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Information and Technology Services

Ahmed, Said - Senior Software ArchitectML 3010(507) 389-6425ML30103010 Memorial Library
Akers, Timothy - Desktop Support SpecML 3010(507) 389-2256ML30103010 Memorial Library
Anderson, Jerald - Classroom Technology SupportML 3010(507) 389-6921ML30103010 Memorial Library
Baumann, Joel - Technical Support SpecialistML 3010(507) 389-5156ML30103010 Memorial Library
Bessler, Virginia - Senior Accessibility TechnologieML 3(507) 389-1055ML30103010 Memorial Library
Boone, Casey - Web Solutions DeveloperML 3010(507) 389-1125ML30103010 Memorial Library
Bruggeman, Julie - Telecomm CoordML 3010(507) 389-2226ML30103010 Memorial Library
Byron, Monte - Service Desk SpecialistML 3010(507) 389-6651ML30103010 Memorial Library
Cai, Qijie - Instructional DesignerML 88(507) 389-1117ML30103010 Memorial Library
Casey, Jason - Desktop Support SpecialistCC 6(507) 389-5489ML30103010 Memorial Library
Clark, Edmund - VP for Technology & CIOML 3016(507) 389-2555ML30103010 Memorial Library
Clark, Rebecca - Communications CoordinatorML 3010(507) 389-6654ML30103010 Memorial Library
Clay, Matthew - Director for Technology ConsultiML 3010(507) 389-2526ML30103010 Memorial Library
Colby, Cathy - Team Leader, Laptop Initiative PML 3010(507) 389-6920ML30103010 Memorial Library
Cusick, Paul - Technology Director for CAHNML 3010(507) 389-1504ML30103010 Memorial Library
Deike, Thomas - Computer Repair SpecML 3010(507) 389-5714ML30103010 Memorial Library
Denker, Justin - Service Desk ConsultantML 3010(507) 389-6654ML30103010 Memorial Library
Dodd, Michael - Senior Dir for Customer ServicesML 3020(507) 389-1305ML30103010 Memorial Library
Dunning, Marni - Instructional DesignerML 3010(507) 389-5892ML30103010 Memorial Library
Dwyer, Shane - Senior Dir of Information AssuraML 3(507) 389-5033ML30103010 Memorial Library
Erickson, Samuel - Res TechnicianMH 121(507) 389-1665ML30103010 Memorial Library
Fling, Dennis - ImageNow System ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1130ML30103010 Memorial Library
Grooms, John - Knowledge Systems ArchitectML 3010(507) 389-1502ML30103010 Memorial Library
Hasan, Shoumik - IT Service Desk AnalystML 3010(507) 389-6651ML30103010 Memorial Library
Henline, Jeffrey - Instructional Support SpecML 3010(507) 389-2323ML30103010 Memorial Library
Higdon-Topaz, Jude - Information Systems ApplicationML 3018(507) 389-1477ML30103010 Memorial Library
Hoffman, Bryan - Technology Director for the COBMH 150(507) 389-1120MH150150 Morris Hall
Hughes, Catherine - Tech Dir for Studd Aff & EnrollML 3010(507) 389-1308ML30103010 Memorial Library
Hundstad, Jeffrey - Web Master/DeveloperML 3010(507) 389-2516ML30103010 Memorial Library
Jeffries, Jerry - Senior Enterprise Systems ManageML 3010(507) 389-3206ML30103010 Memorial Library
Johnson, Tedmund - Dir Web App DevML 3029(507) 389-2014ML30103010 Memorial Library
Kaluza, Abby - Service Desk ConsultantML 3010(507) 389-6651ML30103010 Memorial Library
Killion, Donna - Junior Project ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1220ML30103010 Memorial Library
Knoblich, Derek - Service Desk ConsultantML 3010(507) 389-6654ML30103010 Memorial Library
Leech, Dawn - Senior Director IT Service DeskML 3010(507) 389-5071ML30103010 Memorial Library
Lehman, Joseph - IT Service Desk AnalystML 3010(507) 389-1555ML30103010 Memorial Library
Malterer, Matthew - Networking SpecialistML 3010(507) 389-3207ML30103010 Memorial Library
Manderfeld, Michael - Instructional DesignerML 94C(507) 389-2773ML30103010 Memorial Library
McGill, Nicole - IT Service Desk CoordinatorML 3010(507) 389-1500ML30103010 Memorial Library
McLaughlin, Michael - Systems ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1124ML30103010 Memorial Library
Menne, Michael - Systems ManagerML 3010(507) 389-5705ML30103010 Memorial Library
Miller, Carrie - Instructional Designer & TechnolML 88H(507) 389-1531ML30103010 Memorial Library
Muggli, Ricardo - Networking/Syst MgrML 3010(507) 389-1164ML30103010 Memorial Library
Peters, Linda - Lead App Prog Mgr/AnalystML 3010(507) 389-6913ML30103010 Memorial Library
Petersen, Harry - Strategic Media Development CoorML 3010(507) 389-6651ML30103010 Memorial Library
Pischke, Thomas - Technology Support SpecialistFR 360(952) 818-8882FR360360 7700 France
Potocnik, Matthew - Web Applications DeveloperML 3010(507) 389-6906ML30103010 Memorial Library
Prybylla, Joel - IT Project ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1544ML30103010 Memorial Library
Rodeback, Nathan - Website DeveloperML 3010(507) 389-2480ML30103010 Memorial Library
Schneider, Bryan - Dir, Technical ServicesML 3019(507) 389-5993ML30103010 Memorial Library
Scott, Nachshon - Service Desk ConsultantsML 3010(507) 389-6654ML30103010 Memorial Library
Smoley, Andrew - Web Application DeveloperFR C330(952) 818-8876ML30103010 Memorial Library
Spangenberg, Scott - IT Servie Desk AnalystML 3010(507) 389-6651ML30103010 Memorial Library
Swansen, Rachel - Service Desk ConsultantML 3010(507) 389-6651ML30103010 Memorial Library
Thurston, Daniel - ITS Service Desk AnalystML 3010(507) 389-6651ML30103010 Memorial Library
Viessman, Brian - IT Service Desk AnalystML 3010(507) 389-6654ML30103010 Memorial Library
Wallerstedt, Mitchell - Acting Chief Operations OfficerML 3011(507) 389-5771ML30103010 Memorial Library
Wentz, Timothy - Software Support LeadML 3010(507) 389-6922ML30103010 Memorial Library
Whitcomb, Damon - Classroom Technology SpecialistML 3010(507) 389-6256ML30103010 Memorial Library
Wildt, Mark - Systems ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1368ML30103010 Memorial Library
Wille, Kathleen - Application Database DeveloperML 3012(507) 389-1250ML30123012 Memorial Library
Williams, Ryan - Sr Information Security AnalystML 3(507) 389-5033ML30103010 Memorial Library
Workman, John - Networking EngineerML 3010(507) 389-1337ML30103010 Memorial Library

Inst. Research, Planning & Assessment

Akey, Lynn - Asst VP for Inst Research, PlannWA 315(507) 389-2419WA315315 Wigley Administration Center
Cashin, Jennifer - Institutional Research AnalystWA 325(507) 389-6624WA325325 Wigley Administration Center
Mackie, Paul - University Assessment CoordinatoML 88(507) 389-6335ML8888 Memorial Library
Oman, Jerald - Institutional Research SpecialisWA 325(507) 389-5193WA325325 Wigley Administration Center
Syed, Sharifun - Insitutional Research SpecilialiWA 325(507) 389-1734WA315315 Wigley Administration Center

Institutional Diversity

Baxter-Nuamah, Maria - Dir of Institutional Div OutreacWA 228(507) 389-1156WA228228 Wigley Administration Center
Braunshausen, Shayla - Recruitment & Retention AdvisorSU 284H(507) 389-6126SU243243 Centennial Student Union
Dittrich, Jacqueline - Executive AssistantWA 228(507) 389-1150WA228228 Wigley Administration Center
Meier, Kelly - Senior Director for InstitutionaWA 228(507) 389-5268WA228228 Wigley Administration Center
Morris, Henry - Dean of Institutional DiversityWA 228(507) 389-1150WA228228 Wigley Administration Center
Mukamuri, Amy - Dir English InstituteSU 284(507) 389-5594SU284284 Centennial Student Union
Riquelme-Paredes, Marisel - Administrative AssistantSU 269(507) 389-6300SU269269 Centennial Student Union
Williamson, Briana - Interim Recruitment & RetentionSU 284(507) 389-1459SU284284 Centennial Student Union
Yang, Sang - Director of Diversity InitiativeSU 269C(507) 389-2799SU269269 Centennial Student Union

Integrated Engineering

Bates, Rebecca - ChairpersonWH 231(507) 389-5587WH273273 Wissink Hall
Drakeford, Raechelle - Industry Relations CoordinatorOC 141(952) 358-9206TN141141 Trafton Science Center North

Integrated Marketing

Benson, Daniel - Director of Media RelationsAF 232(507) 389-6838AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Frederick, Sara - Director of Content MarketingAF 232(507) 389-6981AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Iseminger, Jeffrey - Assoc VP for Univ Adv & IntegratAF 232(507) 389-2823AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Rademaker, Kim - Integrated Marketing AssistantAF 232(507) 389-2523AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Tollefson, Lindsey - Director of Web MarketingAF 232(507) 389-5437AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center

Intensive English Language Institute

Tsuiki, Hiroko - Interim ESL CoordinatorSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union

Intercollegiate Athletics

Ahonen, Loren - Men's Head Cross Country CoachHC 1802(507) 389-2890MF135135 Myers Field House
Allan, Paul - Assoc Athl Dir/AthleticCommTC 175(507) 389-5779TC175175 Taylor Center
Amundson, Dennis - Head Volleyball CoachTC 50(507) 389-2673MF135135 Myers Field House
Anderson, Kevin - Coordinator of Hockey & Video OpAR 2(507) 389-1015AR22 All Seasons Sports Arena
Bahl, Brian - Head Women's Soccer CoachMF 135(507) 389-2671MF135135 Myers Field House
Bell, Brian - Asst Football CoachMF 135(507) 389-1322MF135135 Myers Field House
Bill, Kathleen - Insurance CoordinatorHC 1200(507) 389-2099MF135135 Myers Field House
Black, Bryant - Assoc Head Men's Golf CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Blue, Darren - Asst M-Hockey CchAR 213S(507) 389-1569AR22 All Seasons Sports Arena
Blue, Jennifer - Head Coach Women's Cross CountryHC 1850(507) 389-6415MF135135 Myers Field House
Bresnahan, Jay - Asst Athletic Dir for ComplianceMF 135(507) 389-2018MF135135 Myers Field House
Bruininks, Brett - Assistant Women's Hockey CoachAR 2(507) 389-3214AR22 All Seasons Sports Arena
Buisman, Kevin - Director of AthleticsMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Burns, Nicholas - Interim Asst Athletic CommunicatTC 175(507) 389-5789MF135135 Myers Field House
Campa, Nicolas - Head Women's Golf CoachMF 135(507) 380-8381MF135135 Myers Field House
Chambers, Jeffrey - Head Athletic TrainerHC 1216(507) 389-3229MF135135 Myers Field House
Christ, Adam - Asst Baseball CoachHC 1818(507) 389-2689MF135135 Myers Field House
Christensen, Nathan - Asst Athletic Director for ExterMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Dickerman, Shari - Asst Women's Hockey CoachAR 208(507) 389-3213AR22 All Seasons Sports Arena
Dickert, Jacob - Assistant Football CoachMF 135(507) 389-2512MF135135 Myers Field House
Dilling, Jim - Men's Head Track & Field CoachMF 135(507) 389-5486MF135135 Myers Field House
Dittbenner, Douglas - HC 1810(507) 389-5243MF135135 Myers Field House
Downey, Sarah - Associate Head Athletic TrainerHC 1218(507) 389-5461MF135135 Myers Field House
Harwood, Marc - Asst Wrestling CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Hastings, Michael - Head Men's Hockey CoachAR 211(507) 389-6111AR22 All Seasons Sports Arena
Hoffner, Todd - Head Football CoachHC 1812(507) 389-1339MF135135 Myers Field House
Inkrott, Thomas - Director of Strength & ConditionTC 069(507) 389-5042MF135135 Myers Field House
Jones, Benjamin - Asst Women's Soccer CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Juell, Tandy - Assistant Track CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Knott, Todd - Assistant Men's Hockey CoachAR 2(507) 389-6098AR22 All Seasons Sports Arena
Magers, Mathew - Head Coach Men's BaseballMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Makovsky, James - Head Wrestling CoachTC 58(507) 389-6521MF135135 Myers Field House
Margenthaler, Matthew - Men's BB CoachTC 55(507) 389-2311MF135135 Myers Field House
Marshall, Timothy - Assoc Athletic Dir/Finance & OpeMF 135(507) 389-5884MF135135 Myers Field House
Means, Eric - Head Women's Hockey CoachAR 213N(507) 389-3217AR22 All Seasons Sports Arena
Meyer, Lori - Head Softball CoachMF 135(507) 389-1520MF135135 Myers Field House
Monaghan, Pat - Asst Men's Basketball CoachTC 56(507) 389-5724MF135135 Myers Field House
Olson, Ryan - Assistant Football CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Owens, Nathan - Head Coach Women's SwimmingHC 1051(507) 389-6326MF135135 Myers Field House
Parno, Christopher - Women's Asst Track CoachHC 1804(507) 389-5906MF135135 Myers Field House
Poppitz, Cory - Asst Athletic Director for SportMF 135E(507) 389-5920MF135135 Myers Field House
Reed, Christopher - Asst Men's & Women's Track CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Rickbeil, Daniel - Athletic Equipment ManagerHC 1600(507) 389-2481MF135135 Myers Field House
Rideout, Scott - Hockey Equipment ManagerAR 2(507) 389-6111AR22 All Seasons Sports Arena
Ridler, Melissa - Office CoordinatorMF 135(507) 389-5351MF135135 Myers Field House
Rolfsrud, Bailey - Asst Women's Tennis CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Sander, Amy - Asst Women's BB CoachTC 53(507) 389-1458MF135135 Myers Field House
Schmid, Bryan - Assistant Football Defense CoachHC 1816(507) 389-6602MF135135 Myers Field House
Schott, Michael - Assoc Men's BB CoachTC 54(507) 389-2624MF135135 Myers Field House
Takaiwa, Masayasu - Assistant Athletic TrainerMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Thiesse, Brandon - Director Athletic DevelopmentHC 1800(507) 389-6591MF135135 Myers Field House
Thiesse, Emilee - Head Women's Basketball CoachMF 135(507) 389-2678MF135135 Myers Field House
Troutner, Bethany - Asst Coach CheerleadingMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Walters, Stacey - Dance CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Williams, Christie - Women's Tennis CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Wolcott, Kristle - Assoc Head Softball CoachHC 1844(507) 389-5675MF135135 Myers Field House
Wollmuth, Lori - Associate Head Volleyball CoachTC 050(507) 389-5339MF135135 Myers Field House
Zasadzinski, Jaslyne - Assistant Dance CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House

International Affairs

Azarbod, Cheryl - Administrative AssistantWA 315(507) 389-2900WA315315 Wigley Administration Center
Stoynoff, Stephen - Interim Dean International AffaiWA 315(507) 389-1333WA315315 Wigley Administration Center

International Center, Kearney

Casula, Donna - ISSS Assistant DirectorSU 250(507) 389-5226SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Lueck, Patsy - Office ManagerSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Maignes, Cita - Intl Recruitment/Retention SpecSU 250(507) 389-6592SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Prorok, Mandy - Education Abroad AdvisorSU 250(507) 389-5122SU250250 Centennial Student Union

International Programs

Lindsay, Caryn - Dir of Intl ProgramSU 250(507) 389-6724SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Ulrich, Emma - OAS InterSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union

International Student Office

Erickson, Sharon - ReceptionistSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Gjersvig, Thomas - Dir Intl Student & Scholar ServiSU 250(507) 389-5204SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Kamal-Ahmed, Ishrat - Immigration & Programs CoordSU 250(507) 389-5149SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Lohrenz, Elizabeth - Interim Int'l Recruitment & ReteSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Qureshi, Mariam - Interim Int'l Recruitment & ReteSU 250(507) 389-6592SU250250 Centennial Student Union