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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Department of Aviation

Department of Aviation


The Department of Aviation is thrilled to launch a new aviation alumni newsletter. Yes, we are very much alive and well, and we are eager to share with you all the great things that are happening at Minnesota State Mankato—current happenings in the Department of Aviation as well as those things we see on the horizon. While it may seem obvious, I think it is important to begin with the recognition that students in the aviation program are absolutely top quality. Over the years, this fact is one constant that helped deliver stability to the program. It is through student efforts and performance that the aviation program is now, like the proverbial cream, rising to the top. As many of you know, the aviation program teetered on the brink of non-existence a few years ago. Currently, we stand as a strong, sustainable four-year aviation program—the only one left in Minnesota. We did not achieve this status alone. Much of the credit for this accomplishment comes from the University, North Star Aviation, and alumni. We enjoy a tremendous amount of support and advocacy from our partners. Both President Richard Davenport and our Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Jean Haar, have been outstanding supporters of our program and deserve our recognition. In addition, we have been both pleased and surprised at the tremendous support displayed by our alumni in the aviation industry. Your support in helping us provide qualified, well-trained aviation professionals gives us energy and motivation. With our vibrant student organizations, support from University administration, an engaged and very competitive flight team, Minnesota State Mankato’s aviation program is moving forward on all fronts. We appreciate all your support and interest and ask that you spread the good news of our program as often as each of you can.   I look forward to updating you all again in the spring issue. Until then, have a wonderful holiday season and remember… The worst day of flying still beats the best day of real work.   Tom Peterson Aviation Department Director


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