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Frequently Asked Questions about the Family Program

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Is the Family Orientation program required?

No, the family program is not required; however we encourage family members and guests to participate in the program to help your student with his/her transition to college. It is also your opportunity to participate in family programming, ask any questions you have, and become acquainted with the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus.


How do I register for the Family Orientation program?

Family and guests can register one of two ways: register online or send in the reservation form provided in the invitation. To register online, your student must indicate the number of guests, name of guest, etc. Please note that the student must click “Add Guest” or the guest portion of the online registration will not be processed. If you would prefer to send in the registration form from the invitation, please make sure to fill out the Family Orientation registration form.


Is there a cost for family or guests to attend orientation?

There is a $25 fee per family for family to attend the orientation information and programming sessions.  Family and guest should be listed in the the students orientation registration. There is an additional cost for family or guests who would like to purchase meal tickets or stay in on-campus family housing during orientation. See family orientation fees for more information.


Do I room with my student if I register for on-campus family housing?

Families do not stay in the same room as their student. Students will be roomed with other new students. We want your student to meet new people, experience campus, and staying in the residence halls.

Families who reserve a space on-campus will share an unlocked bathroom suite with another family. Two twin beds, linens, and towels are included in one family housing room. A television and phone are not provided.


What if I cannot attend on the same date as my student?

If family members want to attend the program, but are not available when the student is assigned to a program date, you can choose a different date. If you are registering online, please contact the Office of New Student and Family Programs at 507-389-5498 and will note that you will be attending a different date than your student. 


What if I cannot attend both days of the two day Family Orientation program?

Family members are encouraged to attend what they are able to during the orientation program, however are free to come and go as needed.


If I am a part of the alumni community at Minnesota State University, Mankato, am I exempt from the the costs of orientation?

Although we are happy your son/daughter will be joining the MSU Mankato community too, alumni are not exempt from the costs associated with orientation.


Am I able to attend advising and registration with my student?

During orientation, parents and students will have a session to learn about academic advising, majors, requirements, and academic expectations. However, family/guests are not present during advising and registration during orientation.

This is your student’s opportunity to work with his/her advisor and learn how to register for classes, learn about the academic process, and how to navigate the registration system. We have a variety of staff available to help your student in the advising and registration process.