In addition to the waste of water the elevated ground water has caused problems in the basements of both the CSU and Memorial Library. This project replaces the concrete deck and failing mechanical/electrical systems and restores its function and appearance to approximate the original design as the 1964 World’s Fair Fountain of Progress (where it is believed to have been relocated from). The restored fountain will have a reflecting pool effect with working lights and automated spray control to accommodate for wind speed. Enhancements include a low retaining wall contain the reflecting pool. Repairs will also be made to the iconic steel sculpture centerpiece where the mounting bracket steel has significant deterioration due to many years of rusting. Project Manager Paul Corcoran, 327-9141

8. Armstrong Basement Classroom Renovation (May 13 - Aug. 9) - The Armstrong basement remodel includes the relocation of the geography department to the 2nd floor of Morris. Existing spaces will be remodeled to include two new classrooms, new student lounge space, and new seminar space. Entry systems and corridor painting will also occur. The project will be completed for fall semester use. Project Manager Brittany Mitchell, 351-5793

9. Trafton Office Ventilator Replacement (May 15 – July 26) – The Physical Plant department is coordinating a project with office occupants in Trafton Science center to replace the unit ventilators serving many of the faculty offices. The project replaces the mechanical equipment inside the cabinets. Physical Plant contact Denny Javens, 327-9144

10. CSU Game room HVAC (May 13 – Aug. 9) – AHU 22, which serves the billiards area of the CSU, and AHU 27 which serves the kitchen will be replaced over the summer break. New ducting will be installed to improve air flow. In cooperation with the pedestrian link new lighting and flooring will be installed in the billiards area. Portions of the CSU will be sectioned off during construction. Operations will be up and running by Aug. 9. Project Manager Brittany Mitchell, 351-5793

11. Morris Hall Dental Simulation Lab – (May 22 – Aug. 25) - The remodeling in the Dental department will involve changing the existing classroom into a dedicated simulation lab. The new simulator and technology equipment will be very high tech and state of the art. Project Manager Chris Hoffmann, 327-1430

12. Morris Hall Cross Roads Upgrade (May 13 – Aug. 25) - The area in Morris Hall known as the crossroads will be totally remodeled with lots of technology access and up-scale finishes. Project Manager Chris Hoffmann, 327-1430

13. Morris Hall HVAC Replacement (May 13 – Aug. 25) - Phase one of the project includes the eastern portion of the building commonly referred to Old Morris Hall. Affected areas will be totally remodeled by installing all new heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems to provide a much needed improvement in the buildings efficiency and the occupants comfort. To accomplish this all the finishes in the building will need to be replaced which will give it much more modern look and feel. Once abatement and construction starts on May 20, the area will be closed for general access. Contractor will begin staging outside the south side of the building the week of May 6. This project compresses and extraordinary amount of work in a very short construction period and every day is important. Movers will start moving classroom material out on Monday, May 13 and then begin work on the offices after the faculty duty days. Project Manager Chris Hoffmann, 327-1430

14. Morris Hall Geography Relocation (May 13 – Aug. 9) – Geography department offices relocated from the basement of Armstrong Hall to a renovated space on the 2nd floor of Morris Hall. Project Manager Chris Hoffmann, 327-1430

15. Taylor Center Terrazzo Replacement (May 13 – June 4) – Terrazzo replacement will occur in eight areas along the Hall of Champions. The goal of the improvement s is to replace areas that have failed and are causing trip hazards. Access and passage through the hall will be maintained during the project but the project will occasionally be noisy and dusty. Project Manager Brittany Mitchell, 351-5793

16. Myers Fieldhouse Roof Repair (May 13 – May 30) – This project repairs minor membrane problems on approximately 25% of the roof. The project should be of relatively short duration (2-3 weeks) provided the weather is cooperative. Contractor will stage on the west side of the loading dock between Taylor Center and the field house. Campus access to the loading dock will be maintained during the project but may be blocked off a few hours at a time at the beginning and end of the project to crane materials on and off the roof. There will be the normal roofing odors associated with this project but access and use of the field house will not be affected. Project Manager Brittany Mitchell, 351-5793

17. Gage Demolition (Through spring 2014) - HazMat removal started Jan 10, 2013 and completed by May 1. Actual demolition to start around May 15 to prepare the building for implosion to take place between June 29 and July 7 dependent on weather. Much of the building rubble will be crushed and repurposed on site as a new base for a parking lot. Goals are to complete the building demolition efforts Sept. 24 parking lot completed no later than June 30, 2014. Project Manager Marty Rost, 327-5315

18. Tennis Court Resurfacing (May 13 to June 21) – Contractor will remove existing loose topping and resurface and paint the courts. The courts will be available for use shortly after the completion of the project. Project Manager Paul Corcoran, 327-9141

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