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Online Ticket Appeals

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Note: Only unpaid citations may be appealed. An exception occurs when a vehicle is Autoclamped and payment releasing the Autoclamp is made prior to the filing of an appeal within the 7 working day appeal time frame. The payment of the citation under appeal is suspended without penalty during the appeal process. However, should the board vote to deny the appeal of an individual that person shall pay the fine and is not eligible for any "early bird" discount.

Basis of Appeal

An appeal should be based on the fact the violation notice was issued contrary to the "MSU Parking Rules and Regulations" or in error.


The appeal form/citation or email must be received within seven (7) working days of the date the citation was issued. Once it is received it will be placed on a hold status until the board makes a decision.

Only unpaid citations may be appealed. (With the exception of the Autoclamped vehicles, see above.)

The independent appeals citation board meets biweekly during academic year and monthly during summer months. The board consists of faculty, staff, and students. The board members review each appeal separately and reach a decision by majority vote.

The following list is the decisions the board may make (all decisions are final):

  • Uphold (fine amount due),
  • Dismiss or Warn (no amount due),
  • Reduce the fine amount,
  • Departmental Dismiss (department held responsible for amount), and
  • Two-ticket Dismissal Policy (only for no visible permit violations by permit holders).

For Review by the Parking Appeals Board or by the Select Committee on Residence Hall Citation Appeals.

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