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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Free Lot Referendum Results: 1,496 Votes - 1,099 Yes (73.5%) in Student Senate Spring Election Balloting 4/9/13

The results of the April 9th "non-binding" referendum are in, and if those who voted have anything to say about the Free Lot remaining "free," then Lot 23 should not be turned into a permit lot. This result negates a voted taken March 27th by the Student Senate to charge $76 for a permit for Lot 23 effective Fall Semester. Looming parking lot improvement costs were cited as necessary, and having Free Lot users buy permits to help cover these expenses was seen as reasonable particularly as other permit holders had paid for Free Lot parking lot improvements in the past. The Senate, at its March 27, 2013, meeting rejected the recommendations of the Parking Advisory Committee and came up with its own revenue plan for 2013-14. Click here to read Student Senate Memorandum . Click here to read related story.

Parking 2013-14 Recommendations Endorsed by Parking Advisory Commitee 3/25/13.

Approval Pending Feedback from Collective Bargaining Units and Student Meet & Confer Commitee Meetings Held 3/27/13 and 3/28/13.