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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Register for Graduate Credits

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  1. Apply to the MSU College of Graduate Studies. We suggest you start by applying for non-degree seeking status (NDS). NDS is faster/easier and permits you to take up to 9 graduate credits without formal applying to a specific program. You may, of course, do the full application process now (or later if you decide to go beyond 9 credits). A pdf of the application form is at OR you can apply online at
  2. Create a moodle account
    1. Go to
    2. Click "Login"
    3. Click "Create new account"
    4. Follow the directions to create your account
  3. Select the forensic modules you wish to take for graduate credit. The currently available modules are listed at (we will be designing and building more modules in the near future). What we do is package modules together to equal the number of graduate credits desired. 2 modules=1 credit, 3 modules=2 credits; 4 modules=3 credits. The grouping of the modules is not fixed, but open to discussion/negotiation between you and our faculty. “Introduction” modules are taken at the 500-graduate course level; “Advanced” modules are taken at the 600-graduate course level.
  4. The modules are all self-paced, but if taking for graduate credit they will need to be completed within a normal academic semester (summer, fall, or spring).
  5. When you have received notice of admission to the graduate program, send the following to or
    1. Name, Tech ID, the number of graduate credits you wish to take, and the modules you wish to take
    2. All NFL graduate courses are registration by-permission-only. We will enter permission for you to register for the appropriate graduate course and send you the code required to register.
    3. We will enter the permission for the selected modules and notify you when you may start the coursework. 

Note: Graduate tuition/fees are different than CEU costs. Details on graduate tuiton/fees are available at


Subscribe to the NFLstudents listserve at The listserv is designed to keep everyone interested in the MSU-NFL program in the loop with current developments, release of new CEU modules, and availability of online graduate credits in Communication Studies.