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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Office Directory

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Department/Name/TitleOfficeTelephone NumberMail CodeAddress

Science, Engineering & Tech., College of

Adams, Kenneth - Student Relations CoordinatorTR C125(507) 389-1521TN131131 Trafton Science Center North
Anderson, Sadie - Advising AssistantTC 125(507) 389-1521TN131131 Trafton Science Center North
Becker, Denis - Info Tech Spec 3TE 126(507) 389-5617TE205205 Trafton Science Center East
Budge, Aaron - Associate Dean of CSETTN 148(507) 389-1416TN131131 Trafton Science Center North
Frederick, Emily - Director of Communications & EveMF 124(507) 389-6315MF124124 Myers Field House
Hernandez, Tracy - Academic AdvisorTN C111(507) 389-2846TNN131N131 Trafton Science Center North
Jaqua, Joann - OAS PrincipalTN 131(507) 389-5998TN131131 Trafton Science Center North
Martensen, Brian - Dean CSETTN 131(507) 389-5998TN131131 Trafton Science Center North
Slotemaker, Marie - Pre-Professional AdvisorTR C125(507) 389-1521TN131131 Trafton Science Center North
Spreng, Deborah - Office Information Processing SpTN 131(507) 389-6205TN131131 Trafton Science Center North
Steevens, Paul - TechnicianRE 109(507) 389-1176TE205205 Trafton Science Center East
Wenzel, Cindi - Scheduling Secretary SpecialistTN 131(507) 389-5998TN131131 Trafton Science Center North

Small Business Development Center

Hahn, Mike - Director Small Business DevelopmHU 210(507) 389-8875HU210210 Hubbard Building
Nelson, Julie - Associate Regional DirectorHU 210(507) 389-8875HU210210 Hubbard Building

Social & Behavioral Science, College of

Gunderman, Rebecca - Office AdminAH 111(507) 389-5308AH111111 Armstrong Hall
Iverson, Melissa - Student Relations CoordinatorAH 114(507) 389-1351AH114114 Armstrong Hall
Loayza, Matthew - Interim Dean, Social & BehavioraAH 111(507) 389-5717AH111111 Armstrong Hall
Olson-Passer, Judy - Office ManagerAH 114(507) 389-6306AH114114 Armstrong Hall
Thompson, Denise - Asst to the Dean Soc & Behvr SciAH 111(507) 389-5699AH111111 Armstrong Hall
Ward, Jodie - Academic AdvisorAH 114(507) 389-1408AH114114 Armstrong Hall

Social Work

Beimers, David - ChairpersonTN 333(507) 389-6190TN358358 Trafton Science Center North
Benesch, Laura - Dir of Bachelor's of Science inWH 337(507) 389-1253TN358358 Trafton Science Center North
Parker, Jennifer - Director of MSW Field EducationWH 344(507) 389-1271TN358358 Trafton Science Center North

Sociology & Corrections

Carson, Barbara - Interim ChairpersonAH 113G(507) 389-6265AH113113 Armstrong Hall
McLaughlin, Jessica - Director of Corrections Field EdAH 113(507) 389-5601AH113113 Armstrong Hall
Posas, Luis - ChairpersonAH 113J(507) 389-2257AH113113 Armstrong Hall
Purrington, Karen - SecretaryAH 113(507) 389-1562AH113113 Armstrong Hall

Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Serv.

Jones, Jessica - Dir Clinical & Intership ExpCSB 119(507) 389-5224CSB317317 Clinical Sciences Building
Mahowald, Megan - ChairpersonCSB 318(507) 389-1415CSB317317 Clinical Sciences Building

Stewardship and Advancement Services

Arndt, Cynthia - Gift Receipting CoordinatorAF 126(507) 389-6829AF126126 Alumni & Foundation Center
Burger, Karen - Database AdministratorAF 222(507) 389-6831AF126126 Alumni & Foundation Center
Worrell, Marie - Dir of Stewardship & FoundationAF 221(507) 389-1905AF126126 Alumni & Foundation Center

Strategic BU, ED and Regional Partnershp

Dickmeyer, Louise - Director for Center for Talent DHU 101(507) 389-3283HU101101 Hubbard Building
Roberts, Valerie - Executive AssistantHU 101(507) 389-5567HU101101 Hubbard Building

Student Activities

Anderson, Karen - Asst Director, Community EngagemSU 177(507) 389-5783SU173173 Centennial Student Union
Blackwell, Emma - Office ManagerSU 173(507) 389-6076SU173173 Centennial Student Union
Bulcock, John - Assistant Director Greek LifeSU 173(507) 389-6076SU173173 Centennial Student Union
Strom, Ashley - Asst Director RSO & Nontrad StudSU 173(507) 389-6076SU173173 Centennial Student Union
Tourville, William - Asst Director Campus ProgramsSU 173(507) 389-6076SU173173 Centennial Student Union
Wilkins, Gregory - Assoc Dir for Student ActivitiesSU 173(507) 389-6076SU173173 Centennial Student Union

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Adams, Tim - Military & Veteran Success CoordSU 168(507) 389-1465SU168168 Centennial Student Union
Bock, Marla - Executive AssistantWA 228(507) 389-6519WA228228 Wigley Administration Center
Dowd, Mary - Dean of Students & Dir of StudenWA 228(507) 389-5003WA228228 Wigley Administration Center
Endres, Carol - Administrative CoordinatorWA 228(507) 389-2121WA228228 Wigley Administration Center
Jones, David - Vice President Student Affairs &WA 228(507) 389-2121WA228228 Wigley Administration Center
King, Sandra - Director of Community College ReWA 228(507) 389-2122WA228228 Wigley Administration Center

Student Financial Services

Anderson, Colleen - Receptionist/Office AsstWA 120(507) 389-2263WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Grams, Renee - Loan CoordinatorWA 120(507) 389-6902WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Hamilton, Diane - Accounting OfficerWA 120(507) 389-6656WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Hendley, Douglas - Financial Programs SupportWA 120(507) 389-1352WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Heu, Tyler - Financial Aid DirectorWA 120(507) 389-5124WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Key, Alison - Account Clerk SrWA 120(507) 389-5011WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Krause, Leah - Loan CoordinatorWA 120(507) 389-2260WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Linehan, Sarah - Financial Aid AdvisorWA 120(507) 389-5121WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Marble, Janice - Dir of Student Fin ServicesWA 120(507) 389-5120WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Powell, Steven - Financial Aid AdvisorWA 120(507) 389-1704WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Prom, Kathy - Administrative Data CoordinatorWA 120(507) 389-5125WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Rath, Melissa - Scholarship/Athletic Grant CoordWA 120(507) 389-5987WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Sanderson, Craig - Asst Dir of Financial AidWA 114(507) 389-5452WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Schweim, Debra - Asst to the DirectorWA 120(507) 389-6927WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Smith, Catherine - Financial Aid Programs SupportWA 120(507) 389-5565WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Tanquist, Rachel - Financial Aid AdvisorWA 120(507) 389-5123WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Tinney, Twyla - Accts Receivable DirWA 120(507) 389-5046WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Wersal, Barbara - Fin Prgms SupportWA 120(507) 389-1294WA120120 Wigley Administration Center
Whitcomb, Elizabeth - Asst Dir of Financial AidWA 120(507) 389-1293WA120120 Wigley Administration Center

Student Health Services

Anderson, MaryPat - PhysicianCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Bates, Berit - Lab DirectorCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Bergemann, Staci - Medical RecordsCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Boyer, Lisa - LPN 2CC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Consoer, Betty - Medical Lab Tech 2CC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Diehn, Tammy - Nurse Practitioner/Assoc DirectoCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Egeland, Jodi - Medical DirectorCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Enz, Kimberly - LPN 2CC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Fredericksen, Stephanie - Medical Records/BillingCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Grant, Kathryn - Insurance CoordinatorCC 21(507) 389-1432CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Johnson, Ann - PharmacistCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Kanzenbach, Todd - PhysicianCC 134(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Kunkel, Kimberly - Office ManagerCC 21(507) 389-5237CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Lange, Jane - LPN 2CC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Marti, Lori - Health Educator 2CC 21(507) 389-5689CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Mathews, Darcy - Medical Records, Coding & BillinCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Moore, Kimberly - Pharmacy TechnicianCC 21(507) 389-2483CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Moore, Melanie - PharmacistCC 21(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Schmidtke, Toya - Nurse PractitionerCC 134(507) 389-6276CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Schuette, Natalie - SPF PFS Project CoordinatorCC 100(507) 389-5184CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Schuh, Wendy - Director Health ServicesCC 100(507) 389-5189CC2121 Carkoski Commons
Yenser, Antonia - Coordinator of Alcohol and DrugCC 100(507) 389-6203CC2121 Carkoski Commons

Student Support Services

Hesser, Margaret - Director Student Support ServiceWC 355(507) 389-2797WC355355 Wiecking Center
Myers, Christine - Office ManagerWC 355(507) 389-2797WC355355 Wiecking Center
Urban, Bobbi - Academic CoordinatorWC 355(507) 389-2797WC355355 Wiecking Center