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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Office Directory

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Department/Name/TitleOfficeTelephone NumberMail CodeAddress

IT Solutions

Adera, Addisu - Data Warehouse/Database DevelopeML 3010(507) 389-6651ML30103010 Memorial Library
Ahmed, Said - Senior Software ArchitectML 3010(507) 389-6425ML30103010 Memorial Library
Anderson, Brian - Desktop Software ManagerML 3010(507) 389-6922ML30103010 Memorial Library
Anderson, Jerald - Classroom Technology SupportML 3010(507) 389-6921ML30103010 Memorial Library
Anderson, Michael - Customer Relationship ManagementML 3010(507) 389-6654ML30103010 Memorial Library
Bessler, Virginia - Sr Accessible Tech & IntellectuaML 3010(507) 389-1055ML30103010 Memorial Library
Bjorklund, Elizabeth - Executive AssistantML 3010(507) 389-2555ML30103010 Memorial Library
Boone, Casey - Web Solutions DeveloperML 3010(507) 389-1125ML30103010 Memorial Library
Bruggeman, Julie - Telecomm CoordML 3010(507) 389-2226ML30103010 Memorial Library
Byron, Monte - Service Desk SpecialistWH 121(507) 389-1503ML30103010 Memorial Library
Casey, Jason - Desktop Support SpecialistCC 6(507) 389-1955ML30103010 Memorial Library
Clay, Matthew - Director for Technology ConsultiML 3010(507) 389-2526ML30103010 Memorial Library
Colby, Cathy - Solutions ArchitectML 3010(507) 389-6920ML30103010 Memorial Library
Cusick, Paul - Technology Director for CAHNML 3010(507) 389-1504ML30103010 Memorial Library
Fitcher, Abby - IT Solutions Center Sr. AnalystCSB 240(507) 389-1501CSB240240 Clinical Sciences Building
Fling, Dennis - ImageNow System ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1130ML30103010 Memorial Library
Harsma, Elizabeth - Instructional TechnologistML 3010(507) 389-1522ML30103010 Memorial Library
Hensley, Shane - Database DeveloperML 3010(507) 389-1348ML30103010 Memorial Library
Hoffman, Bryan - Technology Director for the COBMH 150(507) 389-1120MH150150 Morris Hall
Hughes, Catherine - ACIO for Solutions DeliveryML 3010(507) 389-1308ML30103010 Memorial Library
Hundstad, Jeffrey - ITS Systems ArchitectML 3010(507) 389-6923ML30103010 Memorial Library
Jeffries, Jerry - Senior Enterprise Systems ManageML 3010(507) 389-3206ML30103010 Memorial Library
Johnson, Bryan - Solutions ArchitectML 3010(507) 389-1435ML30103010 Memorial Library
Johnson, Mark - VP for Information & TechnologyML 3010(507) 389-2555ML30103010 Memorial Library
Lehman, Joseph - IT Systems EngineerML 3010(507) 389-1555ML30103010 Memorial Library
Lienemann, Christopher - Solutions ArchitectML 3010(507) 389-1037ML30103010 Memorial Library
Malterer, Matthew - Networking SpecialistML 3010(507) 389-3207ML30103010 Memorial Library
Manderfeld, Michael - Instructional DesignerML 94C(507) 389-2773ML30103010 Memorial Library
McLaughlin, Michael - Systems ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1124ML30103010 Memorial Library
Menne, Michael - Information Security ManagerML 3016(507) 389-5705ML30103010 Memorial Library
Mikolai, Gloria - Sr. IT Solutions Center ConsultaML 3010(507) 389-5071WH221221 Wissink Hall
Miller, Carrie - Instructional Designer & TechnolML 88H(507) 389-1531ML30103010 Memorial Library
Muggli, Ricardo - Networking/Syst MgrML 3010(507) 389-1164ML30103010 Memorial Library
Nik Hassan, Nik - Lead Applications Project ManageML ML3010(507) 389-6913MLML3010ML3010 Memorial Library
Petersen, Harry - Strategic Production Media CoordML 3010(507) 389-1252ML30103010 Memorial Library
Poetter, Alexis - Information Technology SpecialisML (507) 389-6654ML Memorial Library
Potocnik, Matthew - Web Applications DeveloperML 3010(507) 389-6906ML30103010 Memorial Library
Prybylla, Joel - IT Project ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1544ML30103010 Memorial Library
Putnam, John - Desktop and Lab Software ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1449ML30103010 Memorial Library
Reasor, Neely - Computer Staging & ImagingML 3010(507) 389-5750ML30103010 Memorial Library
Rodeback, Nathan - Website Developer/DesignerML 3010(507) 389-2480ML30103010 Memorial Library
Rodman, Steven - Business Analyst & DesignerML 3010(507) 389-5578ML30103010 Memorial Library
Schneider, Bryan - Asst CIO & Director of TechnicalML 3019(507) 389-5993ML30103010 Memorial Library
Smoley, Andrew - Web Application DeveloperFR C330(952) 818-8876ML30103010 Memorial Library
Snay, Kyle - Customer Relationship ManagementML 3022(507) 389-5063ML30223022 Memorial Library
Timmerman, Troy - Senior Service Desk AnalystWH 124(507) 389-1506ML30103010 Memorial Library
Turner, Ramsey - Solutions ArchitectML 3010(507) 389-1434ML30103010 Memorial Library
Wallerstedt, Mitchell - Chief Operations OfficerML 3011(507) 389-5771ML30103010 Memorial Library
Whitcomb, Damon - Classroom Technology SpecialistML 3010(507) 389-6256ML30103010 Memorial Library
Wildt, Mark - Systems ManagerML 3010(507) 389-1368ML30103010 Memorial Library
Workman, John - Networking EngineerML 3010(507) 389-1337ML30103010 Memorial Library

Independent Contractor

Benoy, Austin - (936) 615-6383

Inst. Analytics & Strategic Effectivene

Cashin, Jennifer - Institutional Effectiveness & PlWA 325(507) 389-6624WA325325 Wigley Administration Center
Eekhoff, Amanda - Financial AnalystWA 325(507) 389-1049WA325325 Wigley Administration Center
Oman, Jerry - Research AnalystWA 325(507) 389-5193WA325325 Wigley Administration Center
Syed, Sharifun - Insitutional Research SpecilialiWA 325(507) 389-1374WA325325 Wigley Administration Center

Integrated Engineering

Baldwin, Loralea - Administrative AssistantWH 218(507) 389-2744WH218218 Wissink Hall
Bates, Rebecca - ChairpersonWH 218(507) 389-5587WH218218 Wissink Hall
Hanegmon, Andrew - Bell Program FacilitatorOC 218(507) 389-5587WH218218 Wissink Hall
Maki, Brandy - Bell Program FacilitatorWH 218(507) 389-5587WH218218 Wissink Hall
Mann, Kaitlyn - Bell Program FacilitatorWH 231(507) 389-5587WH231231 Wissink Hall
McGough, Catherine - Assistant ProfessorTN 131(507) 389-5998TN131131 Trafton Science Center North

Integrated Marketing

Benson, Daniel - Director of Media RelationsAF 232(507) 389-6838AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Beyer, Lindsey - Director of Web MarketingAF 232(507) 389-5437AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Crispo, Richard - Director of Visual Content StratAF 232(507) 389-1003AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Frederick, Sara - Senior Director of Integrated MaAF 232(507) 389-6981AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Rademaker, Kim - Integrated Marketing AssistantAF 232(507) 389-2523AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center
Tougas, Joe - Director of Content MarketingAF 232(507) 389-1369AF232232 Alumni & Foundation Center

Intercollegiate Athletics

Alexander, Kelly - Assistant Athletic TrainerMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Allan, Paul - Assoc Athl Dir/AthleticCommTC 175(507) 389-5779TC175175 Taylor Center
Bahl, Brian - Head Womens Soccer CoachHC 1842(507) 389-2671MF135135 Myers Field House
Beschorner, Joseph - Asst Football CoachHC 1828(507) 389-1072MF135135 Myers Field House
Blue, Darren - Asst M-Hockey CchCP 206(507) 389-1569CP206206 MSU Hockey
Brinkman, Chad - Assistant Athletics TrainerHC 1218(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Buisman, Kevin - Director of AthleticsMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Burns, Nicholas - Asst Athletic Communications DirTC 175(507) 389-5780MF135135 Myers Field House
Dickerman, Shari - Asst Womens Hockey CoachCP 206(507) 389-3213CP206206 MSU Hockey
Dickinson, Austin - Assistant Football Coach/InstrucMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Drahota, Shane - Asst AD Compliance & Student SerMF 135(507) 389-2018MF135135 Myers Field House
Eustice, Ty - Assistant Wrestling CoachTC 57(507) 389-5720MF135135 Myers Field House
Giesen, Jeffrey - Asst Women's Hockey CoachCP 206(507) 389-3214CP206206 MSU Hockey
Glogowski, Jim - Assistant Football CoachHC 1832(507) 389-2512MF135135 Myers Field House
Harrington, John - Head Women's Hockey CoachCP 206(507) 389-3217CP206206 MSU Hockey
Hastings, Michael - Head Men's Hockey CoachCP 206(507) 389-6111CP206206 MSU Hockey
Held, Benjamin - Asst CoachHC 1802(507) 389-2890HC18021802 Highland Center
Hoffner, Todd - Head Football CoachHC 1812(507) 389-1339MF135135 Myers Field House
Inkrott, Thomas - Director of Sports PerformanceTC 069(507) 389-5042MF135135 Myers Field House
Jackson, Lavell - Assistant Football CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Jones, Benjamin - Asst Women's Soccer CoachHC 1840(507) 389-3243MF135135 Myers Field House
Kalakian, Karey - Athletic Academic AdvisorHC 1800(507) 389-1969MF135135 Myers Field House
Kannmacher, Sophie - Asst Swim CoachHC 1052(507) 389-2538MF135135 Myers Field House
Knott, Todd - Associate Head Men's Hockey CoacCP 206(507) 389-6098CP206206 MSU Hockey
Magers, Mathew - Head Coach Men's BaseballHC 1836(507) 389-2413MF135135 Myers Field House
Makovsky, James - Head Wrestling CoachTC 58(507) 389-6521MF135135 Myers Field House
Margenthaler, Matthew - Head Men's BB CoachTC 55(507) 389-2311MF135135 Myers Field House
Marshall, Timothy - Assoc Athletic Dir/Finance & OpeMF 135(507) 389-5884MF135135 Myers Field House
McIntee, Patrick - Asst Baseball CoachHC 1818(507) 389-2689MF135135 Myers Field House
Meyer, Lori - Head Softball CoachHC 1846(507) 389-1520MF135135 Myers Field House
Nelsen, Scott - Director of Marketing & CommunitMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Paula, Ketty - Asst Women's Basketball CoachTC 56(507) 389-3289MF135135 Myers Field House
Priem, Cailey - Assoc Head Athletic Trainer/HealTC 02(507) 389-3229MF135135 Myers Field House
Prosser, Collin - Asst Football Offensive Line CoaHC 1816(507) 389-1322MF135135 Myers Field House
Rickbeil, Daniel - Athletic Equipment ManagerHC 1600(507) 389-2481MF135135 Myers Field House
Rideout, Scott - Hockey Equipment ManagerCP 206(507) 389-3215CP206206 MSU Hockey
Ridler, Melissa - Office CoordinatorMF 135(507) 389-5351MF135135 Myers Field House
Schmidt, Matthew - Director of Maverick Health & PeCP 206(507) 389-1161CP206206 MSU Hockey
Schott, Michael - Asst Men's BB CoachTC 54(507) 389-2624MF135135 Myers Field House
Sebera, Brian - Assistant Track & Field CoachMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Strauss, Courtney - Assistant Athletic Trainer/WomenMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House
Synstegaard, Byron - MSUAASF Range BMF 135(507) 389-5920MF135135 Myers Field House
Turgeon, Mike - Head Men's & Women's Track CoachHC 1848(507) 389-5486MF135135 Myers Field House
Weis, Greg - Asst Athl Dir for Development &MF 135(507) 389-6010MF135135 Myers Field House
Wollmuth, Lori - Head Volleyball CoachTC 050(507) 389-5339MF135135 Myers Field House
Zelent, Anna - Assistant Athletic TrainerMF 135(507) 389-6111MF135135 Myers Field House

International Student & Scholar Services

Duley, Erika - Interim International Student AdSU 250(507) 389-5226SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Elnuzahi, Hamdi - Int'l Student & Scholar ServicesSU 250(507) 389-6592SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Fry, Jacy - Director, ISSSSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Gonzalez, Stephanie - Assist Dir of Int'l Student & ScSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Lohrenz, Elizabeth - Int'l Recruitment & Retention SpSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Schwartz, Daniel - Sponsored Student SpecialistSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union
Tageldin, Mustafa - Programming & Retention AdvisorSU 250(507) 389-1281SU250250 Centennial Student Union