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Retention and GPA Data

Below you will find a downloadable PDF file of Minnesota State Mankato Learning Communities program data from MSU Institutional Research. You will see in the spreadsheet that learning community students consistently have a higher average GPA and retention rate than students who do not participate in the program.

 (pdf) *updated 12/2/2013: [PDF] MSU Learning Communities Retention and GPA Data (16 KiB)

National Study for Living Learning Programs

During February 2010, the LC program participated in the National Study for Living Learning Programs (NSLLP).

The learning communities program at Minnesota State University, Mankato houses students with the same academic backgrounds or co-curricular interests in support of their transition to the university.  The NSLLP is an empirical study that compares the experiences of first year students in the Learning Communities and non-Learning Communities.

The survey was sent to 263 first-year learning community participants and 262 non-learning community first-year students.  127 learning community students responded (48.3%) and 80 non-learning community students responded (30.5%).   The NSLLP data indicated that, as a whole, "living-learning students" were more likely than their counterparts to engage in positive, strengthening activities such as discussing academics and social issues with peers, and showing a better commitment to their education and welfare.

[PDF] Summary of Findings (307 KiB) (pdf)

Please let Kate Hansen know if you would like to look at the entire report or any sections of it.  The national report comparing our program to the other 14 institutions that participated is available online.